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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Strongest Sage, Arrives at the Site of Decisive Battle


"That's... but that's right next to the capital! How could he hide there!? People would have noticed, wouldn't they!?"

"It would be a simple matter for Grevil. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised even if he were lurking inside the 『Great Capital Barrier』. We're lucky that he's outside."

But I don't understand why Grevil would pick that spot.
There was nothing but a lake there.

Neither is it geographically nor magically significant.
It's really just an ordinary lake with a nice scenic view.

Wonder why Grevil is encamped there.
...Well, we'll figure that out once we raid the place.

"Let's take a nice long rest tomorrow. Then the day after tomorrow, we're commencing the attack."

"Got it!"


Two days later.
We're heading to the Lake Leysiard.

Since the lake isn't being used for anything, there's no road connecting there... But since we're passing through meadows all the way, not woods, our journey is proceeding smoothly.

"I think we're quite close already?"

"Yeah. It should come into view soon."

"...I can't believe there are demons lurking here..."

Not long since we departed, we got close enough to Lake Leysiard.
But there's no sign of the place being used as a demon's den nor that kind of mana.

However... something feels unnatural from the mana in the area somehow.
This must be due to the influence of the barrier Grevil put up.

He must have created a barrier that drives ordinary people away to prevent him getting found out before we get here.
Those who have reached a certain level of expertise with magic should be able to detect the barrier's source, but most people today aren't at such a level.
Thus, it's possible to hide this close to the capital just by putting up a mana quarantine barrier here.

"That's Lake Leysiard...! What a nice view!"
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"But there's nothing here... or it would be nice if true, but there's a barrier here isn't it."

"Yeah. There's even an obviously deliberately placed crack here."

I look at flag unnaturally placed on the lake shore.
There's a crack on the barrier next to that flag where you can see inside.

The flag is drawn with [General Magic Textbooks] that were left in the place where we found demons back then.
...I don't get why these books keep getting referenced.

There's a big bridge inside the barrier.
That bridge is connected to the crack on the barrier.

This bridge looks newly built... I mean, looks like it was built just one two months ago.
It was probably hastily built after his declaration of war to us.

"What should we do about this? Should I turn back into dragon and smash open the barrier?"

"Grevil himself has probably noticed that Iris is a dragon. He's probably going to survive even [Dragon Breath]."

Grevil must be telling, [Enter through the bridge].
We could just break the barrier and enter... But considering our opponent possess weapons of mass destruction on him, we shouldn't go against his requests too much.
Even if those weapons aren't here, sending a magical signal to activate them is a simple matter.

"We should cross the bridge just as asked."

"Oh, it's really rare for Mathias-san to comply with enemy's request."

"Well I have no idea what the other party is thinking at all. Who knows if he would even deploy WoMD were his mood turned sour."

I peek through the barrier crack.
Apparently there's a castle-like building adorned with ornaments made in real bad taste at the end of the bridge.

I don't believe he had a penchant for these really bad ornaments when he was still a king... Just what had transpired when I was reincarnating anyway.
I confirm with the three girls.

"Are you three ready?"

"Let's go at 'em!"

"I'm all right!"

"I'm ready when you are!"

After hearing those, I take a step toward the bridge.

With a loud sound effect, Grevil's face got displayed in front of us.
Looks like he's had a magic device to project images installed beforehand.

"These mechanism are really in bad taste..."

"Please don't say that. I too have things I have to accomplish at all cost."

Then Grevil cast some sort of magic.

"A disguise huh?"

On the display, Grevil has turned into a genuine-looking demon complete with horns and wings.
I absolutely have no clue what he's trying to do, but it's clear that he's pretending to be a demon.

"Exactly. From now on, I'm a great demon. A great demon who's trying to destroy humanity."

Grevil on the display cast yet another magic.

『Mathi-kun, guard--』

『No, that's not an attack magic. No need to guard.』

Ruli got on guard thinking Grevil was going to cast an attack magic... However, Grevil is casting comm magic.
And it's not a private type, but the complete opposite--it's a [Wide Area Comm Magic] that will transmit Grevil's figure and voice to all people at the capital.

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