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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Strongest Sage, Devil Defeated


"How's the repair going?"

"I'm already done with it!"

The repair had finished by the time I got back after defeating the monsters.
I told them it would take 10 minutes, turned out it didn't even take three.

"Thanks for your work. I'm done with my part too."

I looked at the Dungeon Elevator's magic circuit as I said that.
Yup, it's fixed alright.

The other parts are all ancient too, so they'll probably break down eventually... But likely not in 10 years.
Eis Kingdom should be capable of producing their own Dungeon Elevators from scratch within that time span.
After all, the hardest part, that is opening a hole in the dungeon, has been done for them.

While thinking that... One of the adventurers saw the floor boss I was carrying.

"Hey. Don't tell me that black wolf... is it the devil?"

"No I don't think so. This devil is a bunny monster with status abnormal attacks right? This one's just a Floor Boss."


The adventurer looked shocked when I said that.
Wonder if I said something weird there.

"No, uh, the devil is the Floor Boss, a black wolf monster though..."

"More than 100 people lost their lives while failing to kill the Black Wolf Floor Boss... It can't be, is that really the devil?"

Can't believe this monster killed more than 100 people...

Perhaps those inexperienced adventurers underestimated Floor 9 and suffered a crushing defeat.
Floor Bosses are strong relative to the floor they're on, so even in my past life, lots of adventurers tried to challenge and suffered defeat at them just because they could beat other monsters.

"Then this one is probably the devil... I mean there's no other Floor Boss here."

"Are you for real... Repairing an artifact and even defeating the devil, just who the heck are you guys?"

"I heard Second Academy was full of monstrous peeps... To think I'd see one with my own eyes..."

...I should have put the monsters I defeated in Storage magic.
Usually I'd dismantle and brought only the parts I need since I want to save on my usable mana.

And yet, I brought the wolf monster whole with me this time.

"I think adventurers who have experience going to deeper floors should be able to defeat this monster as long as they don't let guard down."

"...No, that's crazy talk!"

"The party from Second Academy that had set the deepest floor record might be able to do that though."


It may be a bit problematic for the Second Academy to be too well known.
Beating these monsters doesn't have to hinge on Second Academy students...

I get on the Dungeon Elevator while thinking.

"How should I control the elevator? These buttons aren't showing any lights..."

The Dungeon Elevator operator said so while looking at the unlit buttons.
Looks like she's unsure whether it's really fixed or not.

...These buttons aren't lit simply because there's no mana circulating in it.

"I didn't tamper with anything besides the broken part, so you can just operate it like normal!"

Ruli puts her mana into the circuit.
Then the buttons start emitting lights.

Once there's mana inside, [Dungeon Elevator] will draw more from the Dragon's Vein to continue its operation, it should be okay now.

"I-It really worked!"

The operator pushes the button.
Then the Dungeon Elevator moved, and its past unstable and slow performance felt like a dream now.

This is how the real Dungeon Elevator in my past life worked--or not, it's a bit worse but considering how long has passed since then, this is good enough.
It should take less than half the time needed to take us to other floors compared to before.

"T-thank you so much! How could we ever repay you..."

"Please, don't mind about it! It was a fun experience for me too, fixing an artifact of an ancient civilization!"

Ruli happily patted the part she repaired.
Dungeon Elevators aren't really that complex of a magic device... But being able to fix something used by a great many people must have been a boost to her confidence.

...Anyway, now we can head to Floor 27 in peace.

『Alright, let's get training today too!』



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