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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Strongest Sage, Brings in Materials


Ordinarily, one person takes charge of one selling counter... but there's two receptionists per counter here.
One person must not be enough to handle all the materials that get brought in here.

"We'd like to sell materials."

"Yes of course. Which floor are the materials from?"

The receptionist took a book titled 『Dungeon Material List (Iliad Guild)』 on her hand.
Looks like they've got fixed prices for materials gotten from this dungeon.
Nice and easy to understand.

"Floor 27."

"Floor 17 it is. You dived down quite deep."

The receptionist turned [Dungeon Material List] pages after I told her that.
Looks like she misheard.

"Not 17. It's 27."

I took out the fang of a monster we defeated.
It's faster to just show the real thing than trying to explain stuff.

"T-this is... I can feel tremendous power from this! I've been in charge of selling counter for years, but I have never seen something of this level! I can't believe unknown items like this could still be found on floor 17..."

"Like I'm telling you, it's floor 27. Not 『Seventeen』. It's 『Twenty Seven』."

"27!? But that breaks the deepest conquered floor record! I thought this material was something else, but to think it's from such a deep floor..."

The receptionist finally got it after I said [27] the fourth time.
...I thought she'd immediately realize that once she saw the monster's fang though.

You could only get materials of this rank on floor 17 if you beat the floor boss there.
That aside, what is this deepest conquered floor thing.

"...Deepest conquered floor?"

"It's the highest record for the deepest conquered floor of a dungeon!"

Right, I heard about it.

If I'm not mistaken, that [30-person Party that has received the protection of Magic God Gaias] conquered floor 23, which was the highest record in the current era.
That the name of a god being the same as my previous name invoked a weird sense of karma on me.

But that kind of record should be easily broken.
Even Second Academy students should easily shoot past floor 23 if they just get serious about conquering a dungeon.

Rather, since we've just conquered floor 27, does that mean it'll be the new record.

"Aah. The last record is floor 23, isn't it? Does that mean there's no material data from deeper floors then?"

"Floor 23 record is last year record, the latest one is 24 from just a while ago. The one that made the record was a six-person party from Second Academy... Though it's still lower than 27."

...Looks like the record had been broken already.

"Then since we've beaten floor 27 monsters, the new record will be 27 now?"

Rather, what should be done to classify a floor as [Conquered].
I feel like it should be when you beat the floor boss of that floor, but then it would have been impossible for Second Academy students to conquer floor 24.
While thinking that, the receptionist gives an explanation.

"To set a new record, you need to have a trusted observer accompany you as you beat 50 monsters on that particular floor. As such, even if you have truly defeated floor 27 monsters, it won't be recognized as a new record... If you wish to update the record for the deepest conquered floor, we will arrange for an observer, but it will probably take a month on top of all kinds of inspections... You also need to pay a fee of around 3000 elmi."

Looks like there's some bothersome procedures just to update the record.
On top of that, we've got to bring a drag [Observer] and beat 50 monsters while being observed.
...Is this some kind of punishment game or something.

There must be some incredible advantages with all these conditions attached.

"What's the advantages of holding this deepest conquered floor record?"

"Err... advantages?"
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"There is absolutely zero direct advantage. There is no reward besides for the materials sold to the guild as well... But setting a new record for the deepest conquered floor is said to be the highest honor to an adventurer!"

I see, honor huh.
Don't need that.

...Rather, since some Second Academy students set a record, those guys got through all these annoying procedures just to have it updated huh...
Yeah I'm not going to do something so annoying... Looks like there are adventurers who seek prestige among Second Academy students though.

And that's a good thing.
Some combatants in the past looked down upon those who sought strength for the sake of money or fame, saying such motives were [impure], but one's reason to become strong can be just about anything.
Rather, I'd like more people like that, so Second Academy can become an advertising board for chantless magic.

Once the talk about the strength of Second Academy became widely known, more adventurers might attempt to learn chantless magic.
Although the existence of chantless magic is gradually spreading outside the academy, people still look at it like a technology of an alien world.

That paradigm may start to shift once adventurers start learning chantless magic.
After all, their numbers dwarf royal academy students'.

...That said, I have absolutely no intention to be that advertising board.
I mean, it's a pain.

"Then we don't need this deepest conquered floor record stuff. Just purchase these materials."

"...I think you should receive the acknowledgment if you really can update the deepest conquered floor record, you know...?"

"We need to go through lots of annoying stuff while getting zero benefit just to update the record, no?"

"There may be no direct benefit, but it's the best possible honor and achievement to the party that managed to carry it out! You'll be offered a lot more important quests from big companies and the kingdom as well!"

I see.
The record is a pretty good thing for adventurers if they want to rise up in the world huh.

...But it's not like I'm trying to rise up in the world as an adventurer.
And I can just talk to the principal if I want to take on country-assigned quests anyway.

"We don't have time to do all that, so no thanks... and since you don't have data about these materials... Can you still buy these?"

Fangs of floor 27 monsters are probably among the highest class of materials you can get in this Dungeon City Iliad.
But materials with too high of ranks are harder to process.

If this guild cannot handle it, it's possible that they will refuse to buy these mats.

"Of course, we would be glad to take them off your hand! ...But it will take some time to assess them, so if you could please wait for about 10 days..."

10 days to assess them huh.

We're going to stay in this town for more than 10 days for the girls' training anyway.
As such, there's no problem with it.

But I'm curious about the reason for such a lengthy wait time...

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