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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Strongest Sage, Notices the Oddity


"You mean those 『Warmongers』 would show themselves if we take on high ranking quests?"

"Simply put, yep."

I head to the guild.
But... Iris calls out to me.

"But we're rank E aren't we? Can we even take high ranking quests?"

...She's right.
We were rank A at Raginia Federation.

But we're only rank E here at Eis Kingdom.
It's higher than our initial rank, F, at the beginning, but not high enough to take high ranking quests.

We can probably get our rank raised if we contact the king... But that would take time.
Probably will take around three days even if the principal is involved.
Raising our rank the normal way is probably faster than going through all that.

"...Alright. First thing first, let's look for a suspicious looking quest."

"What if we can't take that quest?"

"Then we simply need to stalk the guys who do. We'll strike from the flank once the 『Warmongers』 bunch come out."

We went into the guild while having that conversation.
And then I look towards the quest board.

"Unn... I have no idea which is which..."

"There's so many high ranking quests, it's hard to pick out the suspicious one..."

There's a mountain of quests on the quest board.
The guild's walls are stuffed full with quest tags.

There's fewer rank B and rank A quests as expected... But the number still rounds up to around 30.
Guess it's only right for the adventurer city Haigia.

"We've got to look for suspicious quests among these?"

"Yea... Actually, I found one already."

I point at a quest tag while speaking to Ruli.
The quest was first posted two days ago.
There's no better quest to lure out adventurers than this one.

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: A
Required Rank: A
Reward: 120,000 Elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of 10 『Giga Aegis』 monsters. Monsters' location will be informed once you have accepted the quest.
Client: Picas

"Err, it looks like an ordinary quest to me though..."

"『Giga Aegis』 are rank B monsters aren't they? Rank A should be fitting if the quest asks you to defeat 10 of them..."

"Yeah. Neither the quest rank nor the subject have anything wrong... It's the client that's weird."

Afterward, Alma and Ruli look at the client's name.

"Err... Picas?"

"The name doesn't sound familiar... What's wrong about it?"

"Would a commoner without a family name post a quest with 120,000 elmi as a reward?"
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Subjugation quests generally ask for monster exterminations.
The goals are usually to maintain public order or secure safe areas within a territory... But these kinds of quests are usually posted by either the guild or the noble who governs an area, not commoners.

And neither the guild nor a noble posted this quest.
A noble would have put up their house name on it.

In rare cases, there are some people who would post these quests due to personal grudges on monsters and such.... But the chance of them putting forward 120,000 elmi as a reward is pretty slim.
That amount of money would be enough to build a house after all.

"Excuse me, I need to take this."

A guild receptionist came by before the quest tag and said that.
And then she peeled off the suspicious quest tag and took it with her.

"Where are you taking that quest tag?"

"We're going to raise the amount of quest reward as requested by the client... Although I don't think anyone would take this quest even with higher reward..."

...Raising reward money just because no one took it in two days huh.
It's looking even more suspicious.

The receptionist seems to know about the reason... I'll go ask her.

"No one would take it?"

"Yes, I don't think anyone would. I mean, it's right after that incident after all..."

"That incident...?"

"It's the one about Relis-san, a famous adventurer, who went missing at Senisye Plain. That quest was posted by the same person as this one as well..."

...That'd be the first victim.
There's almost no doubt about it, Picas is a member of 『Warmongers』.
He probably got this much reward money from the victim.

『No doubt about it, the enemy is at Senisye Plain.』

『Then, our next destination is Senisye Plain!?』

『But Senisye Plain is very vast isn't it?』

Ruli is right, that plain is enormously vast.
The plain's circumference alone hold dozens of cities with more at the center.

Even just traveling from its end to end could take us a day at worst.
As such, knowing that 『the enemy is at Senisye Plain』 is practically the same as knowing nothing.

It'd have been simple if the guild would tell us about the client's info, but unfortunately Adventurer Guild has a strict policy on confidentiality.
We'd need the king's decree if we want to get info from the guild.

Doesn't seem like we can hope for someone to take the quest either--Guess we'll have to take on this quest ourselves in the end.

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