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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Strongest Sage, Sells Materials


"Can I ask why it takes so long?"

"It's because all materials whose ranks are too high have to be assessed by the guild at royal capital. There were times where we couldn't purchase such mats, but apparently a company affiliated with the Second Academy has made it possible now... Recently, I heard the First Academy could handle it as well, but in either case, we still have to bring the materials to the royal capital."

...They'd get brought in to Second Academy even if I don't do anything huh...
I guess it's only natural considering there's not a lot of places that can process magic items in this current era.

The First Academy would probably take on that role within three year time.
After all, I've given the same textbooks as the Second Academy to the First Academy, and all the students there are of [Glory Crest] which is best at augmenting.
The First Academy has a better foundation to nurture a huge number of augmenters.

In the future, they'd probably be known as [First Academy of Augmenting] and [Second Academy of Combating].
I'd love for chantless magic to be popularized outside the royal academies, but that'd take some time.

"Well then, is this one fang all you will be selling?"

The amount huh...
Selling too much will make us stand out, but if it takes 10 days just to sell these mats, might as well drop a whole bunch.

Bringing the mats one by one and having each get transported would only inconvenience the guild and academies.
I also want to send lots of these mats to the students at the royal capital to help with their training.

"No, not just one. Hold on a bit."

I took some fangs out of Storage magic.
If the ones handling the processing are the First and Second Academies, I've got to prepare enough so they can familiarize themselves with these mats.

"...This much should be enough."

I put 150 fangs on the counter.
The split is to be 100 for the First Academy and 50 for the Second Academy... but how it will be in reality depends on the buyers.

By the way, the reason why First Academy got twice the fangs is simply because they have a lot more Glory Crest students, aka augmenters.
In sheer number it's actually way more than double, but since the First Academy was late to be introduced with chantless magic, presently, the Second Academy has slightly more [Capable] augmenters than the First Academy.

"...J-just how many are these!?"

"Exactly 150. You've got to have some extra if you want to process rare materials."

Counters found in ordinary guilds wouldn't have been able to hold all these, but this place gets lots of adventurers bringing lots of mats from the [Gambling Dungeon], thus the counters are all big.
As such, you can easily sell a huge number of materials.

In small guilds, we either have to bring split amounts multiple times, or deliver the mats directly to the warehouse.

"Some extra... This is in a whole another dimension you know!? These are all from floor 27 right!? I can feel real powerful presence overflowing from these mats you know!?"

"All of them are from floor 27. This is about one Monster House-worth I think."

"Floor 27's Monster House!?"

The receptionist leaped out in surprise when I said that.
...Ah. The transaction isn't progressing.

『This kinda takes me back...』

『The guild near Second Academy was like this too every day when the students just started learning chantless magic...』

『The staff there gradually got used to it and they stopped getting all jumpy at every little thing, didn't they.』

『Some receptionists still got surprised sometimes though. Mainly because of Mathi-kun.』

Ruli and Alma nonchalantly reminisced the past while I was talking to the receptionist.

...I'll have these two deal with selling mats next time.
Trying to sell something you don't usually handle is surprisingly hard.

The transaction proceeded in the meantime...
But we hit an unexpected roadblock at the very end.

"Then please show me your guild card."
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"Here you go."

I presented the Second Academy student ID.

Since we're still officially students, we're using Student IDs that also double as Guild Cards.
...Normally I can't register due to my age, but students of Royal Academies can use their IDs as Guild Cards.
Though since it's like a temporary registration, there's no rank attached to it.

Or it should have been...

"Ah, is this the Second Academy's Card?"

"Yeah. We're temporarily registered as students. Since we can't register normally at our ages."

"...That rule has been changed just a while ago. Students belonging to the Royal Academies are now permitted to formally register with the guild regardless of age."

The academies must have been notified of this change already.
And that'd be the end of it since only students would use Student IDs as Guild Cards, normally that is.

However... We're students only on paper. We barely ever attended the academy.
There were even times when we went out of this country.

...Of course we weren't aware about changes in rules.

"Which means, we can register here?"

"Of course you can, but it'll be treated as a new registration and you'll start from rank F... And a rank F adventurer selling these materials will draw suspicion and likely trigger an investigation. In which case, it will take more time..."

I see...

Yeah of course they'll get suspicious if some newly registered adventurers bring in these materials.
It'd be problematic if the guild ended up buying stolen goods or something, so I'm sure there would be such checks.

Now then, what to do here.
While thinking that, Alma speaks to the receptionist from behind me.

"No problem then!"

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