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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.1_2


Lecan arrived at town of Vouka quite late at night the next day.

The reason for it was because Golbul's guard station had still not finished assessing prices of the dungeon items he gave them when he dropped by in the morning. It took so much time since there were many dungeon items found only on deeper floors which rarely came by. In the end, Lecan only left Golbul town in the afternoon.

Fortunately, his regular inn at Vouka still had a vacant room left.

The next morning, Chaney's messenger visited. It was an invitation to dinner tonight.

Lecan realized his blunder at this time.

He hadn't taken a consideration dungeon items he'd sell to Chaney.

Dungeon items that Lecan wasn't going to keep had been put inside Chaney's <Box (Luuf)>. He was planning to sell them to Chaney then.

However, the Dungeon Guard captain laughed at Lecan when he told him that he got to floor 26. Lecan who felt a bit irritated by that ended up selling everything inside the Box.

Well, no point crying over spilled milk.

Lecan put all the dungeon items besides potions for his usage inside Chaney's <Box>.

He'd obtain similar or better stuff when he goes next time anyway. He doesn't feel bad selling them with that in mind. Besides, compared to the numerous items he brought from his original world, the loot this time weren't actually that good.

However, potions are a different matter.

He has tested Red and Blue potions on himself. He was surprised to see their effectiveness. However, small and medium ones were not that effective, even the large potions were not quite good enough for Lecan. Considering how dramatic the effect of small Red Potion was on the girl he met on the first floor, something felt a bit amiss.

That said, he's utterly fascinated by the immediate effect of potions. To be honest, these potions are so good that he no longer feels the need to learn under an apothecary.

However, he's not only learning magic potions from Shira, but also magic. Though it's not like Lecan knows any other mages in this world, there's no doubt that Shira is an extraordinary mage. That he could be her pupil is a pure good luck. Also, he won't know the advantages and disadvantages between potions and magic potions unless he actually gets wounded, suffers from sickness or runs out of mana.

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Tonight Chaney invited Lecan to an establishment that's quite different than the last one. It's an establishment where the majority of visitors are having a drink rather than taking meals. The furnitures and stuff are of high class, yet feel somewhat disorganized. And they're not in a private room, but a table located slightly in the back.

However, Chaney has completely occupied this table. It's quite far apart from other tables, and four Chaney's subordinates are standing guard around them, so other customers likely won't attempt to sit on this table.

"Congratulations for your safe return."

"I'm giving back this bag."

"Oh thank you kindly. Ooh. It's full of dungeon items. Would it be all right to have everything inside be sold to us."

"It's fine. But, I'd like to read the list of appraisal results."

"Of course, I'll have it prepared."

Chaney beckoned to one of his subordinates who then drew closer. Chaney instructed something in a low voice to the man, and then the man bowed once before going off somewhere with the bag.

"By the way, how far did you get to?"

"Got to floor 26."

"Floor 26! My goodness. And how was it?"

"It was a very pleasant dungeon to explore. The upper floors had too many rookie adventurers it was hard to go about, but the lower the floor, the smoother sailing it was. Enemies on floor 20 and below were where it got tougher. I plan to conquer the last floor the next time I go."

"Hoo! I do not really understand it, but I do know that's not something anyone can just claim out. How was the town like?"

"I got acquainted with the Dungeon Guard captain, nice fellow that one was."

"Ah, I'm glad to hear that. The Dungeon Guard Captain may hold low post and social rank, but he's the actual acting commander in the field after all. Did you not meet the knights?"


"Oh you were quite fortunate then. That place is truly a nice town if it weren't for the knights."

The food in this establishment is superb. However, it's a bit too refined for Lecan's taste.

Meanwhile, a man wearing frilly clothes showed up carrying a musical instrument in his hands, he sat near the wall and began to sing a song.

Must be a minstrel. Lecan has no idea what the musical instrument is, but it feels like he's seen similar looking instruments back in his original world.

The chatters among customers got one level quieter. Everyone is listening to the performance while chatting between themselves.

Lecan has no sense to discern whether a song is good or not, but it's clear that this man is quite an expert in his field. The way his fingers slide on the instrument's strings was quite enigmatic even for Lecan.

It got to the third tune while he was listening. Lecan's right eye opened wide when he listened to the lyric.


"Yes, what is it."

"I'd like to hear the complete continuation of the song just now. What needs to be done?"

"Of course, tipping it is. If you'd please wait."

Chaney called his subordinate, instructed him something and gave him some money. If Lecan is not mistaken, it's one big silver coin.

The subordinate went along the counter and handed the money over to a man who appeared to be the barkeeper and they talked about something.

The barkeeper nodded, wrote something on a cloth, wrapped the money in the cloth, and he brought it to the minstrel on a tray.

And then the minstrel sang the continuation of the tale depicted in the third tune.

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