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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Strongest Sage, Picked as Challengers


"...What the heck is this guy trying to do?"

I tried to go ahead while thinking that... then a barrier was produced before me.
Looks like Grevil isn't going to let us proceed yet.

"Hold on a bit. I've still got do something I ought to do."

Right afterward.
With a buzzing sound, Grevil's figure was displayed in the sky.

"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen of Royal Capital! Can you hear me! I am the great demon of this era, Grevil! I shall now embark on a quest to destroy you humans!"


I'm perplexed at the sudden speech.
What is this guy saying.

"I hold the power to demolish you! Allow me to make a demonstration!"

As he said that--a white ray flew out toward the capital.
That's a ray called [Light of Destruction] shot from a strategic class magic device.
A moment later, the display created by Grevil showed the destruction of [Great Capital Barrier] from that one shot.

Since the ray destroyed the upper part of [Great Capital Barrier], no one fell victim to it for now.
However, if the ray was aimed lower, there would have been thousands of casualties.
The reason why there was no damage is simply because Grevil aimed high.

"However, I am generous! I shall give humans a chance... If humans could prove that they hold the power to defeat me, I shall put a halt on my conquest... The challengers would be these four strongest humans I have personally picked."

As he said that, we were put under a magical [Spotlight].
At the same time, the [Wide Area Comm Magic] displayed us.

"...Turning challengers into a show huh. You really got an awful taste..."

I spoke to Grevil in a voice that wouldn't be heard in the [Wide Area Comm Magic].
It's the only reason I could think of why he'd do all this.

"Oh I sure do. I'm the world-destroying great demon after all."

Grevil replied to me.
His words weren't heard in the [Wide Area Comm Magic], thus it didn't get transmitted to the capital.

"Well then, I wish you luck... In case our challengers run away, I shall regard it as their loss and destroy humanity. Starting from the capital."

After saying that unilaterally, Grevil cut off the [Wide Area Comm Magic].
In exchange, the [Wide Area Comm Magic] now shows--a room with brick walls which is apparently a room in the castle ahead.

"Live coverages of the progress of battle huh."
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Three demons are waiting for us over there.
Their ranks among demons don't seem to be that high.

Judging from the mana reaction, they're in the first room we will encounter after crossing this bridge.

"What should we do?"

"The magic device that destroyed the barrier earlier--[Light of Destruction] needs a 30 minute cool down period before it can shoot again. I won't be surprised if he shoots at the capital if we turn back now."

"...Which means no choice but to press ahead..."

Thus, we cross the bridge.
There's a thick metal door at the end of the bridge.

The door is shut tight... They'd use the opening to attack us if we try to thoughtlessly open this.
The right way to deal with this ambush is to destroy the door instead.
They're the one inviting us in after all, I won't hear their complains about busted doors.

"Iris, your turn."


Iris kicked the door with all her might.
And then the several centimeter thick metal door flew to the opposite end of the room.

I rushed into the room at the same time.
Ruli handed over arrows to Alma on the bridge.


The three demons lurking in the room jumped at me.
--This level of demons are nothing to the me after the training.

I instantly enchant my sword and then cut two of the demons while dodging the other.
The two demons who had their heads lopped off died without even being able to scream their last.

A moment later, an arrow pierced the remaining demon's heart.
--It's Alma's arrow.

"A hit! ...Think I should shoot another?"

"No need to, it's dead already... Well, I think it's a good idea to just shoot regardless if you're unsure."

I look at the demon with an arrow stuck.
Alma's arrow precisely hit its heart.
An instant death.

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