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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Strongest Sage, Fights Against Old Swordstyle


About an hour later.
Just as the waves of monsters have stopped coming, [Combatant Mira] speaks.

"Looks like it's over."


I move to a spot free of monsters' corpses.
We can finally fight now.

"Do you have enough mana? I can wait if you need to recover yours."

[Combatant Mira] asked me while readying his sword.
Of course, I've got enough mana.

...Since I barely used any in the battle just now.

"Yea. How about you, is your body holding up?"

"No problem... or not really, but this is good enough. This body won't heal just by resting."

[Combatant Mira] took a stance with his sword.
His eyes are bloodshot and breathing rough--but I could feel a wealth of experience in his stance.

『Umm... Why's Mathi-kun worrying about your opponent?』

『He'd be more obedient if he fought me with all his strength... We want this guy to lead us to other [Warmongers], can't let him die just like that.』

It's not like I'm being courteous here because I'm looking forward to fighting this guy.
There's a chance [Combatant Mira] won't tell the other guys in [Warmongers] about me if he loses in a way that doesn't satisfy him.

Let him fight with everything he has and crush him.
That's the only reason why I culled out all the monsters and created a situation that enabled a 1-on-1 fight.
Combatants are a creature that holds respect to an opponent they lost to in a fight they gave everything to.


[Combatant Mira] is closing the distance between us while moving like he's sliding around.
--A peculiar walking style.
As if he's moving left and right, making it hard for his opponent to discern.

I'm familiar with this move.
『Ias Swordstyle』。
It was a swordsmanship that competed to and lost against the prevalent [Loita Swordstyle] in the past era.

Of course, there's a reason why it went into a decline.
It's hard to discern movement of 『Ias Swordstyle』 users, fighting them could prove difficult if it's your first time against the style.
However, once you've seen through these movements, [Ias Swordstyle] is nothing more than an inefficient sword style full of wasted movements.

With that in mind--I took the [Ias-Style Swordmanship] stance myself.
Then I step forward into [Combatant Mira]'s range while swaying left and right.
I'm employing the same swordsmanship to show him the gap in strengths.

--Right at that moment, [Combatant Mira] swung his sword.
A swing without any wasted movements, going straight to cut my neck off.
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This one swing is not that of [Ias Swordstyle].
No wasted moves, tracing the most efficient track to kill enemy, this is a swing of [Loita Swordstyle].

A fusion between [Ias Swordstyle]'s bewitchment, and [Loita Swordstyle]'s killing power huh.
Anyone could come up with this idea--but one needs a considerable skill to actually use it at a high level.
This [Combatant Mira] must have been quite strong in his past life.

I brushed away his sword while thinking that.
And then--the sword flew off [Combatant Mira]' hand just like that.


I thrust my sword before his neck while he had a look of shock on his face.
What happened just now is not because of the difference in physical strength due to this guy's incomplete resurrection.

My pure skill with swords is simply better than him.
That's all.

Outwardly, it may look like [Combatant Mira] just lost grip of his sword--but surely, the guy himself understands the most about the gap in our strength.

"Want another go?"

I asked the aghast [Combatant Mira].
But he shook his head.

"It's my loss... To think there's a combatant such as you in this era."

"So will you keep your promise on this fight's term?"

"...The losers have no right to refuse."

[Combatant Mira] cast a comm magic as he said that.
It's not like the one we're usually using, but a type that let other people in the area to hear the content.

"Can you hear me?"

"Ou, what's up?"

"Comm magic from you of all people, that's rare!"

We could hear those voices from the receiver side.
Looks like this spell is connected to other [Warmongers].

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