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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Strongest Sage, Makes Practices


If you can maintain the strength of your mana with less mana, simply using magic like you always do will see its strength increased.
However, minimizing mana consumption is better suited for training than trying to increase firepower.

Since mana control is largely about familiarizing yourself with it, the more times you do it the better you are at it.

"I-I understand!"

"...How about you Mathi-kun, can you perfectly control your mana?"

"Well, I can use up to the limit of my current magic circuit. From there on is something to tackle on."

The previous me commanded mana whose quality far exceeded my current one.
As such, I've no problem with controlling it, familiarity-wise.

The training Ruli and Alma are doing to familiarize themselves with mana control is unnecessary for me.
...But magic circuit is another matter.
My body right now cannot completely control this mana.

The higher the mana quality you can use, the higher the load on your body's magic circuit.
To build a body capable of controlling my current mana, I need to temper the magic circuit inside it.

While the girls are training their mana control, I should do my round as well.

"Eyy! ...I did it!"

"Me too!"

The two immediately got the knack.

They keep shooting magic and continue to decrease their mana consumption.
I can just leave them alone now, they'll get the hang of controlling mana sooner or later.

"What should I do while waiting...?"

Iris came and asked me while I was watching the two girls.

Iris cannot control her mana well indeed... But that's because she has her circumstances.

It's not like she can't do it. She was able to in the past.
However, her magic circuit was broken when she was caught in mana fusion reactor explosions.

Dragon's magic circuits aren't something easily repairable.
Her broken dragon's magic circuit hasn't been restored just because she's in her human form.

Therefore Iris can't be training to control her mana.
...Well in 20 years time, Ruli should be able to fix her magic circuit, and that much time is not particularly long to Iris.
She's got no choice but to abandon any hope of correct mana control until then.

That said, Iris has her own problem too.

"In your case Iris, training in mana control would be difficult since your magic circuit is broken. But you can train how you move your body, try practice swinging your spear around while leaping over that hole over and over."
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I pointed at a hole on the ground.
It's the sloppily constructed ceiling hole that I fell into.

It's 5 meter wide in diameter.
Iris and her leg strength should be capable of easily jumping over this much.

A chance to do these straightforward practices comes by surprisingly rare.
This is a good opportunity as any.

"I got it!"

Iris started to repeatedly leap over the hole.
Yep, this much is nothing for Iris.

But, the moment she swung her spear...


Iris lost her footing and came crashing down the hole.
But since the Monster House had used up all its mana ealier, no monster appeared.

"T-this is difficult..."

Iris jumped out of the hole as she said that.
Then she resumed her training again.


Even though she fell many times over, she kept climbing out of the hole and continued her training.
Despite her looks, Iris is surprisingly assiduous.
...Though it may be because her sense of time is simply different since she's been alive for thousands of years.

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