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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Strongest Sage, Discovers Sloppy Construction Work



Right after dodging the attack, I suddenly lost sensation of the ground.
--The dungeon's floor had fallen off.

Floors of a dungeon are far sturdier than the walls.
The outer layer could be soft in some cases, but not soft enough to have it fall off from monsters' attacks.
Dungeons would have been full of holes if an attack by mere a Floor Boss could break it.

It could very well happen on very shallow floors... But it's just impossible on Floor 27.
I recovered my posture in the air while thinking that.


"T-the floor!"

I dropped down as the girls were panicking.
However, the fall wasn't really long.

My feet hit the ground after falling merely three meters down.

『I'm fine! You three be careful where you step, don't fall down!』

I check the surroundings.
Looks like I didn't fall down to Floor 28.

The fall wouldn't have been cut so short if I fell to the floor below.
Distances between Floors differ depending on dungeons and Floors, but this one should have been 10 meters.

The problem now where is this place I and Crash Grizzly have fallen in anyway.

This space did not exist in my previous life. I would have absolutely noticed if it did.
This space was created after I had reincarnated.
As I looked at the ceiling while thinking that--I realized the nature of this space.

--Monster House Increment Plan.

This floor was a hugely popular farming spot back when I was alive.
As such, there was always a shortage of Monster Houses and the quarrels were intense.

So people came up with a plan to dig out the dungeon's floors and artificially create more rooms, aka the Monster House Increment Plan.

This First Dungeon Floor 27 is a special floor whose environment promotes the occurrences of Monster Houses.
By artificially creating rooms in the shape of Monster Houses, mana would likely converge in those rooms, giving birth to Monster Houses.
The plan didn't go forward when I was still alive due to reasons like safety and such--but it seemed like it was carried out after I had reincarnated.

"Do it right if you're gonna commit dang it..."

I muttered while gazing at the broken ceiling (which was a floor to me just now).

The ceiling was only 10 inch thick.
Ordinary dungeon floors are meters long thick.
No need for Crash Grizzly's claws, even some slightly strong magic would break that.

Of course, the ceiling had been reinforced.
It did, but they used an alloy which was very common back then, the [Hardened Magic Alloy].

This alloy might be good, being cheap yet strong... but it's not an alloy well suited to reinforce dungeons like this.
Since the magic augmented on the alloy to strengthen its structural integrity would gradually degrade if left in places where mana flows intensely like dungeons.
The floor must have broken down because of that degradation.

...Sloppy construction work.
People in my previous life should have known that [Hardened Magic Alloy] would deteriorate in dungeons.

They probably used stuff that would eventually break on purpose to cut cost.
Back then, the passage would never see an intense battle, so they probably considered that using cheap stuff below it would be fine.

When I was still alive, using Hardened Magic Alloy in dungeons was a big no no, but it appears that common sense(?) had been overturned after I had reincarnated.
I dodged the Crash Grizzly's claws while thinking that.


The Crash Grizzly wasn't perturbed at all by the falling floors and kept trying to attack me.
I've been dodging it as usual... But it can't go on.

"Mathi-kun, mana reaction!"
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"Yeah! I'm falling back!"

I used magic and jumped out of the hole on the ground.

Looks like the Monster House Increment Plan was a success.
Evidenced by--hundreds of monsters that manifested all at once inside the artificial Monster House, triggered by the collapsed ceiling.
I'd like to avoid fighting in a cramped space like this.

"What just happened really..."

"A secret room created by an ancient civilization was buried in the ground, and collapsed.... Thanks to that, we've got ourselves some nicely trapped monsters there."

I gaze down at the hole.
The sloppily-made Monster House has become a form of pitfall.
Thanks to that, Crash Grizzly has been confined inside the Monster House along with other monsters, free to pick on.

...This is a good chance as any to explain the method to efficiently farm exp in this dungeon.

"Now that we don't have to worry about the Floor Boss, let's go beat all these monsters with it."

I knead the mana inside my body.
What I'm going to use now is a spell bluntly named [Monster House Annihilation Flame].
Befitting of the name, it's unusable in ordinary battle.

First of all, it takes too long to cast. Slow to the point that even chant magic used in this era is faster in comparison.
Next, its firing speed is slow. There's no way it could hit its target in ordinary situations.

Just these two are already fatal, but it's got more flaws.
Once it lands, the spell needs ten seconds before it could demonstrate its full power.

Even the slowest of spells only needs half a second.
I mean, your enemy would easily get out of its effective range if they have 10 seconds to spare.

In addition, since I'm a Disqualified Crest, the firing range is also short.
Considering this spell's effective range, I've got to immediately get out of the range once cast if I don't want to get caught up in it.

All those sacrifices are for the sake of raising firepower and attack range.
Its range is precisely a whole Monster House wide.

The power is also enough to kill all monsters on Floor 27.
Not powerful enough to kill unhurt Crash Grizzly, but it is now the Crash Grizzly has been weakened.

"You hurl this spell inside, close the door and wait for the roasting. Such is how you farm exp on this Floor."

Then, I toss the Monster House Annihilation Flame into the artificial Monster House and step back.
After a slight pause, a flame flared up inside the artificial Monster House.

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