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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.5


Lecan got down to the second floor.

It's another huge maze of rugged rocks, dimly lit.

Wonder if the dungeons in this world are all dimly lit mazes of rocks like this one.

In his original world, a dungeon could be a meadow, a forest, or a mountain depending on the floor. There were bright and dark floors as well. Of course there's no rule that states it has to apply to this world's dungeons as well. This kind of fresh experience regarding dungeons is interesting in itself.

That's fine and all but since the paths are narrow, it's hard not to bump into other adventurers here.

Lecan tries to take detours as much as possible but if it looks like it'll be too roundabout, he'll just run pass other adventurers. If there's no space to slip pass them, he will talk to and ask them to step aside for a bit.

This floor's magic beasts are Wood Wolves (Toruje).

They're magic beasts kept in Vouka Town to act as guard dogs. Since they're not that aggressive, Lecan doesn't attempt to strike them down unless they go at him first or get too close to him.

He ran into five Wolves that he had to kill. With the third one, its body suddenly disappeared, leaving a small odd box behind.

Lecan opened the box and found a light red colored small round thing inside.

He took it out.

It's only about as big as the length from the tip of Lecan's index finger to the second joint or so.

It's not hard. Neither is it soft. Pushing it with fingers deforms it, but loosening the grip turns its shape back. It's similar to some kind of egg he saw somewhere a long time ago. But it's swelling more than the egg in his memories. It's probably gonna break if he pushes hard. There's some kind of liquid inside it.

Lecan put it in <Storage> while wondering what it even is.

As Lecan ran toward the stairway leading down, he heard a scream ahead.

"Anyone! Please help!"

It was the voice of a man young enough to be a boy, Lecan grasped the situation after seeing the scene ahead.

A girl has passed out due to a wound she suffered. One boy is standing with a short sword in hand as if trying to protect that girl. A Wood Wolf growled in front of the boy before stooping down. A stance taken before leaping forward.

It's one big Wood Wolf. It size is more than twice of all Toruje he has ever seen.

That big Wood Wolf leaped toward the boy.

Right at the time, Lecan who had fathomed the situation made a single slash with his sword, splitting the huge wood wolf in two. The Wood Wolf disappeared, leaving a treasure chest behind.

The rushing Lecan made a u-turn toward the chest.

Opening it, he found one sheathed dagger inside.

The chest disappeared when he took the dagger out.

"T-thank you very much."

The boy gave his thanks.

Some magic beast seems to have grazed the boy's cheek, tearing two streaks of wound where blood is dripping out.

Lecan wasn't really trying to save this boy when he beat the Wood Wolf, but it's much better than being told of stealing someone's prey.

Lecan put the dagger in <Storage>. But since the boy was standing in front of him, he did so by slightly opening the left collar of his overcoat and putting it inside through the opening. Now the boy should believe that either there is a <Box (Ruuf)> inside his overcoat, or that the overcoat itself functions as a <Box (Ruuf)>.

Lecan suddenly recalled the weird light red round thing he got from a treasure chest earlier, and took it out before the boy.

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"What is this."


"I'm asking you, what is this."

"T-that's a red potion. It's a small red potion."

"What is this for."

"Eh? You use it heal wound."

"Fumu. What other potions are there."

"Eh? Um err, there's three kinds of red potions, which are large, medium and small. It's more effective the bigger it is. Blue potions are potions that recover mana. This is also divided into large, medium and small kinds. There's also yellow potions. This potion apparently dispel abnormal status. And then there's green potions which are antidotes. These four are the potions that are being sold commonly at stores, but I have heard that there are other potions with unusual colors which have special effects found in dungeons."

"Do you have this."

"Eh? No, no way. We could only buy normal medicines at most. If we got a red potion as a drop, we would sell it."

"I see. Then use this."

Lecan tossed the red potion at the boy.

The boy reflexively caught it, but then he panicked.

"N-No! I can't, use such a thing."

"Not you. That woman."

The boy looked at the girl lying motionlessly on the ground.

The wolf's claw must have grazed her. There's three streaks of wound on her chest, with blood seeping out. Another three wound streaks can also be found on her pretty face.

"I-I understand. Allow me to use it."

The boy put on a face like he had made his resolve on something. Then he pushes the red potion onto the girl's mouth, but the girl doesn't seem like she'd even open her mouth.

The boy put the red potion in his mouth, and bites on it. Then he pushes his mouth against the girl's.

The girl's throat moved, gulping down the liquid.

The effect was dramatic.

The wound on her cheek disappeared. And the one on her chest gradually got restored.

--Hou. Even low ranked potions are this effective huh.

The boy seemed to be overcome with emotions, he hugged the girl while trembling.

"So you drink these potions huh."

"Eh? Oh no, if the wound is at one spot, sprinkling the potion over the wound directly is even more effective. But..."

"Got it. That's enough."



"What would be the compensation for the potion. What would you like me to do."

The wound on the boy with a resolute face has closed as well.

"I've got it already."

Lecan left the place after saying that.

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