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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 4

SS: Pochi's Pupils


"Pochi nee-san, please take this."

Usasa and the [Pendora] boys are presenting some very tasty-looking frog meat skewers on the plate nodesu.

When Pochi looks at everyone's serious face, Pochi can see through what they want nanodesu.
Pochi puts her hand in front of Usasa who's trying to say something to silently stop him, and then nods nodesu.

"Pochi understands even without anyone saying it nodesu. It'll take some time so wait here nodesu!"
"Aexpected of Nee-san!"
"Straight to the point!"
"I'll keep waiting here even if sandstorm comes gau!"

Well it's alright nodesu. Pochi will just have to tell Gau-kun the merit and demerit of over-characterization later!

Pochi went to the second floor of the [Su-tro-m] to take the exceptional items and came back nodesu.
Pochi takes it out of the magic bag wrapped in oil paper, and after slightly enjoying the aroma coming from the tiny gap, Pochi runs back to where everyone is waiting.

"Pochi will give everyone a slice each nodesu! It feels nice to chew desuyo?"

Pochi treats everyone with the special [Smoked Basilisk].

"U, um, Nee-san?"

Huhuh? It's strange nodesu.
Usasa doesn't look too well nodesu.

"You don't like smoked foods nanodesu?"
"N, no, I love it very much."

You should eat it if you love it then nanodesu.

"Usasa, a~n nanodesu."

Pochi puts a slice of the smoked basilisk into Usasa's mouth.
He muttered, "It's delicious", while his ears were turning red, and then began to chew it.

Yes, that's good nodesu.
After feeling satisfied, Pochi joins the group while biting the frog meat skewer the reward nodesu.

"--Magic Edge nanodesu?"
"Yes! We want to learn it too! Please!"

Pochi had misunderstood nodesu.
Pochi will teach them properly since Pochi's eaten the frog skewers too.

"You put magic power into the magic sword like, 'ZUGYAN', and then--"
"Nee-san, we don't have magic swords."

Master might give a lot if Pochi asks.

Pochi asks Master who's taking a nap under the tree shadow in the courtyard.

"You can't."
"Pochi can't nanodesu?"
"Un, no."

Unfortunately nanodesu.
Master is mean nanodesu.

"Master said we can't nodesu."

Usasa and the others unanimously lamented and fell on the ground nodesu.
Ah, I'm in trouble nodesu.

Liza has just returned right after snacking, so Pochi goes to her to consult this nodesu.

"What's wrong Pochi."
"Liza! Pochi wants magic swords nodesu!"
"Don't you have one?"
"Pochi does have one, but it's different nodesu."

After Pochi explained it to Liza, she gave me a [Naisu Aidea].

"We have to put magic power into this wooden sword?"
"That's right nanodesu. Pochi also practiced with a wooden sword at first nodesu. Pochi had forgotten nodesu!"

Pochi really misses it.
Pochi wants to stick together with Master every day like in those days nodesu.

"Nee-san, I can't do it!"
"This is a secret technique nanodesu! You can't do it just by practicing a bit nodesu!"

Even Pochi took a month to do it nodesu.
Only geniuses like Master and Tama can do it immediately nanodesu!

"Train for it steadily nodesu! Put your magic power like, 'ZUGYAN', and then strike like, 'ZUDON', nodesu!"

Receiving Pochi's encouragement, Usasa and the others shout with their spirit put into it, and begin the practice nodesu.
Pochi took a nap on top of Master's stomach while watching over them nodesu.
It's Tama's ninja day today, so Pochi has the monopoly nodesu.

It'll be nice if Pochi is together with Master like this too tomorrow nodesu.

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