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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Strongest Sage, Present During Breakdown


"We are aware of the non-optimal condition of this elevator, however, since this is a relic from an ancient civilization, no one has the knowledge to repair it..."

"Can't you do something about that? There's rumors about some real augment magic whizz at the capital's academy, rite?"

"We have requested the academy if they could help repairing the elevator, but from what we've been told, the best augmenter they have is presently away... While other augmenters are still inexperienced, they apparently have never even touched high-level artifacts before."

Magic tools created in the era of my past life are called artifacts in this era.
The technology needed to manufacture and repair these artifacts is deemed to be of very high level by today's standards, hence artifacts are generally being used without maintenances.
Looks like the Second Academy does accept requests to repair some mass-produced structurally-simple magic tools, but it seems no one can work on rare and valuable magic tools like Dungeon Elevators yet.

...Still, that augmenter that's currently away, are they talking about Ruli...?
If yes, she's here though.

Maybe they'll give us the permission to repair the Dungeon Elevator if we disclose that here.
Since we plan to train on Floor 27 for about a month, the sooner it gets repaired the better for us.
With me and Ruli, repairing this thing would take less than 10 minutes.

I wait for the Dungeon Elevator to descend while thinking that.
...It's not like we cannot train elsewhere, but doing so at a place with no one getting in our way is pretty valuable.
And it's even situated in a town, which is convenient.

--At that point, the Dungeon Elevator stopped with a dull sound.
Ruli and I look at each others when we heard that sound.

『...It broke.』

『...It broke down.』

The two of us exchanged words.
Looks like it's finally reached its lifespan.

A moment later, BAM! The Dungeon Elevator fell several meter down along with that sound.
The safety device for when its magic circuit broke down kicked in, sending us to the next floor.

"Oy, what just happened!"
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"It's an emergency! The elevator has broken down!"

The operator rapidly pushes [Dungeon Elevator]'s button as she said that.
But the elevator won't move.

Of course, it's broken after all.

"...Just when I thought it was doing badly, it broke down! ...You can go up and down floors in this dungeon the usual way, right?"

"Yes. It's possible to move between floors through the normal method, so we have to go up if we want to go to higher floors."

"It's settled then. Heck if we could fix a broken artifact, we gotta climb the hard way."

Befitting of veterans, the adventurers who were with us quickly made a prompt decision.
...The Elevator only needs to be fixed and all is well again though, there's no need to walk all the way out.

Right when I was about to say that... One of the adventurers spoke.

"By the way, which floor is this?"

"Err... Ah."

The operator's face turned pale the moment she read the floor number in the elevator.
It's like 'it's all over' face.

The adventurers were befuddled to see her reaction.
Then they looked at the floor number... and turned pale themselves.

"...Floor 9 huh..."


"You guys, better steel yerselves. You gotta survive even if you're by yourself... That thing can't be defeated. If it's coming at me, use that chance to escape."

And then they began to make some sort of tragic resignation.
...Considering they didn't get off the elevator before it broke down, these adventurers must have braved floor 10 and beyond.

So why would they fear mere floor 9.

"Is there something wrong with floor 9?"

"You might not know this since you just got to this town, but there's a devil on Floor 9 of the [Gambling Dungeon]... If you plan to traverse this floor, ya guys better prepare yourselves as well."


"Yeah. Many attempts were made to subjugate that devil, but only a few who partook ever returned... We're all here cuz we didn't take part in those subjugations."

Devil huh...
Judging by the name, it's probably a monster that employs mental attacks or something.

Abnormal status like confusion would be fatal to a party that hasn't taken precautions.
Most of mental-type abnormal status like confusion and sleep are made possible by disturbing the target's mana balance.

As such, magicians capable of chantless magic have a good resistance against mental-type abnormal status due to their mana control.
Thus, they won't be easily brought down.

But adventurers who rely on chant magic are unable to control their mana, thus they have zero resistance against mental-type abnormal status.
A single monster capable of causing confusion with its ability can decimate an entire party.
The current world is extremely vulnerable against mental-type abnormal status.

...It's uncommon for a monster with confusion ability to spawn on floor 9, but it's not improbable either.
Well, sleep and confusion from floor 9 monsters won't work on the girls, so there's no real need to be so wary.
But I guess I should prepare to use the magic to dispel mental-type abnormal status anytime, wouldn't want to get attacked by other adventurers who have fallen victims to it.

Afterward, I decide to make a suggestion to repair the Dungeon Elevator.

"Could you let us repair the [Dungeon Elevator]?"

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