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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Strongest Sage, Infers Goal


I'm not gonna prolong this fight like the fight with demons earlier.
Grevil isn't as sturdy as demons nor is he able to use defensive magic to cope with that.
This would be over if I could just strike his neck at the right spot with my magically enchanted sword.

--But that's an extremely tall order.
From the exchange just now, I could tell that he would immediately cover up any opening I made using petty tricks.

I might succeed if I could just set up a trap that would create a huge opening--but he must have anticipated most traps already.
Guess I have no choice but to use that hand.

『I could try launching a surprise attack, what do you think?』

Alma offered that suggestion when she saw me pondering how to attack.
But Alma's arrow is too slow to get in between our fight.

『No, this is not a battle where surprise attacks would make a difference.』

To begin with, surprise attacks are impossible against Grevil's sense at this range.

『By the way, you'd better stop using comm magic, he's probably listening in.』

『Exactly. Your comm magic is quite something for this era, but it'll only get intercepted with me as an opponent. Better be careful with it.』

Grevil cut into the comm magic after I said that.
The comm magic we're using doesn't look much different than simply talking with our mouths in the face of a skilled magician.

We'd need a comm magic that's ten times as complex than the one we're using now if we want to avoid Grevil's interference.

『Cutting in comm magic... is he a monster?』

『I'm a human, not a monster... Or rather, I'm actually on the talentless side. Originally that is.』

Grevil looked disappointed as he said that.
However, his disappointment looks more like it's directed at the weakened state of humans in this era than of him being weak.

...Think I get what Grevil is trying to accomplish.

『Well, there's no point in talking about this. Let us resume this fight.』
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『...You're right.』

Grevil readied his sword once again.
This time Grevil lunges forward toward me.

"My turn to defend now huh."

I took the parrying posture as I said that.
But this isn't a defensive posture.
Instead, it's one for the end game.

It seems Grevil thinks I haven't noticed, but I know he's got one fatal weakness.
Though it's dangerous, I can create an opening big enough to end this fight if I can exploit that weakness.

I stare fixedly at Grevil's sword, observing him while holding my sword diagonally.
And when Grevil's sword reaches its maximum momentum--I let down my sword and expose my neck toward his sword.


Grevil sounded bewildered.
And then--Grevil pulled back the sword he was swinging, with all his might.

It's as if he was trying to protect me, an unreasonable feat during a battle.
A fatal opening.

I thrust my sword before the neck of Grevil who had taken an awkward posture since he had to forcefully pull back his sword.
Anyone would have won when your opponent took such a move.

"You never intended to kill me, did you?"

I had noticed that Grevil didn't want to kill us.

Since the demons we met in our way here had some little tricks put on their wings.
As if those magic arts were inserted to prevent those demons from killing us.

"...How'd you find out"

"I was certain of it after seeing the magic put in those demons... So what's your goal really?"

"For that is because, killing you shall not--"

"Aah, you can stop your act now. I've taken care of that magic tool already."

I point at the magic tool installed in the corner of the room.

I might not be able to break the magic tools themselves, but making it so nothing gets transmitted to the capital is a simple matter.
Hence, that magic tool had practically lost its functions the moment we set foot in this room.

"...My goal is to spread the true magic knowledge in the whole world."

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