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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Strongest Sage, Negotiates


"No one is taking this quest, right? I know it asks for rank A, but is there a way for lower ranked adventurers to take it?"

"Err... We need the client's agreement in order to lower the quest rank, so..."

I see.
Those 『Warmongers』 most definitely won't lower the required rank as their goal is to fight strong adventurers.

Guess we need to raise our ranks after all.
The problem is how...

"How do you raise your rank? We're currently rank E..."

I asked the receptionist.
If it needs a huge amount of quest completions or time-consuming tests, we're stuck.

If that happens, we have no choice but to ask the king's help.
It'll take a few days, but the quest should still be around if we're lucky.

And if we're not... Then we'd have to search those 『Warmongers』 from scratch.
We could try following the trails of the missing high ranking adventurer.
...But I'd prefer to settle this now to decrease potential victims.

The receptionist handed over a paper with details about rank up.
Then she speaks apologetically.

"Here are the prerequisites for rank up... Unfortunately, getting up to rank A is quite a task, you know? Even tough adventurers need years to get to rank C..."

The paper the receptionist handed over had this written.

Rank Up Prerequisite Table
To Rank E - Completes 50 Rank F Quests
To Rank D - Completes 200 Rank E Quests
To Rank C - Completes 500 Rank D Quests
To Rank B - Completes 2000 Rank C Quests, or participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play an active role in it
To Rank A - Participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play a leading role in it

The numbers of quests we need to complete are too far away.
If all the monsters we've defeated so far get counted as quests, we might just reach rank C... but since most of the monsters I defeated don't seem to, my rank stays at E.

Well, I guess our ranks being low is just natural.
After all, it was only recently that we got formally registered as guild members instead of Second Academy students.

But these prerequisites... Perhaps there's still a hope for easy rank-ups.

"...Are demons counted as a Disaster class monster?"

"Of course they are. Demons are the worst of Disaster class monsters."

"Then... If a rank E adventurer were to defeat a demon by himself, his rank would be upgraded to A?"

The receptionist pondered a bit when I asked her that.
Then she replies while looking at me with warm eyes.

"Unfortunately, you have be rank C first before you can get to rank B and above. As such, the rank won't go up even if a rank E adventurer defeated a demon... If by that time you've satisfied the prerequisites to be rank C, your rank will be automatically upgraded to A however."

"...I see."

Looks like defeating a Disaster class monster even before you get to rank C is counted.
Which means, if the guild has a record of me defeating demons in the past, I'll get to rank A just by completing the number of quests required to get to rank C.
While thinking that, the receptionist speaks as if she's cautioning me.

"But you can't go and try to defeat a demon now, you hear me. You're already off to a promising start being a rank E at your age... Don't put the cart before the horse and get too hasty at raising your rank you end up dead, okay."

Apparently, this receptionist thinks we're rookie adventurers yearning for high ranking ones.
...The rookie part is not necessarily wrong.

"...No, we've beaten demons already."

"You shouldn't lie like that... The guild manages records about subjugations of demons. A quick look at the data will expose your lie, you know."

They've got records on subjugation history huh.
That's good to hear.

"Then please check the data."

The receptionist shrugged her shoulders like 'oh geez' when I said that.
Then she speaks to me with a 'I give up' look on her face.

"I understand. I'll have a look, hand me your guild card please."
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I passed my guild card to the receptionist.
Then she looked at the card--and opened her eyes wide in a shock.


Then she alternately compares the guild card and my face.
After a slight pause, the receptionist asks.

"Are you perhaps... Mathias Hildesheimr of the Second Academy?"

"Yeah. I am--"

"P-pardon me! I will go call the branch head!"

The receptionist ran at full speed toward the guild's back room after saying that.
After a little while, she came back along with a middle aged man.

The man's name tag had 『Guild Branch Head, Dakufu』 written on it.

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