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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Strongest Sage, Invited the Group


"...Had fun fighting weaklings?"

[Combatant Mira] murmured after making sure the comm was connected.
And then, he got a reply.

"Naww nope. Fought three already, mediocre the lot of 'em."

"It's so boring, and after we got resurrected and all."

"Found someone decent, but he went and died right away... Heard there's some strong guys at Second Royal Academy, I'm about to head there."

Looks like there have been other victims.
...One of them is even going after Second Academy.

Glad that we took on this case quick.
If we were late even by a few days, there could have been victims at Second Academy.

[Combatant Mira] speaks to the comm magic as I'm thinking that.

"Second Academy is a good idea... But there's an even more interesting opponent."

"Interesting opponent?"

"Yeah. A swordsman who far surpasses my skills in 『Loita Swordstyle』 and 『Ias Swordstyle』. He looks like a mere child... But he's strong."


It seems like that caught their interest.
But then, voices could be heard from the comm magic after a slight pause.

"Why wouldn't ya fight such an interesting opponent yerself?"

"Of course, I did."

"Then, he ain't in this world anymore, is he? Or did he get revived too?"

Looks like his [Warmongers] friends had no doubt about his victory.
[Combatant Mira] answered back.

"He didn't die... Because I lost."


"I'm taking my life after this... Come to where I am if you want to fight someone that brought me down."

--After hearing that, the comm magic immediately got quiet.
Before becoming lively a moment later.

"Hell yeah! Finally a decent foe!"

"Keep still you, I'll be right there!"

"Ah, no fair! Let me fight that guy!"

"First come, first served~~!"

We could hear those voices from comm magic.
An also the sound of acceleration magic for moving.

None of them was bothered by the fact that their friend had been beaten.
All of them were glad to find a strong enemy, and in a rush to get where I am.

[Combatant Mira] have transmitted his location through the comm magic, so they must be going straight at me right now.

In the meantime--[Combatant Mira] fell down.
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"He just fell...?"

Alma sounded perplexed to see him suddenly falling.
Looks like he intentionally made his inner mana go out of control, burning off his cerebral nerves.

"Looks like he took his own life."

"H-he's really dead..."

"...Well, he was already dead in the first place."

I gazed at a distant sky as I said that.
A small shadow is soaring there--coming closer at a tremendous speed.

"Looks like they're here."


"Well they were probably in the vicinity... Also, acceleration magic."

I waved at the soaring shadow while using [Enforced Detection].

"Over here!"

Then the soaring shadow flew straight here.
Its figure became clearer as it got closer.

It was a slim magician who came flying in.
He landed a few meters away from me and threw a question.

"...Am I the first to arrive?"


"Then let us fight before more nuisance comes... [Combatant Geese], engaging."

Geese put his arms forward.
Looks like he's a pure magician type who doesn't use a sword.

『Eh, what? They're going straight to fight after that exchange?』

『It couldn't even be called a conversation...』

I confront the magician while Ruli and Alma were confused.

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