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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Strongest Sage, Searches Out


"But 『Warmongers』 won't lay their hands on those who are too weak, do they?"

『Warmongers』 won't fight those who are far weaker than they are.
It's not out of mercy but simply because the fight won't yield them battle experience.

The only opponents those 『Warmongers』 have any interest in would be demons, or monsters in the deepest layers of dungeons.
If they're gonna go out and kill demons on their own, their existence will actually be a plus instead.

"...That's the problem. I have personally confirmed 10 members of the 『Swords Members』 that have been revived--and all of them have been weakened compared to how they were before."


"Yes... They're about a good match against high ranking adventurers."

"...This is the worst."

『Warmongers』 would be a harmless group in this era if they hadn't been weakened.
But if they've gotten weak enough for high ranking adventurers to put up a good fight with--that'd mean the birth of a group of cold-blooded killers that only target high ranking adventurers.
Of course, those targets would include Second Academy students.

"Yes, it truly is the worst... I would have taken this upon myself if not for that Restriction.... The best thing I can do in this era is to help adventurers get stronger."

Grevil should be capable of defeating weakened 『Warmongers』... But he cannot kill ancient people and demons due to effect of a peculiar magic handed down in ancient royal family.
That Restriction must be still in effect even after his revival by the 『Broken Star』.
Hence his plan to spread chantless magic... and enable people to win against 『Warmongers』 somehow huh.

I present a simple solution of this matter.

"Well, in other words, we just need to eliminate the 『Warmongers』 and problem solved."

Even if they've gotten weaker, 『Warmongers』 are not an opponent we can make light of.
All members of 『Warmongers』 have used immortality magic on themselves, and they're people who keep piling up training.
At their perfect state, they're incomparably stronger than even Grevil.

But it's a good thing that the ones who got revived are 『Warmongers』 instead of other guys.

"Exactly... There may be other people who have been revived as well."

"We can think about that when the time comes... So do you know the whereabouts of 『Warmongers』?"

"I only know about one of them... They're right next to the Adventurer City Haigis... As the enemy is keep moving about, I don't know the exact spot though..."

Haigis... It's a town a few hours away from here.
If I remember right, many adventurers stay at that place since there's a lot of relatively strong monsters around the area.
The best spot for 『Warmongers』 to look for prey.

Good thing it's within the kingdom, we don't need to go through annoying procedures.

"Finding out one is more than enough."

"Let's finish them off before they cause any more harm!"

Thus, we decided to depart for Adventurer City Haigis.
Someone from Second Academy might fall victim if we dilly dally.

A few hours later.
We arrived at the Adventurer City Haigis without a hitch.

"So this is Haigis..."

"There's so many adventures like the rumors say..."

We survey the surroundings.
There's a lot of adventurers indeed, but it's not like the atmosphere here is bad.
You wouldn't have guessed that this is the stage for a mass slaughter carried out by the 『Warmongers』.

"What's the best way to look for them here?"

"I don't sense anything suspicious with Passive Detection... How about you, Mathi-kun?"

"...They're nowhere to be found. Looks like we'd better give up trying to pinpoint them with mana detections."

We can attempt to use 『Enforced Detection』 here, but it's probably gonna be proven pointless.

People experienced in magic combats are not stupid enough to fall for mana detections.
Letting your location known by mana detection means giving your enemy a chance to unilaterally launch a surprise attack after all.

"Then how are we going to look for them?"

"Right... We just have to be on the spot where our enemy is looking for their prey, don't we?"
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"Spot where they look for prey?"

"Yeah... At the quest posted by 『Warmongers』 themselves."

Ruli looked confused to hear me.
Then she throws a question.

"Would 『Warmongers』, serial killers post a quest?"

"I can't say for sure... but if we look from their side, that method would be more efficient than blindly looking for strong guys, no?"

Even if they've been weakened, there's not a lot of adventurers worthy of being targeted by 『Warmongers』 in this era.
If that were the case, there would have been many victims at Haigis already, causing a panic.

Posting a quest to lure out strong people was a trick those 『Warmongers』 occasionally used in the past.
They would post a false quest about an outbreak of strong monsters to gather powerful magic combatants and then challenge them.

It's possible that they're using a similar tactic now.
Since this Haigis is a perfect place to post such a quest.

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