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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Strongest Sage, Takes on Quests


"I'm this guild branch head, Dakufu... Baron Hildesheimr, we deeply apologize for our staff earlier... She did not mean ill will--"

I see.
I forgot that I'm technically a temporary baron.

My peerage should have been a temporary one for a duration of doll war--but the king seems to fully intend to make it permanent.
As such, I'm practically still a baron even though the doll battle is over.

"No, it's nothing to worry about."

"We're ever so grateful for your generosity, Baron Hildesheimr."

...Getting treated as a noble like this makes me feel all fidgety...
Though it may have its use in negotiations like I'm currently in.

"So let me be straight with you... I need to take on this quest due to a certain circumstance. And I'd also like to meet with the client of this quest."

"...We're truly sorry. Even if it's a request by Baron Hildesheimr, we cannot just ignore the rank specified by the client... We're also unable to share client's information, even if it were the lord here asking."

"What if I say that the client is a criminal?"

The branch head looked surprised when he heard that.
And then... he turns his sight at the client's name.

"Are you telling us that the client of this quest, Picas, is a criminal?"

"He possibly is."

"...I'm sorry, but we cannot divulge client information just because of a possibility. We'd be glad to comply right away if you have evidence to prove your claim however..."

Well, I guess I'm pushing it without evidence.
If a noble who isn't even a territory lord could get information from the guild by simply saying 『The client may be a criminal』, no one would trust the guild anymore.

...Even if we catch the client, the one who posted the quest is probably someone hired by the [Warmongers].
I don't remember anyone called Picas in that group.

Which means, what we need to do here is... to raise our ranks as planned.

"Then I guess we'll just have to raise our ranks to A... The demons we have defeated are counted in the rank up assessment right?"

"Of course... In that case, you need to get to rank C... I believe Mathias-san's party is able to take on a special test if you negotiate with the guild."

Special test huh.
Something like that is possible even without the king's intervention huh.

"...How long would that take?"
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"I believe it would take two days at the quickest."

"Too slow... Might as well take on subjugation quests and raise our rank to C the honest way... It's 200 rank E quests and 500 rank D quests, no?"

Fortunately this guild has plentiful of quests.
We can probably complete 500 quests in a day if we just hunt monsters quickly and abundantly.
Doing the quests is still faster even if we count the time needed to recover our mana.

"...So it's faster to take on normal quests than the special test with Baron Hildesheimr's strength... In that case, would you like us to prepare the right quests for you?"

"Are you sure?"

I'd welcome it if he could get us nice quests for rank up.

"Baron Hildesheimr should have been rank A considering your strength. No one would complain even if you get to rank A in a slightly forceful manner."

Then the branch head wrote two quest tags.

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: E
Required Rank: E
Reward: 100 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank E monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: D
Required Rank: E
Reward: 200 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank D monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

"Please accept these quests... These are the simplest quests as far as my knowledge goes."

"...We just need to defeat 200 rank E monsters and 500 rank D monsters if we take these quests huh."

"Yes. As long as you get the rank right, they're terribly easy to accomplish if you have the strength to back."

Normally, subjugation quests ask you to locate a specific monster among a swat of monsters and defeat only those type of monsters.
Moreover, there's no guarantee that defeating one of those monsters is counted as one quest.

However, we can simply defeat monsters randomly out there and these two quests would be deemed complete.
Only shortfall is that defeating rank F and below monsters won't be counted, but any simpler and these quests won't be approved as rank D.

"...Much appreciated."

I took the two quests as I said that.

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