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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.4_5


The day after Lecan's dinner with Chaney, two of Chaney's subordinates dropped by his inn.

"First of all, here is the payment for the magic gems and jewels."

One of the subordinates handed over three gold coins and a paper with the breakdown written on it.

"And this is the appraisal result of items with Graces."

Lecan unfolded the appraisal result.

Two swords and three daggers are listed there.

"I get that the great sword on top of this list has the highest price. Five gold coins, but what are these Attack Power 5, Sharpness 9 and Endurance 4 numbers written here."

"Appraisers discern items by way of what look like hazy masses of colors. Those numbers are representations of those masses of colors based on personal experience of our store's appraiser who was in charge of appraisal this time. These numbers would of course differ depending on appraisers in charge. However, results between veteran appraisers will not vary greatly."

"Next to those numbers, there's Sword Speed Increase 12 as its Grace, what's this."

"It's a wonderful Grace. If one were to brandish that sword properly, its speed will be added by 12. In other words, it will be faster by more than 10 percent. If the size of this sword was more accommodating for anyone to wield, it would have sold for more, but unfortunately, those who can use a great sword are limited, hence that price. Great swords usually sell better with a Grace that increases attack power rather than speed."

"I see, I get it now. So when's the payment for the swords and daggers?"

"We need to consult you about that. If you wish to sell those items to the store right away, the amount of money written there shall be promptly paid, however if you give us time, you can also get a percentage of actual sales of those items instead. I believe you could get a considerable sum if you take your time and wait for the sales."

"Fumu... I'll sell those for this much."


The subordinate took a small bag from the man standing behind him and handed it over to Lecan.

They already had it prepared.

Lecan counted the money and put it in

"All good."

"Thank you very much. Incidentally, Master has a request for you."

"What is it."

"We'd be very delighted if you could share even a few of potions next time."


Lecan took out 10 small red potions from <Storage> and put it in the emptied bag. And then, he put another 10 medium red potions, 10 small blue potions, and 10 medium blue potions inside the small bag. It's stuffed full now.

"Take these with you."

"Thank you very much."

"Give my regards to Chaney."

"But of course. We look forward to a lasting relationship."

The next day, he got the potions' money, which was surprisingly six gold coins.

Lecan was surprised to find out how much these potions were worth.

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Lecan went to Shira's house the day after.

Incidentally, it was exactly the tenth day since she took a rest.

This time he didn't pass through alleys but jumped between roofs and climbed up the wall to land behind the lavatory. This much is nothing. Doing this gets him here faster and simpler.

Opening the door next to the well, he arrived at the workroom.

As always, the space above his head is filled with hanging bundles of herbs. What was once a raw stimulating scent has turned into a fragrant scent before he knew it. This is the scent of herbs.

"Oh dear, here you are. Well, here have some tea."

Today Shira looks calm and composed completely unlike how she was 10 days ago. The tea she served tasted very relaxing.

"How many floors did you get down to?"

"Got to floor 26."

"Was it good?"


"Glad to hear that."



"Teach me about the kinds of potions there are."

"Ah, sure thing."

She took a piece of paper and wrote something on it.

"Here you go."

Blue (Recovers Mana) Large - Medium - Small

Red (Heals Wound - Restores Stamina) Large - Medium - Small

Yellow (Cures Abnormal Status)

Green (Detoxifies)

Bluish Purple (Temporary Mana Boost)

Purplish Red (Temporary Strength Boost)

Silver (Temporary All Status Down, Improves Growth Rate)

Golden (Skill Grant) Detail Omitted

Brilliant White (God Cure)

"What is this Golden <Skill Grant>?"

"You'll obtain some sort of skill. It could be magic skill, archery skill, or swordsmanship skill. However, those who have never swung a sword will not get swordsmanship skills, nor those without mana could get magic skill."

"Was there ever a case where someone obtains a skill they cannot use?"

"Only when someone who didn't get the potion when it spawned used it. If a Golden Potion pops up after you beat a monster, that Golden Potion will grant you a skill you can use for certain. However, Golden Potions can be sold for an amazingly hefty sum. Lots of folks sell them."

That doesn't sound like how an adventurer would act, but then the way adventurers in this world think probably differs from him, so Lecan thought.

"I don't get the explanation for Silver Potion too."

"For example, you throw this potion at your enemy in the middle of a fight. It then bursts open and the content spills onto your opponent. Once that happens, they'll have all their status reduced for half a day at the very least, a day at most. Status like speed, strength and mana."

"Hou. And what's <Growth Rate Improvements>?"

"Getting splashed by or drinking that potion will reduce all your status, however if you train yourself while it's down, your status will increase at an incomparably tremendous rate. Essentially, it drastically raises your learning rate. That said, not even a day worth of learning is nothing really."

"<God Cure> got nothing on it."

"It works on anything, hence <God Cure>. It recovers anything, be it abnormal status, physical and mental fatigue. Detoxifies poison, cleanly closes cut wounds. It cures any kind of sickness. Of course it also restores your stamina and mana. Heck, even cut arms will grow back."

"That's astonishing."

"I've gotten my hands on <God Cure> a few times before and checked on it myself. It's truly an incomprehensible substance. The way <God Cure> works probably varies on case by case basis."


"You've acquired some potions during your several days venture in the dungeon, don'tcha. 'I've got no need for magic potions with these potions on hand', did that thought cross your mind?"

"To be honest, a bit yeah."

"Well, that might be one option for adventurers. However, you'd better not use it on children unless the situation really calls for it."


"Human body gets stronger when it recovers from an illness or a wound, you see. There are even cases where getting certain diseases during childhood prevents those disease from reoccurring in adulthood."

"Ah yeah that happens."

"Magic potions heal wounds and sicknesses by reinforcing your life force, see. As such, someone gets one stage stronger by using magic potions to recover from wounds or sicknesses. Yet such things do not apply with potions. Those only rewind your state back."

"I got it now."

"What I understand from researching potions is that they are not something that can be reproduced by hands of men. Those things are something separates from the providence of this world. By the way, you."

Shira stared hard at Lecan's face.

"Have you tried using a Large Red Potion?"

"I have."

"And yet your eye hasn't been restored?"

"You mean my left eye? This is impossible. Even the Greater Magic Potion in my world couldn't restore it once some time had passed, would be a different story if I drank it right after my eye was crushed though."

"Would it have healed if you did drink right after it was crushed?"

"It would if it had just been crushed. But not if the entire eyeball was lost."

"You have Large Red Potions with you right. Try taking one."

"Right now?"

"Yep right now."

Lecan took a Large Red Potion and drank it.

With half-closed eyes and her right palm on Lecan's face, Shira probed for something.

"It's working properly. However, it's showing no effect. Dearie me."

After losing in her thought for a while, Shira speaks up.

"You. How many of those Greater Magic Potions thingy from your original world you have with you?"

Lecan put his right hand into <Storage> and checked.

"I've got five left."

"Take real good care of those five, you hear me. Like, don't use one unless you're suffering from serious wounds like having your eyeball crushed."


"Red Potions you see, probably have a fixed amount of restoration capability."


"Even Small Red Potions will cure fatal wounds or serious illnesses on small children and the elderly. Because the aggregate weight of their life is not much."


"But the weight of your life is way too big. Even Large Potions aren't enough. Hence, your eye can't be fixed."

"I don't really get what you're saying."

"Well, just take it slowly. Right, show me something from your world, anything will do. Even that sword."

Lecan passed his sword to Shira.

"...I knew it."

Shira put on a serious look on her face.

"What's wrong?"

"<Appraisal> doesn't work on it."


"I had used <Analysis> on it when you first came to this store back then. But I forgot to use the normal <Appraisal>, you see. So I did just now, but it was no good."

"Did the <Appraisal> get bounced back?"

"It passed. It did but the displayed content was unreadable. I had thought that'd be the case. Contents shown by <Appraisal> are akin to notes left by God, they're concisely displayed. And yet, the note on this sword is written in your world's way. And since I don't speak your world's language, of course I've got no idea the stuff that's on the note."

"Is it written in my world's words?"

"When someone uses <Appraisal>, concept comes up to the their mind. That's why, rather than words, it's a problem with language."

"Fumu. Which means, it's safe to assume that objects brought from my world cannot be appraised in this world."

"Well, that'd be the case unless someone who has been taught of your world's language by someone who comes from the same world as yours did the appraisal. Conversely speaking, you should be able to appraise this world's items if you just learn <Appraisal>."

"Does that only work on items?"

"<Appraisal> is for appraising items, you see. 'Course you can't appraise humans, animals, magic beasts nor vegetation."

"Wonder if I can learn <Appraisal>."

"Surely you can. You've already got the ability to detect locations and shapes of people and things, and also mana and stuff don'tcha? So you should be able to learn <Appraisal> spell which is a similar type of magic. But well, first you wanted to learn Space type magic right. Since you were able to easily learn <Draw>, you've got the aptitude for Space type. I'm sure you'll learn <Move> and <Float> in no time at all."

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