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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Overturns Numerical Superiority


"Thanks so much, Iris-san!!"

"No worries! It's my duty after all!"

Iris keeps her guard against any demon who tries to get pass the door while saying that.

The demons may have the upper hands in numbers and magic powers, but the battle is completely in our favor now.
Every time I close the distance, I strike the demons with [Magic Spear], and then retreat flawlessly.

When the demons try to chase after me, Alma's arrows obstructed the vanguard demons.
When the demons try to surround me, Alma's arrows break their formation and I use that chance to get out of the encirclement.
And if they try to dodge the arrows, that just creates an opening for me to attack.

"H-how... how could it be this overwhelmingly!"

A demon attempted to dodge my [Magic Spear] even while sounding confused.
But Alma's arrow struck that demon, stopping its attempt.

"Probably cause you guys are so bad at this fighting thing."

I analyzed the flow of battle while provoking them.
--Should be about time to finish this.

The demons can't move like they were in the beginning anymore.
Their bodies have been struck by [Magic Spears] and Alma's arrows, and they have spent a huge amount of mana already.

That they could still avoid letting a single demon receiving a concentrated fire and maintain their numerical superiority is a testament of their high ranks as demons.
However... A plan like that is only good when you can effectively use your numerical superiority to gain the upper hand in a battle.
Dispersing damage in a situation where you're getting one-sidedly attacked has no point above delaying their inevitable defeat.

And their numerical superiority that they've been maintaining so far will soon collapse.


The demons sounded surprised when I changed my moves.
I had been maintaining my distance since my main method of attack had been [Magic Spears].

That way I could move around the battlefield easily to maintain the one-sided battle flow.
However, that's not needed any longer.

『Alma, you can stop shooting now. Save your mana.』


I swung my sword while informing Alma that this fight is over.
The mana reinforced sword easily cut off a demon's head now that it had lost most of its mana and stamina.

However, my sword isn't stopping yet.
Using the sword's momentum, I jumped into the second demon's bosom and thrust my sword in its heart.

The dying demon crumbled down without a sound.

It's 3 against 1 now.
These demons who can't even stand against us when it was 5 on 1 couldn't possibly put up a fight now that it's 3 on 1.

The demons died off 30 seconds later.

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"...Here it is."

After defeating the five demons, we reached a huge room at the inner part of the castle.
Grevil is standing alone inside.

"Well done, well done... I never would have thought that you would arrive here."

"...Are you really still going to play that act of yours..."

Grevil's words were directed toward one corner of the room instead of us--where the [Wide Area Comm Magic] was set.
The spots where [Wide Area Comm Magic] are set in this castle are all protected by powerful barriers.
Apparently, this theatrical play is quite important to Grevil.

"A fitting production value is necessary for the fight of the century. Don't you think so?"

Grevil unsheathed a glittering sword decorated with ornaments of poor taste.

But his sword is not a mere ceremonial sword.
It's actually a nice sword--or rather, it was a sword the past me made exclusively for Grevil's personal use.
Those bad decorations must have been added afterward.

Its performance as a sword itself surpasses that of my current sword.
As it was made for Grevil, the sword has no flashy ability or gimmick, however it's capable of drawing out Grevil's skill to its fullest.
The sword's center of gravity had been adjusted to a 0.001mm precision for that sake.

And this guy just went and put extraneous decorations on it...

"Nah, not in the least... Let's just get this over with."

I stepped forward as I said that.
At the same time, the girls retreated back.

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