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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Rummages Around



The demon who's had a part of its wing damaged slows down.
Looks like it's still trying to gain speed, but a demon cannot displays their mobility when the magic circuits in their wings aren't in perfect condition.

I unleash the main magic for this battle at that demon.

--『Magic Spear』.
It's a magic that simply has a high penetration power formed by high quality mana.


The [Magic Spear] pierced through the demon's body.

Disqualified Crest is the strongest crest as long as you can take care of its range problems.
Higher quality mana from experience points and reinforced magic circuits from training.
Put these two together and you can even pierce through a high-ranking demon's body.

...I need about five of these spears to defeat one demon huh.
While thinking that I jump back.

A moment later, A high level attack magic rained down the spot I was in.

You invite enemy's assaults if you just keep attacking in one spot without moving.
In terms of pure magical firepower and physical prowess, the demons are still above me like usual.

It's battle experience and techniques where I surpass them.
In order to make use of those advantages to their fullest, I need to run around the battlefield and refrain from challenging them head on with brute forces.

Besides--I'm not the only one throwing chaos into the battlefield.

"Dammit, annoying fly!"

A demon who was going to go after me cursed out in irritation.
Alma's magic jamming arrow struck the demon when it was about to cast an attack magic at the spot I was heading to, stopping its casting.

I didn't teach Alma and Ruli only about simple augment and attack magic.

Comprehend the flow of battle and wisely choose an attack that will turn the battle in our favor.
I let the two fight demons in the past in order to foster the necessary discretion.

『Next one is ordinary attack magic!』


They just didn't have the powers to make the best use of it.
But it's different now.

Ruli can immediately discern which augment magic to use and quickly perform the augmentation.
Since she's got the magic circles she uses by memory, it may be less flexible than composing them on the spot... Nevertheless, it's more than good enough to change the tide of battle.

Just by hearing what kind of magic Ruli will augment next, Alma immediately perceives where she should shoot and then accurately hits the enemy.
This is only possible once she's capable of observing the entire battlefield on top of her targets and which enchant magic to use.

"I'll take care of that side first!"


The demons must have judged that they're at a disadvantage fighting both sides at the same time.
One of the demons ignored me and rushed toward the room where Ruli and Alma were.

That's when I give instructions to Iris.

Iris hasn't participated in the battle so far, but that's not because she's slacking off.
She's simply holding her position in order to reliably carry out her role.

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Iris replied shortly, put herself at the spot where the door was--and swung her right leg downward with all her strength.
The ground broke apart, Iris's right leg sunk into it.
Looks like she's attaching her right leg in the floor to prevent getting blown away.

--And then Iris thrust her spear the shoulder of the demon who was aiming for Ruli and Alma.


The demon got blown a few meter back in the air.
Its shoulder has been completely pulverized.


"What power... Is she even human?"

The demon must have thought that the spear would bounce off its body due to the vast gap of strength between humans and demons.
But unfortunately for it, Iris is the dark dragon.

Even in her human form, her strength is overwhelming.

"I won't let you get past me!"

Ignoring the demon, Iris readied her spear and made a declaration.
All routes to pass through the door are completely within the range of the huge spear in her hand.

As long as Iris is standing before the door, no demon would get to Ruli and Alma.
But even demons would have a hard time trying to drive away Iris from her position.

--The door's watchdog.
That's Iris's role in this battle.

Flying right above Iris, one of Alma's arrows struck a demon.
Alma can unilaterally attack the demons so long as Iris is protecting the door.

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