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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Strongest Sage, Arrives at the Farming Spot


It's probably only a matter of time before the Dungeon Elevator stops working altogether.
It's already miraculous enough that it would still work after all this time.

"Yeah. Thanks."

"Thank you! We'll definitely come back!"

We got off the elevator.
...The 『Floor Boss』 is quite close.

"I-it's so close..."

"Yeah. It is. This one's a bear monster."

If our foe is the type with a sharp sense, it should already notice us at this distance.
Judging from the mana reaction, it's a bear monster.
...Being a Floor Boss, its muscle mass and size are in a different league than normal bears though, so those not used to it probably won't recognize it as a bear.

"First we need to defeat this boss... Ruli and Alma, you're free to do anything as long as you don't enter any of the adjacent rooms or let the boss get close to you."

"...If other monsters besides the Floor Boss raid us, we'd be caught in a pincer attack, shouldn't we prioritize culling out other monsters first?"

"Nah, no need for that... There's no other monsters besides the Floor Boss here on this floor."

I checked the surrounding mana as I said that.
There was no other mana reaction than the huge one emanating from the Floor Boss.

"No other monsters...?"

"Did they all get eaten up by the Floor Boss?"

The girls also noticed that fact after I told them.
On ordinary floors, there would be some monsters left even if the Floor Boss was around... But not this floor specifically.
Rather, this Floor fundamentally has no monsters even if the Floor Boss isn't present.

"Not really, nope. There's never a monster on this Floor to begin with."

"A floor without monsters...?"

"I've never heard something like that... Wait, how'd we even farm exp then!"

Alma has a point.
However, this trait is exactly why Floor 27 of the 『First Dungeon』 makes for a very good hunting ground.
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"You see an enormous passageway here with doors on the sides, no?"


This Floor 27 of the 『First Dungeon』 is very uniquely structured.
It just goes straight as an enormous passageway.

This passageway was called the 『Main Street』 in my past life, the main passage of the 『First Dungeon』 Floor 27.
If the the Floor Boss wasn't around, you could get to the next floor simply by walking down this Main Street without ever encountering a monster.

The 『Main Street』 is curved right in the middle so the Floor Boss isn't within sight... but the view here is very unusually unobstructed for a dungeon.
And the most important part is... not the Main Street, but the side rooms.

"Those side rooms are all Monster Houses."

"All of it!?"

That's right.
This floor is nothing but a cluster of monster houses.

"Yeah. All of it... Of course once a room has been cleared, no monster will spawn in it for some time, but I don't see any trace of people coming here, so the majority of these rooms should be Monster Houses now."

"So there's no mana reaction since those monsters haven't been materialized yet?"

"That's right. If you open a door and throw even a pebble inside, it'll be filled with monsters in no time."

Monster Houses materialize monsters from the mana in the air when it detect any disturbance.
As there was no human traffic for the past several thousand years here, this Floor's Monster Houses most likely have gone untouched.

While thinking that... The Floor Boss's mana reaction is getting closer.
Looks like it's found us.

And from the corner--comes out the face of a monster called  『Crash Grizzly』.
『Crash Grizzly』 are greater bear monsters that specialize in striking attacks with their sharp claws.

...It really is a bear monster.
It's on the stronger side among the kind of 『Floor Boss』 that can potentially spawn here.

If we're talking about raw physical attack power and stamina, it's even stronger than some random demons.
Seems like it'd take some time to defeat it.

"Our enemy is a bear monster as expected! It has a limited range, so you should be safe if you attack from afar!"

I came forward while using 『Enforced Detection』.
Though I haven't specially told Ruli and Alma about what spells to use on the arrows, I'm sure these two would pick the optimal spells without me telling.

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