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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 253

Chapter 256 Strongest Sage, Finishes Training


About two months since we started training.
I checked out the girls' magic control after our usual training... And made a declaration.

"Alright, today marks the end of our magic control training."

"Eh... Are you sure we're fine already?"

Ruli sounded surprised when she heard me.
Looks like Ruli herself is still not aware at how much stronger she's become.

"It's fine... I cannot absolutely guarantee your safety in the fight against Grevil of course, but we've done everything we can. It's perfect for now... Iris you've gotten quite good with your human form as well."

Ruli and Alma can now wield better quality mana, and have trained in many things, from reducing mana consumption to strengthening their magic foundation.
The Ruli now can probably beat a bunch of 10 Ruli before training gathered together.

Iris is far better at moving her body now as well.
Of course, she's still relying on brute force like always, but there's a huge difference between being able to employ [Effective Brute Force] and not.
The current Iris has slightly mastered this [Effective Brute Force].

These three have shown more than enough improvements from their training.

From here on, they will have to gain years of experience in practices and real battles before they see any more improvements.
Only one month left before the fight with Grevil.

Doing any more training would barely bear a fruit now.

"Which means... We're making our weapons next?"

"No, we're going to use what we have now for our weapons. Ruli may be able to make better weapons as she is now... But it's better to use weapons you are used to in an important battle like this. No matter how powerful a weapon is, you can't simply entrust your life to one you're not used to."

If only we had three more months, it would be different.
Changing weapons you'd entrust your life on just can't happen in one month.

They already have their hands full getting used to their own mana after raising its quality.

"So then, what?"

"We're raiding them. The sooner, the better. Our opponent isn't just sitting around twiddling thumbs while we're making preparations after all."

If we can't get any stronger with the remaining time we have, we should go and jump into the fray.

To begin with, a situation where the enemy patiently waits for you is not in the least normal.
The reason why they're giving us three months may be because they need to prepare for something in that time span.

At any rate, we should initiate the attack as soon as possible.


"Yeah. Fighting monsters won't be of use in a battle against demons after all... I will personally fight Grevil 1-on-1 alone. You girls will be fighting demons in the meantime."

The fight with Grevil is not a fight where sheer numbers will make any difference.
Unfortunately, the girls likely won't be able to keep up with it.

If Grevil were gunning for the girls, I'd go and forcefully turn his attention away... but it doesn't look like he's going to do that.
If his objective was simply to kill, he would have employed the massive amount of killing machines left by the ancient civilization.

Even without those, it would be simple for Grevil himself to locate our position and launch an attack.
Since I'm not always around the girls 24/7, they could have been targeted during those times I wasn't around.

...Grevil's goal is not our death.
Yet that doesn't mean that we will be safe.
Regardless of Grevil's intention, the demons around him would definitely go for the kill.

And it's demons allied to that Grevil.
They can't possibly be weak.

...And since Grevil's objective is a complete mystery, there is no guarantee that he won't suddenly change his mind and target the girls.
With that in mind, I ask the girl.

"Are you absolutely sure you're coming with me in this fight? This battle will be an overwhelmingly dangerous one unlike anything before... You don't get to fight someone with completely unknown motives like this every day."

"Even so, I'm still going!"
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"Need you ask now! I already said I'd go two months ago, that still holds true!"

"Of course I'll be coming too!"

I was planning to stop them if these three faltered answering me.
But I could feel absolutely no hint of hesitation in their voices.

Looks like I really can't stop them.

"...A certain 『Sage』-san I fought long time ago was 100 times scarier than someone like Grevil anyway!"

And Iris said something unnecessary in the end.

『...That sage, you mean me right?』

I talked to Iris alone through comm magic.
And then Iris replied.

『No, you're mistaken! I'm not talking about Mathias-san, it's Gaias-san I'm talking about!』

But that's the past me...
...Thus while having some silly talk, we all decided to go beat up Grevil.

"So, where is Grevil?"

"Grevil is waiting at... the Leysiard Lake."

"Leysiard Lake?"

"On the map, it should be here."

I pointed at a lake just about 30KM away from the capital.
It was a relatively big lake that existed during my previous life.

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