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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Strongest Sage, Fights Spear Warrior


I don't have time to fight leisurely at my pace from here on.
More members of [Warmongers] would gather here if I dawdled around.
<TLN: Changed the group name, this should be a bit more accurate while not sounding too mouthful, sorry about this. Literal translation: "Those who excel in Combat Arts".>

[Warmongers] is a group of people who would choose to fight 1-on-1... But there's no guarantee that applies to every one of them.
No matter how weakened they are, I'd still rather avoid fighting a bunch of people who know how to fight like a true magic combatant all at once.

I have my sword at the ready with that in mind.

"Alright, let's fight."

"...Yeah. Here to a good bout."

A little while later.
After winning over nine [Warmongers], I faced off against the last one, [Combatant Neiar].

"You took care of them all didn't you! Just splendid!"

The man who came last shouted out loud in ecstasy.
It's not that he's glad that his friends have died, he's purely delighted at the prospect of fighting a formidable foe.

This guy... Looks like he's the strongest one amongst [Warmongers].
The degree of his physical degradations seem to be the same as other members.
However, his skills are a cut above the rest.

His crest is Disqualified Crest.
Battle style is the same as me, combining weapons and magic usage.
However... My opponent here is using a spear instead of a sword.

"But I'm nothing like those guys! You ready!?"

"...Yea. Let's begin."

The man nodded when he heard me.


He thrust his spear at a tremendous speed.
I dodged it by a hair's breadth.

And right as the enemy was about to enter my sword's range--he shot out a magic.
An explosion magic.

--This magic was not intended to beat me, surely.
He's going to employ it as a diversion to get in my range depending on how I deal with it
Foreseeing that--I use freezing magic on the enemy's explosion magic.

Freezing magic could be used to reduce explosive magic.
The enemy's magic was high powered hence I couldn't completely overcome it--but it was good enough.

I plunge myself into the reduced explosion magic.
I could feel my hair getting burned from the blast, but I care not.
And then--My sword grazed my opponent's cheek.

"...Busted huh."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"You... you're an even crazier monster than I thought! Dope!"

Outwardly, it looked like my sword only scratched the enemy's cheek--but originally, that should have been a blow that ended this fight.
--That slash had a highly concentrated [Magic Poison] augmented on it, hence even a scratch should have paralyzed him.

But the enemy had seen through that.
And he cast a specific detoxifying magic to counter [Magic Poison] right as he was hit by my slash.

『T-that was an incredible trade of blows... I wouldn't rush into an explosion if it were me...』

『I saw Mathi-kun augmented something on his sword just now... Am I imagining things?』

『Unn... I don't really get it!』

Looks like Alma and Ruli noticed the trading blows that had just unfolded.
Iris doesn't seem to notice... Well, Iris is a menace even when she's just by randomly swinging weapons anyway, no need for her to learn these tactics.
...Not like she could use these tactics with her current state of mana circuits anyway.

By the way, I've asked these girls to stand by and be ready to launch surprise attacks from behind anytime.
The opponent wished for a 1-on-1 battle, but I've got no reason to follow along.

However, it's a rare chance to fight against someone from the past era and all.
Might as well fight head-on.


The man thrust his spear once again after a pause.
I was going to dodge that like earlier--.


The spear's trajectory bent right as I dodged it by a hair's breadth.

A physically impossible trajectory.
Of course, it's magic that made this possible.

He must have put move-type magic on the spear to forcefully change its direction.
He's also put an attack magic on top of it to compensate for the loss of power due to the unnatural trajectory.
I would have lost my head if I got hit by this blow.

I lowered my posture to the extreme just as the tip of the spear was right upon me.
And then, I slid below the spear and closed in on him.

No matter how powerful a magic is, there's nothing to it if it misses its target.

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