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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Strongest Sage, Written on Document


"What do you mean by no problem?"

"I mean the rank! ...The one assessing these mats will be people related to Second Academy right?"

"Well no, not exactly... But someone from Second Academy will be present during the assessment for sure. Unfortunately, guild staff cannot valuate materials that are too high leveled, nor they can discern the authenticity of the materials' origin..."

The receptionist answered Alma's question.
Alma nodded confidently when she heard her.

"Then, I'm sure they'll let it slide... Just write [Mathias] for the seller's name then no one's gonna question the materials' origin, floor 27 is nothing!"
"...Now that you mention it, that's true. Any suspicion should be cleared if we'd just cite the seller's name to the Second Academy's people."

...Is that how you're gonna use my name...

Well, there's no one in Second Academy who doesn't know my name indeed, I guess there's no problem then.
My name got to be widely known at Second Academy after taking part in the academy competition right after enrolling back then.
After all, it was one of the biggest events in the academy.

『Who would have thought the fame we got from the competition would be useful here.』

『...Your fame isn't just from the competition though, Mathi-kun.』

『We took part in the competition ourselves, yet we're nowhere as well known as Mathi-kun!』

These girls should be recognized by all students as well, hence our fame should be even though.

I talk to the receptionist while thinking.

"Well, that's that. There should be no problem selling these mats even as rank F."

"I-I see... There really are many kinds of people at the Second Academy aren't there..."

The receptionist then wrote my name on a paper titled [Assessment Request], and put it in a box along with the materials.
Normally, you would have held doubts just from this conversation alone... Looks like Second Academy is treated like some sort of special place by the guild.
It is indeed a special place in this current era though.

...Thus we managed to sell the materials and went back to the inn.
We're gonna continue doing the same training as today for a while.

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Several days later.
We came by the elevator like usual.

『You two have gotten quite good at reducing mana consumption already.』

『Yes! ...Although I feel like there's still room for improvements, I'm using less mana than ever now!』

『Think I still use up more mana than Ruli... But it's gotten way better than when I first started!』

It hasn't been long since we begun training, but the two have managed to reduce their mana consumption by a lot.
That feat is a sign that they're now capable of controlling good quality mana.

When you've got to this point, it's possible to reduce mana used with any magic if you apply the method of magic control to it.
Once you can do that, raising the firepower of your magic is an easy task.

...Guess it's about time to introduce practical training besides the basic training to simply reduce mana consumption.

The [Dungeon Elevator] arrived while I was thinking that.

"To the usual floor please."


I boarded the elevator as I said that.
After getting on it so many times, the operator has memorized our destination.

...Though we're not the only adventurers she remembers.
About half of the adventurers who get on the elevator also say, [the usual floor].

Looks like the operators of this [Dungeon Elevator] have memorized most adventurers' faces and their destination.

We too pointed ours [Floor 27] every time at first, but it eventually turned to just [the usual floor].
Cause it's annoying when other adventurers get surprised when they hear the floor number...

『This elevator is looking bad as ever...』

『I'm worried it'd stop working and drop us down hard...』

『Even it did, it'd stop on the next floor instead of falling, no worries there.』

I pray for the ailing Dungeon Elevator to not stop working all the while.

Right now, eight people including us are inside this elevator.
Us four, a party of three adventurers and the operator.

The adventurer party seems to be veteran adventurers.

It hasn't gone overcapacity since this Dungeon Elevator is designed to carry 10 people... But this thing is doing even worse than the usual today.
It's also going at half the usual speed.

"Oy, don't you think this elevator is working weird?"

"It's going really slowly, and shaking really hard too..."

The other adventurers who are on board with us (they didn't mention their destination, but judging from their equipment, it's probably floor 13) have also begun to express their worry looking at the elevator's condition.
Even if you're not familiar with magic tools, I guess you'd notice when you're in it...

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