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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Strongest Sage, Gets Back to the Surface


"Taking a rest is a part of training... I understand! I'll give it my all to take a rest!"

"...Uh, you don't really have to."

While we were talking, the Dungeon Elevator arrived at our floor while letting out creaking sounds.
...This thing is looking as worn down as ever.

I'd like to do maintenance on it before it breaks down for good, but we can't exactly tamper with a country-managed Dungeon Elevator without permissions.
I'll fix it if it does break when I'm around.

"Y-you really made it out alive! ...You've got all four with you, right?"

The operator shouted out as the Dungeon Elevator's door opened.
Looks like she thought we didn't survive.

"Yeah. All four are present. All in good health."

Then I point at the girls.
Of course all four of us are unscathed.
Rather, we barely engaged in battles to begin with.

"Surviving through floor 27... Did you manage to kill a monster?"

"A few of them yeah."

I showed her some of the materials from the defeated monsters.
Of course, I'm hiding the Floor Boss's mats. It'd be bothersome if they told us to sell them.

"A-as expected of a Second Academy student party...! I heard rumors about their strength, but I didn't know that they could go to such a deep floor!"

"Well, there are many kinds of Second Academy students out there."

The next strongest party of Second Academy after us can probably deal with Floor 27.
It'd be bad if they get in a Monster House without exclusive magic though, so I don't recommend it.

As we were conversing, other adventurers got in the elevator from other floor, so the operator stopped talking to us.
Usually people working on these types of field won't attempt to pry much about adventurers' hunts... Well, guess it's only natural that she'd get worried after seeing four young adventurers setting foot on Floor 27.

I mean, we even almost got stopped by a newbie-bullying adventurer (or really a guild staff member pretending to be one).

『This elevator doesn't seem to be doing too well...』

『Isn't it shaking more than when we got on earlier?』

Ruli and Alma started to worry about the elevator as well.
This thing looks like it's seriously nearing the end of its life...
The main magic circuit is fine, but the two adjacent magic circuits are probably busted.

It could probably go on longer if someone did maintenance on it, but if I leave this alone, it might go past the point of no return at the most inopportune timing.
...I should go tell the king through the principal about doing maintenance on it when I get time.
If some amateurs randomly tampered with the elevator after it broke down, it could end up becoming irreparable instead.

『...Let's just hope that it breaks at the right timing to get it repaired... This won't even last half a year if we're lucky.』

『By the way, what about when we're not?』
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『It'd break down in about three seconds.』

In other words, it could go poof at any time.
The one silver lining is the fact that this Dungeon Elevator is a type that won't fall down to the last floor when it breaks, but only up to the next floor.
Otherwise, those who get caught up in it would fall down to Floor 100.

...While we were talking about that, the Dungeon Elevator arrived at the surface.
Looks like we would get through this without seeing the Dungeon Elevator gets broken.

『We got here somehow...』

『Yeah. We'd be better off if it broke right as it got to the surface, so I could repair it now and we'd have nothing to worry about from tomorrow on.』

We're heading to the guild while talking.
The dungeon elevator building has no counters for selling even though there are counters for taking guild quests.
They probably ran out of space to build the warehouse for dealing with that.

『It's kind of small.』

Alma muttered so as we went in the guild.
This guild is indeed smaller than the usual guild buildings.
...If we talk about space for adventurers that is.

『Since they don't have many quest counters here, a small enough space for adventurers must have sufficed. But talking about the guild as a whole, this one is actually quite big.』

『Eh, really?』

Ordinary guilds dedicate the majority of space for quest counters that are visible to adventurers.
Since such counters are available in the elevator area, they're probably not necessary here.

By installing those there, adventurers can take on quests while waiting for the elevator, it's only logical.

『Look at the mana reaction. The area for adventurers inside this building is only a tiny part. There's a lot more selling counters than your usual guild.』

I probe the surrounding mana reaction.
A reaction from the guild's gigantic building was reflected. It even extends underground.

『It's true! So huge!』

It's not like the guild has anything to hide from adventurers.
The majority of this building is occupied by warehouses.

A guild right next to the Gamble Dungeon probably gets loads of materials brought to it everyday.
This is a proof of how much mats can be gathered at the Gamble Dungeon.

In a world where Storage magic isn't widely known, the existence of a Dungeon Elevator in a dungeon greatly affects the amount of materials one can bring back.
And since people will gather in places where they can gather a lot of materials, the amount gathered only increases day by day.

That amount most definitely exceeds ten times the usual amount from ordinary dungeons.
In that sense, installing Dungeon Elevators in other dungeons will probably stimulate the economy.

I head to the selling counter while thinking that.

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