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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Strongest Sage, Learns About Situation


"Allow me to explain. About the threat looming over this world presently."

Grevil spoke in a room protected with multiple layers of barriers.
Looks like he's finally going to tell us the reason he was so eager in trying to spread chantless magic even at the cost of his life.

"Are you familiar with 『Broken Stars』?"

"I know they exist... They're fragments of space monsters, correct?"

I answered Grevil's question.
『Broken Stars』 are something that have existed since my past life, they're the space monsters'--fragments.

Around 5000 years ago, a fight broke out between two space monsters.
Despite the fact that it occurred more than 1 million kilometer away from this planet, the shock waves from the fight alone dealt a huge damage to the civilizations at the time, one country was even destroyed by the falling meteors.

I also got requests by friendly countries to create barriers to counter the shock waves there.

The fight that destroyed numerous celestial bodies, and painted the sky white ended after about a month.
The losing space monster broke apart and drifted off in space.

Its fragments are called 『Broken Stars』.
The fight I witnessed at that time was one of the reasons I decided to reincarnate myself in order to win against space monsters.

"Yes. One of those 『Broken Stars』 has fallen on this planet."

"...Fragments of space monsters?"

Space monsters are beings that are outside the laws of physics and magics.
Even its mere fragments--posses unknown influences.

"Yes... Its influences fortunately did not directly ruin this planet--but it was something that far exceeded the law of magic."

"Quit beating around the bush, cut to the chase."

I told Grevil off for being long winded.
This has been a bad habit of him since forever.

"...I understand. In short, it's revival of the dead."

--Revival of the dead.
I heard something similar not too long ago.

"Those demons at the Sixth Source huh?"

Demons who should have gone extinct were working together with Grevil at Saihill Empire's Sixth Source (In reality, they were used as pawns by Grevil).
Those demons said something about having been revived.

"Exactly... Those demons at the Sixth Source were revived by the influence of the 『Broken Star』."
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I see.
I get it now.

Revival of the dead is impossible with ordinary magic, but I'm not surprised if it's related to space monsters.
That's just how those beings are.

『Then I assume you too?』

I asked Grevil through comm magic to prevent the girls from listening in.
I thought he had been kept alive through immortality magic, but then I don't believe he would have survived the ancient civilization magic reactor breakdown even if he was.

『...Correct. I was revived by the influence of the 『Broken Star』 and even got younger for some reason... I was an 80 year old man on my death bed.』

『Rejuvenation too huh...』

『Yes... That said, I was the only one who got younger among those who were revived. As for the reason why... I'm unable to hazard a guess. My apologies.』

『No need for apologies. No one could comprehend phenomena caused by space monsters after all.』

While conversing as such through comm magic, I speak to Grevil.

"We've beaten all demons at the Sixth Source though--there's still more out there?"

"I only controlled a tiny portion of the revived demons. A great deal of demons have been revived--along with something even more worrisome."

"...Humans huh."

Demons from ancient civilizations are indeed dangerous, but the really fearsome ones are humans.
Since humans would group together and plan ahead to take on powerful foes.

Even if they're below demons in term of pure powers, they're way harder to deal with.
...Well there's a huge difference in strength between individuals though, it'll be over in a jiffy if they're just some small fry.

"Yes. I believe the most dangerous ones that have been revived by the 『Broken Star』... Are the ancient combatant group 『Warmongers』."

A group of 10 people that kept on fighting in their thirst for powers in my past life.

Their reason for fighting was similar to mine, but there was one little difference.
They didn't chose their opponent if it could get them stronger.

From military personnel to common people, they would challenge and kill them if it would got them stronger.
Those [Warmongers] themselves believed what they were doing was purely for powers, but what they had done were no difference to indiscriminate slaughter.

Naturally, an arrest warrant was issued for them, and they were ultimately killed at the hands of a magic combatant.
If they got resurrected in this era, they would have reigned as the worst group of murderers.

--Such Grevil explained.
I knew about it already but he explained still for the girls.

But one thing still bugs me.

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