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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Controls the Flow of Battle


...Alma has been using this [Wired Homing Enchant] magic for some time, but the previous Alma couldn't have possibly hit a demon's heart instantly killing it.
Her arrow enchant, like its piercing power and such must have seen a remarkable boost due to her improved mana control and quality.

"Killing a demon in one shot... Alma, you're incredible!"

"No no, what incredible is the arrow you made Ruli!"

Of course Ruli who created the arrow Alma shot has become incomparably stronger than she was two months ago as well.

Arrows that Ruli make can probably defeat monsters just by having those thrown at the monsters.
It's a proof of just how powerful the magic Ruli put in those arrows.

"...I didn't get to do anything!"

Iris shouted while still in her door-kicking posture.
The battle ended in an instant after all...

『Doesn't seem like it will go as smooth with the next room.』

I look at the door in the back.
There are five high ranking demons, though not at Zaridias's level.

The first room was probably just to test our strength.

The real thing begins in the next room.
Against them, the we from two months ago probably would have been demolished in less than 10 minutes except Iris.
Iris could probably escape in her dragon form if she were lucky, though more likely not.

But the us now can win.
I'm confident in that assertion.

...There's actually another reason for my confidence here.

『Alright, let's press ahead! ...Our next enemy are dangerous. Keep that in mind!』


Iris kicked the next door after that conversation.

"So you're the man who killed Zaridias!"

"Don't think the same trick would work on us!"

I lead the way like earlier but this time all five demons ready their sword and lunge forward at the same time.
Their timing is perfect. No way to systematically crush them one by one.

That said, receiving their attack frontally would turn this fight into a protracted battle.
I could protect my body if I just defend here, however, I'd be giving up the initiative to the enemy.

Thinking that, I slow down for an instant--and make a sudden acceleration to pass by the demons in front of me.
Immediately following, an explosion occurred behind the spot I was on.
The demons must have anticipated that I would retreat and prepared an explosion magic right behind where I was.

--Humans would instinctively retreat when faced against an incoming enemy.
Thus, most cases would have people fall back when they thought they couldn't take the attack.

Our enemy had anticipated that and laid a trap at the spot they thought I would retreat to.
As such, rushing straight toward incoming enemies ensured my safety instead.

That said, I would have lunged right into the demons' attack and met my demise if I were even a tiny bit slower or made a wrong turn even slightly.

And of course, demons and me aren't the only ones here.
Alma's arrow was stuck on one of the demons who had missed their attack, exposing themselves.

"...You dare to shoot an arrow that pierced me, impudent humans."

As expected of high ranking demons, even Alma's arrows couldn't manage to penetrate through them completely.
But it seems to be working.
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『Should I augment [Magic Poison] in the arrow?』

『No, just concentrate on augments that raise attack power. You're doing damages with it.』

We once used [Magic Poison] to defeat a demon before, but that won't be damaging enough with just an arrow.
Might as well prioritize on firepower then.

『I understand!』

Ruli handed over the next arrow to Alma.
Archer side is going well it seems.

I look for the enemy's weak point while thinking.
Their formation has fallen into a slight disarray because of their charge. I've got an opportunity to launch an offensive here.

"...Over there."

I slash at a demon' wings with my magically enchanted sword.

Demon's wings aren't as tough as a dragon's.
Since they're not vital, wounding their wings won't result in their death--but it slows them down.

By slowing down one of the demons, all of them would have to decrease their pace as well to maintain the formation.
But lowering speed here would mean losing their advantage in mobility against me.

I have squeezed the enemy's next moves to two choices now; either slow down or give up on the formation, simply by wounding the wings of one demon.
This is how you control the flow of battle.

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