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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Strongest Sage, Ends Fight


"True magic knowledge?"

"Yeah. True magic that doesn't need to be chanted... In order to spread that, I was planning to have you guys defeat me and be known as heroes... But that plan has ended up in a failure."

Grevil stared at the malfunctioning wide area magic tool as he said that.
Apparently, those tools were used for that.

He used that magic tool to grandly declare war and show off his power by destroying the capital's Great Barrier.
He must be setting us up to be heroes by defeating him after all that.
And then there would be an influx of people trying to learn the techniques those heroes used, popularizing chantless magic all over the world... or so was the plan huh.

...To be honest, I can't say that it's a good plan.
Royal Academies would have spread chantless magic even without all this ploy anyway.
It could even have the opposite effect if the public ended up cognizing chantless magic as a [Technique for heroes, not for common people].

But I suppose that's just like Grevil.
He's always been a guy who puts everything for his country.
Hence I was absolutely baffled to see such a guy cooperating with demons to declare war on humanity.

But I get it now.
Grevil had taken these drastic measures in order to retake the lost magic knowledge.

"...Regardless of my objective, there's no denying that I have manipulated demons, declared wars on humanity, and destroyed the barrier that protected humans from demons... I fully intend to atone for my sin with my life, but before that, I implore you to listen to my request... Please succeed the true magic knowledge."

"By true magic knowledge, you mean these [General Magic Textbooks]?"

I took out the [General Magic Textbooks] as I said that.
Books that are somehow often can be found at places related to Grevil.

I found that fact strange, but it's clear now why if he's trying to teach chantless magic.
Although the quality of [General Magic Textbooks] can't be called high by any standard, they were the most commonly used books in that era after all.

"That's right... But those books you have are written in ancient language, it would prove difficult for humans of this era to decipher it. I have prepared ones that have been translated in the language used in this era... Would you please take them?"

He's even done that far huh.
With his efforts in consideration--I gave my answer.

"I refuse. Like I'd take the translated version of this stuff."

"...Please I beg you. If humanity does not learn the real magic, they have no hope of surviving in the near future. You guys may be able to use true magic, but you will eventually hit a roadblock without a guide... These books contain all the wisdom of ancient mages including Gaias-sama. I'm sure it will help you--"

"I reiterate; I refuse."

Grevil is still attempting to push the books even after I refused him.
So I talk to him through comm magic.

『I'm that Gaias himself in the flesh. These books are unnecessary.』


Grevil looks like he cannot believe what he heard.

『I sent you a letter, didn't I. It was, 'I'm reincarnating. Please don't look for me.' if I remember right... Did you not get it?』

『I-I did have that letter delivered to me... It can't be, so you're telling the truth?』

『Who else would know the content of a letter I sent myself... I never would have thought the day would come where Grevil would try to teach magic though. And with these mess of books to boot.』

I look at the [General Magic Textbooks].
These books would have proved useful if I weren't present, but the book I wrote is far better suited.

『...Aah, Gaias-sama. To think you were really reborn...』

Grevil shed tears as he said that.
The girls were confused to see the unfolding situation.

"Eh, why'd this person break down in tears all of a sudden?"

"Must have been quite a huge shock to have his books refused..."

I'd better stop talking through the comm magic.
With that in mind, I open my mouth.

"...I don't need the books, but you'll have to pay for your sins."

"I understand. I shall atone with this life--"

"I refuse... What's there to gain in you dying."

I interrupted Grevil's speech.
It'll be bad if I let him die.

"Live and make yourself useful... Presently we have a shortage of workforce to teach chantless magic, you see."

After all, someone who has learned ancient magic well like Grevil is practically an endangered species in this era.
Moreover, since Grevil is completely hopeless with magic, his understanding of chantless magic exceeds that of talented ones.
There's no one better fit at teaching chantless magic, including me.

Grevil opened his eyes wide after I said that.
Like he can't believe it.

"Me, chantless magic?"

"Yeah. But you're gonna use this one as the textbook."

I hand over the Second Academy standard textbook to him.
Grevil shouted out loud when he read the content.

"I-I can't believe there's such a perfect textbook out there... Where in the world did you get this book?"

"I wrote it."

Hearing that, Grevil looked like, "Of course!"
And then, he got down on his knees while tearing up.

"...I will fully dedicate this life of mine as a magic educator."

"Yeah. I'm counting on you."

--Thus, our fight with Grevil closed its curtain.

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Two weeks later.
A new magic teacher assumed a post at Second Academy right as the destroyed barrier finished getting repaired.

He got to be a teacher this quick thanks to me pushing principal Edward.

"Today, this academy welcomes a new teacher...  Grevil-sensei!"

Grevil climbed the podium amidst students' applause.

Only the girls and I know the fact that it was Grevil who declared war on the capital via the wide area comm magic.
Him disguising as a demon paid off in this form.

"Hello, I Grevil will be your new teacher from today on. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything about chantless magic."

Grevil constructed a relatively complex magic after saying that.
That he stopped just before it went over students' level of comprehension instead of going to the extreme and constructed a needlessly complex magic truly shows his affinity as a teacher.

Of course there were oppositions against hiring someone of unknown origin like Grevil as a Second Academy's teacher.
But even teachers who were against it rethought their stance once they saw Grevil's overwhelming magic knowledge, like "He's a necessary talent to be a magic teacher of Second Academy."
In fact, the stuff the students here would learn would be on a completely different level with Grevil around.

He's probably not trusted yet, but trusts can simply be gained from here on.
I'm sure he'll earn it in no time.

The next day.
I came to the Second Academy together with the girls.

We were asked by Grevil to come to his room since he had something to talk about.
Second Academy's teachers have their own private rooms...

"...This is pretty strict security."

I murmured so as we arrived at the room Grevil led us to.

There's an excessive amount of barriers put over the room.
Around 100 barriers of all kinds, ranging from simple defensive barrier to interception prevention and mana isolation have been put over this room.

More than half of the room is occupied by barriers.
The floor has risen by a meter from the stack of barriers.

"And I'm still not sure it's sufficient even with all this."

"...Just what's all this for?"

"I called you all here to talk about that matter... It's related to the reason why I took such a drastic measure to achieve my goal of spreading chantless magic in this world."

Grevil invited us into the room.
This means he hasn't talked about it up until now because he can't do so without the anti-interception barriers put over this room.

If the enemy was just some half-baked demons, Grevil could have just destroyed them with the [Light of Destruction] he possessed.
Also, there's no need for such a strict countermeasure if the opponent is just some ordinary demons.

However, Grevil did all those absurd actions and even attempted to set us up as heroes at the cost of his own life in order to popularize chantless magic.
It's safe to assume that it was because no other means would suffice.
The barriers here also must have been deemed necessary for that.

I can't imagine an opponent that would force Grevil to go that far... But it should be clear soon.

"Got it. Let us hear your story."

I faced Grevil as I said that.

...The commotion caused by Grevil might be over but it looks like we can't rest easy just yet.

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