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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.11


Two days later, Lecan arrived at Floor 26.

He decided to stop exploring at this point.

Reaching Floor 30 and beating the dungeon master in one day might be possible for him.

However, the enemies here had suddenly gotten tougher ever since he got to floor 21, and only got even tougher every time he went down a floor. It's a shame to end this in a hurry, such is Lecan's line of thinking.

There is no reason for him to reach Golbul Dungeon's last floor and conquer it in a hurry anyway.

He plans to savor it slowly.

Lecan made a safe zone by putting out a jewel with magic beast ward effect then he took out all the loot he had acquired and examined them.

There's more than 200 magic gems.

He has used several potions along the way here, and the remaining ones are 18 large red, 12 medium red, 25 small red, 15 large blue, 12 medium blue, 14 small blue, 11 yellow, 14 green, five bluish purple and two purplish red.

As for weapons, he's got 11 great swords, four medium swords, two daggers, eight spears, five bows and nine miscellaneous others.

Protectors, he's got nine shields, six non-full armor, and three non-full leather armor.

Canes, he got 28.

Accessories 31. Jewels six.

Lecan was surprised when he got jewels from non-rock type monsters. In his original world, jewels are gotten from rock-type monsters; the moment one is defeated, its magic gem will sometimes turn into a jewel. However, you get them from treasure chests in this world.

He didn't collect any material at all. Truthfully, he could have stripped them off before taking the magic gem if he didn't want to waste any, but he simply didn't have time. Besides, he didn't encounter a magic beast that would warrant him to do such. Though now that he thinks about it, he should have collected some materials from floor 21 on.

He detected mana from two of the great swords, and three of the daggers. They're probably enchanted with something. He put these enchanted weapons inside <Storage>. 50 of the bigger sized magic gems also get put away inside <Storage>. He also stored all the potions and jewels inside <Storage>.

All other things are going inside the <Box(Luuf)> Chaney lent him.

Thud, the <Box> swelled up the moment he dropped those items inside.

It stopped swelling up after a certain point.

With <Box>, you can tell whether there are stuff put in one by looking at this swelling.

Sorting out all these stuff took more time than he expected.

Lecan had a meal before heading back to the surface. In the end, he got to the <Ground Floor> without taking another meal along the way.

It's probably evening now. How many days have it been since he saw one. Looks like there's a lot of adventurers coming out of the dungeon at this hour. The people calling for materials to buy are noisy. The entrance section is deserted.

Lecan got out of the dungeon's exit. For now he's going to look for a diner somewhere and get something decent to eat.
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"H-hey you. A moment please."

A guard who was standing watch called out to Lecan.

"Sorry, but uh, could you come over here."

Since he can't really go against the guard, he follows after him.

Merchants who are looking to buy materials are flooding to other adventurers but none dares to approach Lecan when they see him getting taken away by the guard.

They soon arrived at the destination. Looks to be a guard station. It's quite a big building.

The inside is very lively. Looks like they're doing transactions of dungeon materials here as well. However, most doing the selling are young adventurers.

"Oy. That black demon king from the other day has come out. Where's captain?"

"I'll go fetch him!"

Before long, a man who's got quite a large build for a human of this world comes out.

"Oh, so you're the guy! Man, you're pretty big. I can feel tremendous strength emanating from you. That sword on your waist and your coat are quite something as well eh."

"Just spit it out if you've got business with me. I'm starving here."

"Ah, sorry 'bout that! Come inside for a bit. Oy, someone! Go buy some skewers."

"Yes sir, I shall go."

"Appreciated. Here's the money. Now then, black clothed adventurer-san, can you tell me your name."


"OK then, Lecan. Come over here. I'll try to make it quick."

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