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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 5

SS: The Person Aze's Waiting for


"Uu, even though he asked if I wanted to go together with him...."

Aze-sama grumbles with tearful voice while lightly hitting a big chick-shaped cushion.

"Are you still shocked about the matter yesterday?"
"I mean!"
"That was Mia's scheme at work wasn't it.
Satou-san didn't seem to be aware of our 『Kiss of Vow』 custom you know."

Aze-sama blocks her ears like a child would.
She's happy that Satou wasn't aware of the custom, yet on the other hand, it also means that the kiss Satou-san gave her on the forehead when they first met wasn't intended to be the 『Kiss of Vow』.

That said, there is no way I can tell her, "You should've gone together with Satou-san then."
Because she's the last High Elf that remains in Boruenan Forest.
Aze-sama is the emotional support of the elves that live in the village, she is yearned by the elves, and an object of faith of other fairykins and demi-humans, revered like a living god.

"Uu...stupid Satou...."

There's no doubt their faith would vanish if they saw her figure now.

Or maybe, should we send an assassin aiming for Satou-san?
There's probably no one that can win against someone who defeated the Evil Jelly colony that contaminated the World Tree with a single strike though.

Since Aze-sama who's become tired from grumbling is finally asleep while holding the cushion, I quietly resume cleaning the tree house.

"Aze, cheer up?"
"That's right Aze! Won't you give me honey cakes?"

The pixies are trying to console Aze-sama who's looking melancholic on the balcony of the tree house.
However, Aze-sama only reacts lightly.

Only two days have passed since Satou-san left, so this can't be helped....

An unexpected visitor came right at that time.

"Lua-san, it's been awhile. These are some souvenirs for you."
"Eh? Satou-san?"

Satou-san who's returned with teleport magic hands me the magic bag which was given to him as a parting gift.
When I look inside, there's a big lump of meat. It's probably from some beast. Nea probably knows how to turn this into a delicious dish.

Even without me saying anything, Satou-san briskly walks to the balcony where Aze-sama is sulking.

"I'm back Aze."
"Sa-Satou! W-why?"
"I wanted to see Aze's face so I've come back."

Ugeh, I'm going to vomit sugar.
Satou-san smoothly speaks some womanizer-like remark.

Aze-sama is, "Awawa"-ing, unable to speak clearly, but she looks really happy.
He's returned alone, Mia and the others aren't with him.

"Satou, didn't you get out?"
"Dumping Aze away, getting a new girl--"
"I've brought you souvenirs too."
"You know your stuff!"
"Wa~i, it's honey cakes!"
"Hyahho~! There's confetti candies too!"

Satou-san shrewdly gives the pixies with a bag containing some snacks, he's successfully neutralized the little intruders.

I think this reunion is too fast, but I'm glad that Aze-sama's gotten her energy back.

The two have begun to flirt with their conversations on the balcony, but those two probably won't do anything wrong even if I leave them alone.
Satou-san seems to have that in mind, but Aze-sama doesn't seem like she'd do the common mistake of young people.

I leave the rest to the pixies as I'm going to Nea's place to prepare the banquet tonight.

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