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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Strongest Sage, Completes Objective


『I-I didn't know we could do that...』

『...But we still have to defeat 700 monsters either way, don't we?』

『Well, ranks are the one thing that takes time to raise after all...』

Normally you raise your guild rank slowly over the course of years.
Trying to do that in just a day is pushing it.

『But since you declined the special test... Mathi-kun knows an even faster method, right?』

『...Yeah. Actually, we've done it before.』

『Ah that huh...』

『Yeah. That. 』

When we were trying to raise our ranks at Raginia Federation, we used Enforced Detection all over the places and defeated the gathered monsters to complete the quests we took.
Defeating 700 monsters would be easy using that method.

『And Senisye Plain is huge too, no better place to use that method!』

『...I'm afraid we'd get too many monsters thanks to how huge it is instead though...』

『No worries, we just need to adjust the intensity of [Enforced Compulsion].』

We thanked the branch head before leaving the guild.
Let's do this and upgrade our ranks quick.

A while later.
We arrived at a spot in Senisye Plan far away from the town.
Using [Enforced Detection] here won't cause trouble for the town.

"...Are you ready?"

"It's the second time we're doing this, I'm okay!"

"Let's do it!"

"I've kinda got a bad feeling about this somehow... I'm ready when you are though!"

I checked the girls... and got these replies.
I don't usually care much about hunches and stuff... But Alma's usually right on the money...

"Bad feeling, like?"

"Uun, feels like we'll get some weird ones coming instead of usual monsters..."

"Ah... You're right, some weird ones probably will come along."

I checked the surrounding mana reaction with [Passive Detection] as I said that.
The range of my [Passive Detection] has gotten quite more far-reaching than before thanks to my developing magic circuits.

Yet, I don't see powerful mana reactions in my detection range.
Normally, I'd conclude that there's nothing of worth around here... But not in this particular case, something undetectable is probably lurking here.
Well it saves us the trouble if those guys come though.

"Weird ones... You mean monsters?"

"No, human."

"Human... Ah! You mean the [Warmongers]!?"
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There's a high chance that the [Warmongers] are hiding in this Senisye Plain.
This plain may be vast, but we've got a chance of having those [Warmongers] be within the range of [Enforced Detection].

[Passive Detection] can't be used to find [Warmongers] but they will definitely notice if they get in the range of [Enforced Detection].
It's not surprising at all for those [Warmongers] to come picking a fight with us as they are currently looking for challengers themselves.

"Would be bad if those [Warmongers] come when our hands are full dealing with monsters..."

"Oh you'll be surprised... They're saving us time taking on quests if they come for us on their own."

To begin with, we're trying to raise our adventurer ranks to fight the [Warmongers].
We're lucky if they're coming on their own accord.

"...We'd be up against monsters and [Warmongers] at the same time, can we win?"

"We can... Assuming we'll receive an attack, I'm going to revise the way I use Enforced Detection this time."

The three nodded.

In the previous era, [Warmongers] were indeed strong.
But they've fallen as low as picking a fight with high ranking adventurers of this era.

Those guys have no problem fighting against weaker opponents... But they won't bother with those that are extremely weak.
...As long as the high ranking adventurer who fell victim wasn't as strong as Giruas by chance, those [Warmongers] should be weaker than ordinary demons.

I activate [Enforced Detection] while thinking that.

"[Enforced Detection]... Our enemy is coming!"

Last time, I scattered [Enforced Detection] all around, but not this time, as I narrowed down the direction.

Broadcasting it in all directions would be better if we wanted to gather monsters, but we'd be surrounded in all directions then.
By narrowing down the direction, we'd be able to cope with it in the event of [Warmongers] attacking.


"To think they'd come this quick."

I murmured while checking mana reactions in the area.

--A mana reaction suddenly appeared out of nowhere at a spot 1 kilometer away.
And--That mana reaction is rapidly moving to where we are.

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