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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.7


Floor 14 magic beasts are third rank Demon Bear magic beasts, Brown Furball (Goedig).

They look like giant brown furballs lying on the floor, but when you get close to one, it will reveal its true form. With arms raised high up, their height rivals that of Lecan.

Moreover, these magic beasts have an eerily huge face. So does their mouth. To rookie adventurers, the sight of these beasts leaping at you with their huge mouth wide open full of drools is the embodiment of fear itself.

However, these magic beasts would lie dormant until you get to a certain distance from it.

In other words, adventurers capable of ranged attacks will always get the first strike.

In addition, although the speed of their attack when they first come out of their camouflage may be fast, consequent attacks are sluggish, so long as you watch out for their bites, these magic beasts are not really a menace.

Lecan stops 20 step away from one, points his right forefinger forward, and kneads his mana.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

A flame spear flew off, gouged a third of the Brown Furball and landed on the ground behind it, scooping weed and soil there.

Lecan kept his arm raised.

A crawly sensation remains in his right forefinger.

--It felt like the magic flew straight forward thanks to this forefinger, and it also felt like this finger restricted mana that flowed through it. Fumu...

As he went on his way toward the stairway, he encountered another Brown Furball.

Lecan stops 20 step away from it, this time he grips all his right fingers and thrusts his fist towards the magic beast.

"<Flame Spear>!"

The spell didn't activate right away. A mass of spherical flame was generated in front of his fist, growing bigger while rotating in place before flying straight at the target.

An intense explosive sound echoed, the Brown Furball had been blown into bits.

Quite some power that was.

But could this really be called <Flame Spear>. It's probably a kind of modified <Flame Spear>.

He met another Brown Furball right before the stairway.

This time Lecan formed his hand like the shape of a blade and thrust it forward toward the magic beast.

"<Flame Spear>!"
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A wide flat flame destroyed the enemy this time.

--Not good. It got way weaker and lacked control.

Floor 14 magic beasts are fourth rank Sky Fish, Eyeball Redfish (Enuruch).

Lecan was a bit shocked when he first saw this magic beast, a giant eyeball floating in the air.

These magic beasts possess an exceptional detection ability able to detect faraway enemies unhindered by the dense formation of twisted pillars found here. Then it will patiently wait until the enemy comes within 30 steps from it before using <Petrification> on it.

Last time he encountered one, Lecan's entire body felt numb when he received an attack from this magic beast, but he immediately got free of the binding thanks to his ring and moved on to cut it down. Afterward, he defeated all other Eyeball Redfish before they could attack him by approaching them while hiding behind pillars. As such, he had no idea what they would do after using <Petrification>.

According to the handbook, it would latch its feelers into the petrified enemy and suck their body fluid dry.

This time, Lecan has a mean to attack from a distance as well. He also probably holds the upper hand in range, but thanks to the pillars scattered all over the place, he won't be able to see most targets within 30 step away either.

In other words, their chances are about even.

--Let's go with battle of speed.

In short, it's a match of cast time, whether his enemy would cast <Petrification> first or his <Flame Spear> first.

In the end, Lecan encountered two Eyeball Redfish before arriving at the stairway.

Lecan won both battle of speed.

However Lecan felt something amiss as he turned around before the stairway and said his thanks toward the magic beasts.

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