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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.4_5_6


Captain Doug made an exaggerated bow when he went into the room.

"I have brought adventurer Lecan with me!"

"Henjit-sama has granted his permission for that person to enter this room."

"Sir! Lecan-dono, if you would."

Lecan hesitated whether to get in the room or not for a bit.

After all, there are one knight with needlessly pompous equipment, two knights that aren't, and two men who wear exaggerated attires like that of officials occupying the majority of spaces inside not the relatively small room.

Captain Doug even had to get close enough to a soldier in the corner of the room that their shoulders touched to make enough room for Lecan to enter.

"Show your respect to Henjit-sama!"

One of the knights shouted, but Lecan just kept standing there silently.

"It's fine, it's fine. He must have forgotten himself being in the present of a high ranking knight all of a sudden. I forgive you. Lecan or something."

Lecan silently looks down at Henjit.

Henjit has the lowest stature in this room. Compared to Lecan, it's like comparing an adult to a child.

"I hear you have dedicated dungeon items found in the lower stratum to our household. Very admirable. Keep up your good work. Be sure to put up articles with Graces in this town's auction. You hear me. You may leave if you do."

Lecan left the room without bowing even once. He could hear Henjit shouting behind him.

"Captain. Has my elder brother not come out of the dungeon yet?"

"Yes, he hasn't come out yet."

"Departing for lower stratum himself in a quest for Grace items, truly he is the model man of a military family. Employs everything you have to make sure that nothing happens to elder brother."


Lecan left the guard station while thinking that safety is the last thing you expect in a dungeon.


Lecan went past the first ten floors without engaging in a fight.

However, if he neglected magic beasts who chased after him, a crowd of them would have formed in the area right before the stairway down, hence he cut off legs of said monsters to keep them from moving.

He didn't run at full speed like last time in the stairways. Yet, Lecan leaped over two stairsteps with each step of his, thus his pace still exceeds that of other adventurers.

He found absolutely no challenge up to the tenth floor, he had no plan to ever set foot on those floors again.

He took a short break and had a meal in the area before the stairways that led to floor 11.

He took out the silver ring and equipped it in his left middle finger.

Then he took out the handbook he got from Captain Doug last time and skimmed over it.

On the list of magic beasts that appear on each floors of this dungeon, there are simple explanations detailing about those magic beasts.

There's an explanation about the dungeon's traits at the beginning.

"Golbul dungone is a medium sized 30-floor dungeon, however this dungeon houses a huge variety of magic beasts, and we have confirmed that all kinds of magic beasts could spawn inside except for Merfolks and Dragons. Anyone can choose which magic beasts to hunt to match their fighting style in this dungeon. Floor 1 to 10 are cave shaped, floor 11 to 20 are infinite fulcrum shaped, floor 21 to 30 are consecutive stone hut shaped."

Upper stratum, or in other words, floor 1 to floor 10, are suited for beginners, either solo or in a small group. Middle stratum, floor 11 to floor 20 are suited for a group of intermediate level explorers.

However, lower stratum, floor 21 to 30, host magic beasts that are too strong to fight alone yet too narrow of spaces for a group of people to fight in. As such, the lower stratum is unpopular among adventurers.

And that's exactly where Lecan is going for.

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He got down on floor 11.

The plan is to pass through all the floors up to floor 20, but he's going to fight magic beasts that stand in his way.

Lecan feels relieved now that he's got this far. After all, the first ten floors were dim, narrow, with lots of adventurers prowling around, he can't choose his courses freely.

The magic beasts on floor 11 are Bent Nose (Bamboo).

Bent Nose is a third rank Boar Demon magic beast, it's the first magic beast that Lecan encountered when he came to this world, and what brought him to meet Rubianafale.

Lecan walked briskly before arriving at the stairway down without a fight.

Floor 12 magic beasts are Longarm Apes (Zanbald). That said, they're quite smaller than Parade and only about half as big as Jericho even though they're of the same species.

He didn't engage in a fight on this floor either.

Floor 13 magic beasts are fourth rank of Evil Snake magic beasts, Flat White Snake (Uraslin).

Lecan felt sick when he saw these magic beasts. His body remembered the time he was made to drink the snake's venom and suffered from it.

Lecan raised his right arm, gripped his fingers except for index finger which he pointed out, slowly converged mana in his body and chanted a spell.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

A small flame was generated on the tip of his finger, then it formed into a long big spear of flame in a blink of an eye and flew off toward the magic beast.

Flat White Snakes are a magic beast that's sensitive to heat. It must have sensed a sign of this magic. It quickly dodged to the right and jumped toward Lecan.

Lecan took his sword out of <Storage> with his right hand and cut the incoming Flat White Head in half.

--The cast time is too slow.

No matter how powerful it is, it's useless in battle when there's this much time lag between chanting and casting.

Lecan pointed his right index finger at one of countless withered tree-like pillars inside the dungeon.

"<Flame Spear>!"

This time the spell activated in half the time compared to last time.

Just as he thought, imagining the spell quickly and firmly inside his mind resulted in a faster cast time.

This time he loosely raised his right arm and pointed at a different pillar.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Nothing happened.

Lecan realized the reason for this failure. He neglected to converge his mana before chanting the spell. Of course the magic wouldn't get cast.

Converge mana.

Point finger.

Chant the spell.

He has to follow these procedures down to a T without any mistake.

--In the end, there's no difference between swordsmanship and magic huh.

Once you've learned a sword technique, you cannot skip having to gain a certain amount of experience on it before it could be deployed in an actual combat. Furthermore, in order to employ such a technique momentously at the right timing with the most efficient way possible during a series of battle, you need an accumulation of ingenuity and practices beforehand.

Even a low powered plain-looking technique could make a surprising result depending on expertise.

More so for a swordsman like Lecan, getting his hand on powerful ranged means of attack like <Flame Spear> carries a significant meaning.

He's got to diligently polish it up from now on.

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