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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Strongest Sage, Buys Time for Repair


"Repair...? Can you really do that?"

"If even augment magicians from Second Academy can't deal with it, I don't think anyone else can..."

"This girl here, Ruli, is an augment magician belonging to Second Academy... She's got the best class of skill among Second Academy augmenters who can deal with broken artifacts."

I'm not lying.
Though it's more like "best skill" than "best class of skill".

"There's someone else better at fixing things than me, but I think I can handle this elevator just fine!"

Ruli showed her Student ID as she said that.

"She's for real..."

"I was wondering how someone so young would go this deep... So you were a student of Second Academy..."

Second Academy student IDs sure are handy...
Now that Second Academy is famous thanks to chantless magic amongst other things, simply showing these IDs would smooth lots of things over.

"...I think leaving the repair to her is a good idea since she's an augmenter from Second Academy, what do you think?"

"I don't have the authority to give you permission to tamper with the elevator... But I'd rather get yelled at back on the surface than dying by the [Devil]... Can you really fix it?"

"We've already figured out the problem in particular, it should be done in 10 minutes."

I've already told Ruli about the problematic spot.
This type of [Dungeon Elevators] has all the same structure, there's no need to even look for it.

So long as she knows where to work at, Ruli won't fail with her skill.

"Got it. Let's just pray that the devil won't find us out during those 10 minutes."

"You heard it Ruli, please take care of the repair."

"I understand!"

Thus, Ruli began fixing the Dungeon Elevator.
Even though it should be a simple matter for her, she's still giving her all attention to do it.

『...Still, I wonder what this devil is.』

『I'm not sure, but judging from the conversation, it's probably a monster that use mental ailment attacks... Don't worry, 90% of mental ailment attacks won't work on those who can control their mana.』

『Mental ailments... So those kinds of monsters exist.』

『It's rare, but yes they do show up sometimes... This floor has bunny monsters, They may be the monster that attack people with mental ailments.』
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I probe the surrounding mana.

This floor is mainly inhabited by bunny and wolf monsters.
Most of wolf monsters rely on brute strength, while bunny monsters may be capable of mental attacks in exchange of their weak physical prowess.

It's hard to imagine they'd be capable of wielding mental attacks potent enough to annihilate entire parties of adventurers... But I can't say that for sure.
While thinking that... A portion of monster mana reactions--a herd of around 10 monsters are coming here.

The leader of this herd seems to be this Floor Boss.
It probably found us due to its superior detection capability as a Floor Boss.
Well, a mere boss of floor 9 is no different than the weaklings on Floor 27 asides from its detection ability though.

"...Looks like it found us."

I spoke about the incoming monsters without comm magic to warn the adventurers about it.
The girls must have noticed it already.

"Found us? What did?"

"Monsters did... I'll go and eliminate them for a bit."

I ran toward the monster herd while saying that.

"I'm going too!"

"W-we'll help too!"

"No, Alma, you've got to conserve your mana! They're all weaklings, I alone would suffice!"

Alma and the adventurers were going to follow, but I stopped them.

I don't need mana for my training, but Alma does.
There's no need to use hers just to defeat these small fry.

I stopped the adventurers purely because they'd just get in the way.
Rather, it'll be over with one shoot of my magic, their help is unnecessary.


I shot an impromptu flame magic at the center of the herd.
With a loud sound, the flame exploded and annihilated all but the Floor Boss.

Right afterward, I launched a spear magic and defeated the Floor Boss.

"...Looking good."

This was the first time I used magic in an actual battle since my mana quality had improved.

I thought I would make a slight mistake in the power adjustment, but it turned out to be an imaginary fear.

If there was a mistake, there would be leaks, wasting mana and causing my magic to produce more power than intended.
Hence, I used magic with just enough power on purpose in order to confirm that.

But I found no problem in particular.
Since my Crest now is different from my past life, I thought I'd need to adjust the sense of my mana control, but my worry turned out unfounded.
Though it hasn't even been 20 years since my return, the years I've been living with this Crest since I reincarnated must have proved useful.

I collected the floor boss's material while thinking.
Even though it's just a weakling from floor 9, materials from a Floor Boss may carry some special properties.
I've got nothing to lose taking them with me.

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