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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Strongest Sage, Trains


After some time has passed since they started training, when Ruli is running low on mana.
She looks at me and asks a question.

"What have you been doing, Mathi-kun? It kinda feels like some incredible mana is circulating around..."

"You can tell huh."

I stood up and replied to her.
I was doing my own training without using magic like the girls.

"This is meditation. I'm colliding mana inside my body to purposely put load on my magic circuit."
<TLN: Mistranslated as mana circuit in previous chapter.>

"Mana inside your body... Isn't that like what happens when you fail to control your mana?"

"Yeah. I'm intentionally making my mana run amok like when  you lose control of it... Though unlike natural Mana Frenzy, I'm making it happen uniformly in every part of my body, thus it's optimal for tempering magic circuit."

When you lose control of your mana, the remaining mana will run amok inside your body, damaging it. The phenomena is called Mana Frenzy.
Ruli surely never experienced Mana Frenzy that were too intense with her talents... but she must have had some light Mana Frenzies before.

Rather, it's impossible to use chantless magic without having your mana running amok once.
Everyone learns how to control mana after getting used to their mana going out of control.

By the way, Mana Frenzy cannot occur to a complete amateur as they're incapable of creating flows of mana intense enough to go out of control.
Mana Frenzy is like a mark of your ability to control your mana.

"Whole body Mana Frenzy... Wouldn't that be really painful?"

"Yeah. It's severe enough that the pain can't be compared to the real Mana Frenzy to those who aren't used to this technique... So I'd advise against doing this for you two. Worst case scenario, you could even damage your magic circuits."

Mana Frenzy is quite painful.
I mean, it's excess mana rampaging around into every nook and cranny of your body's magic circuit, of course it'd hurt.

There are some people who eventually pass out due to losing control of their mana from the pain and panic.
But it's very rare for anyone to even damage their magic circuit. I'm sure there's zero victim of that in the whole Second Academy.

It's because your body will automatically try to stop the Mana Frenzy as it begins during the early stage.
Since your mental condition isn't in a state capable of accelerating your mana during a panicked frenzy, it won't become bad enough to damage your magic circuit.
You've got to first have a calm and firm intention to control your mana, so it's only natural.

However, meditation is different.
Unlike Mana Frenzy, you clearly will the mana inside your body to collide with itself.

Hence, it's really painful.
Not just painful, if you make a mistake in the adjustment, your body's magic circuit may even get damaged.
As such, this meditation is only suited to those who have mastery of mana control and are used to pain.

Rather than training, this is maybe more like asceticism and penance.
Even I wouldn't have been able to endure it if I hadn't gotten used to pain in my past life.

"No err, not like we could even if we wanted to..."

Alma shot a mana-reinforced arrow at the dungeon's wall as she said that.
The mana put in that arrow had been reduced to 70% of the original.

"Me too, I'm already giving everything just to reduce mana consumption! ...But it really feels like it's decreasing slowly..."

Ruli ran out of magic stone along the way, so she's now augmenting multiple magic into one magic stone.
Of course, it's unusable as a magic tool... But a good practice for magic augmenting.

...Looks like Ruli has reduced her mana consumption to 60% of the original.
Although reducing to half takes time, these two have made a good progress.

On the other hand, Iris is...
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Right as I turned my line of sight at her, she fell down the hole on the ground.

It seems like she's not doing too well like usual.
Well, I would have made her do this training a long time ago if it would net her a dramatic change in a short amount of time.

However... Her body carriage is considerably better than when she first started out.
The Iris right now should be able to hit 『Crash Grizzly』 once out of 20.

Before the training, that would have been impossible even after 100 tries.
This training may be comparatively fruitful.

"Alright, we should get back for the day."

Well, it's probably nighttime already outside.
It's important take a rest.

"Eeh! But it feels like I just managed to reduce my mana consumption! I've still got mana left!"

"I want to practice more myself!"

"Uh huh! And I finally don't fall down the hole as much!"

The three are still eager to continue their training, but once their mana quantity run low, the sensation of controlling your mana will change.
As these two still aren't used to controlling high-quality mana well yet, practicing when it's stable will net better result for them.

Though it's not like the side effect would be that bad even if they were to continue... But we need the most efficient way to get stronger if we want to have a chance surviving the battle against Grevil.
I won't let them train inefficiently on my watch.

"Taking the future into account, stopping now is best for efficiency's sake if we want to get stronger. Knowing when to rest is also a part of training."

I pushed the [Dungeon Elevator] button as I said that.
It should be coming in a little while.

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