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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Strongest Sage, Pushes Term


"What was that sword just now!?"

"Wonder if that sword has been augmented with a powerful enchant?"

"No... The sword itself is just an ordinary sword. You can do that much with an ordinary sword if you have the skill."

I look at the sword of 『Combatant Mira』.

His movements look dull, most likely due to his imperfect resurrection--but his swordsmanship is pretty up there.
He would have been quite a force to be reckoned with had the resurrection been perfect.

While thinking that, I faced [Combatant Mira] and shouted.

"Very well. I accept your challenge! --But you have to agree on my term!"

"...Let me hear this term of yours. Just so you know, no point in begging for your life. I kill anyone I fight without fail. I kill anyone who refuses to fight me. And of course I kill those who try to run away."

In other words, anyone who fought and lost to this guy would be killed.

Well, I don't have any problem with that.
There's no point in pondering about if I lose when I'm going to win anyway.

"It's not about if I lose. But when I win."

"Simply kill me then... I'll just take my own life if you won't."

I see.
『Death to the losers』 applies to himself as well.

I don't get why this guy is so fixated in dying... Since all members of [Warmongers] kill the loser in a fight, they share a commonality on this.
As there is no way for us to come to an understanding on this point, there's no meaning in talking about this.

"I don't care if you want to die... But I'd like you to tell other [Warmongers] about me before you do."

I said that to [Combatant Mira] while cutting up all the incoming monsters.

"...About you?"

"Yeah. I wish to have a bout with other [Warmongers], you see."

Hearing that [Combatant Mira]--grinned.
And then he asks me.
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"Are you perhaps... a bird of a feather?"

"...I won't deny being a battle maniac, but please don't liken me with you lot. I don't pick a fight with innocent people nor I kill them."

[Combatant Mira] looked unamused when he heard me.
Then he asks me with a serious look.

"What is there to gain in a fight without death?"

"You're going to lose here because you cannot understand that... So are you going to agree on my term or what?"

"...Fine. I'm going to win anyway... Guh."

[Combatant Mira] fell on his knee as he replied me while slashing a monster.
He didn't suffer an attack in particular.

It's just that his body is just in too bad of a shape.
His life force is very low as well.
...This guy's probably gonna die in a month even if we leave him alone.

"Can you really fight in that state?"

"It's because of the magic that revived me. Wish it had revived me in my heyday... But I've died once already. Can't complain."

"...Was it really magic that revived you?"

The resurrection done by [Broken Star] is not magic.
To begin with, reviving the dead cannot be done with principle of magic.

In my past life, there were a few examples of [phenomenon that cannot be explained with magic] done by space monsters.
It's called [Suprarational Deeds], and it's distinctly different than magic.

[Suprarational Deeds] are easily mistaken with magic to those who aren't familiar with magic--but it's hard to believe that a high level magic combatant of the past era would mistake revivals by way of [Broken Star] for magic.


As [Combatant Mira] was going to answer me, he suddenly shut his mouth and grimaced.
Then he speaks to me.

"It appears that I have been barred to utter that... Would have liked to be given the liberty to at least speak whatever I want to those facing their death."

Magical gag huh.

...These low-level revivals of the dead really are the work of a human, not [Broken Star] then.
I don't see why an already dead [Broken Star] would went out of its way to put a gag on those it revived.

That said, revival of the dead is impossible with pure magic, so someone must have formulated a spell art that makes use of [Broken Star] to perform these revivals.
We might have to defeat that spellcaster once we're done dealing with [Warmongers].

We beat more and more monsters while thinking that.

『T-these two guys of opposing sides are just talking like it's normal...』

『And they're even cooperating together nicely to deal with these monsters... It's a world I can never hope to understand.』

『It's probably a world where only battle maniacs can comprehend...』

The girls sounded like they couldn't believe us when they saw us conversing.
Looks like they can't understand the feeling of enjoying a fight nice and slowly free of nuisance.

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