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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-17

11-17. Desperate Struggle in the Subterranean Volcano?!


Satou's here. It's important to drive safely. Inspect the car before getting in, fasten your seatbelt, check the car's surrounding and then depart--there might be only a few people who know this much, but I think safe driving is important.

"Ooh, so this vehicle can go this fast!"
"Uhyo hyo hyo, oy, you have a death wish? Semeri and me can restore ourselves even if we're cut to pieces or become minced meat, but it'll be all over for you, y'know?"
"--I'm driving safely you know?"

I'm safely driving a highly mobile vehicle--its tires and frame are that of a big military jeep--borrowed from Corpse.
I found it when we were visiting Armor's residence, and I got it to become the touring leg after asking him earnestly.
It's been awhile since I drove an automobile, there are some differences between driving it and a golem vehicle that imitates a carriage.

I make a sharp turn while feeling the roar of the engine with my whole body.
There's too much force, the rear wheels are slipping--the grip is worse than I thought. It can't be helped since the ground is hard rocks I guess?
I enjoy the driving while secretly supporting the running car's frame with [Magic Hand].

"Awesome! It's completely different than Armor's and Corpse's driving!"

Semeri who's in back seat is getting too excited, she's hugging my head from behind.
Unfortunately, the seat is obstructing, the blissful tactile is to be postponed.

"Don't lump me with this self-proclaimed 'safe-driving' guy! I'm a hardcore gold license!"

--Self-proclaimed he said.
I wanted to argue, but I'd likely bite my tongue if I did so, so I ignored Armor's impolite cry.

I've marked the course in the map anyway, and I'm driving while checking out the scenes of the underground, in a way it's safer than with a navigator.
I make a short work of obstacles and monsters with [Flexible Swords] and [Magic Hands] combo which have gone ahead while also putting them into Storage, so there's no problem on that front.

The speed feels a bit too fast, but since it shouldn't even be more than 100 KM/H, I'm slightly upset at being called a death wisher.
Compared to moving with Flash Drive, this speed is comparable to not moving.

Only Semeri and Armor ride with me, Corpse has started to work with the legendary-class magic metal I gave him.

Thanks to the high-mobility vehicle, the underground tour is going well.

Sightseeing a waterfall with one kilometer drop in a small area, sightseeing an enigmatic space where spherical water drops are floating around, burning down with laser the field of mustard flowers that were in full bloom in a small area, we toured attractions in the lower layer in short time despite such slightly harassing places.

"Stop the car behind that rock."

I stop the car as instructed by Armor.
This is the big area where the Evil Dragon family live. Not only Evil Dragons, there are also such monsters as Basilisks and Flare Scorpions.

"It's always smelly here, I don't like it."

Semeri grumbles while getting off the car.

"Is this the smell of sulfur?"
"Yeah, that's right--I know you're expecting it, but sorry, there's no hot spring here."

To see through my mind, as expected of a Japanese person.
However, is the warm air around here not because of hot springs?
I follow Armor from behind while putting my overcoat into the Item Box.

The temperature goes up after we've passed through several rock gates.
The heat currently feels like in midsummer. The sexy Semeri who's wearing bikini-like clothing is the only gain.

"Nice ain't it?"
"Hot is nice sometimes indeed."
"You guys are strange."

I approve of Armor's words while advancing ahead.
Semeri is puzzled, but it'd be troubling if the salvation disappeared because she noticed, so I keep silent. Of course Armor is also not saying anything boorish.

After passing through the last door, we've finally arrived at the largest hall in this large Area.

"Dear me, what a superb view."
"Umu, it stimulates men's romance."

There, lavas are gushing out like geysers, red streams are flowing like rapid currents in a big river between the rocks.
Since there are lethal gas here, I deal with it using [Canopy] and [Air Control] magic.

The monsters that are emitting red light in the lava make for a good atmosphere.
Let's hunt some later and give it as souvenirs to Liza and the others.

"Now then, help me out a bit."
"Are we going to mine ores?"
"No, we're running out of sulfur, so we're replenishing it. Corpse can make normal ores from lump of clay, so ya don't need to mine them. Fire stones fall here sometimes, so look for it if there's one."

Fumu, fire stones huh.
There are a lot of demand for it since the military use it for fire wand and the like, maybe I should gather some.
I search the map for fire stones in the neighborhood to mark them. There are too many hits, my eyes hurt.
I search it again while limiting it to only ones that are bigger than a certain size--found a lot of huge human-sized fire stones in the bottom of a lava pit nearby.

Since it looks like my clothes and shoes would burn if I got too close, I protect them with magic power. I try imitating Liza's magic armor, but it's quite difficult.
I pick only one huge fire stone, and gather several dozens of fist-sized ones around it.
I used [Clairvoyance] and [Magic Hand] combo to pick them up since entering the lava seemed hot.

"Oy, Kuro. You'll fall if you lean so much."
"Don't die without permission! I will defeat and make you my servant after all!"

Armor and Semeri called me as it seemed to them that I was admiring the lava.
I apologize to the two and join them harvesting the sulfur.
These yellow materials are sticking around the crevices, so gathering them is easy. I collect them into a big bag by using metal tongs, and then give it to Armor after I've got certain amount.

"Is it the kid?"
"No, it's the parent."

It seems Armor and Semeri have noticed the Evil Dragon that's come nearby.
The Evil Dragon spreads its wing threateningly, but it's approaching here by walking on the lava.

"I wonder why is it not flying?
"Ah, that one's--"
"Because Corpse made it a target for his anti aircraft vehicle."

Semeri explained to me as if covering it. Her voice sounds not composed somehow.
However, it was attacked with an anti aircraft vehicle huh. Since it wasn't in the line up they showed me earlier, I'll ask him to show it after I've finished my business in the Royal Capital.

"Oy, let's scram, Semeri, Kuro."
"Yeah, Ban-sama and Corpse aren't here, we'll lose if we fight it seriously."

Semeri runs to the entrance with good speed. Armor is following her from behind while letting out noisy sound.

A dark red shadow jumped over me while pushing hot wind, and landed in front of the entrance.
It's not that big. It's about 80 meters long including the tail. Its smaller than the Black Dragon Heiron even though its level is high.
It's said that it was attacked with an anti-aircraft vehicle, but it's not like its wings are full of holes, seems it was just approaching us carefully.

"Semeri, buy me a bit of time. I'll change to Rock Golem."
"Geh, don't be unreasonable."

Semeri objected with trembling voice to Armor.
I'm slightly interested with [Lesser] dragons, so I'll take the charge of buying the time.

『Dragon, my name is Kuro. A friend of the Black True Dragon Heiron.』

I introduce myself so using dragon language.

The Evil Dragon did a roar that resembled Heiron's, but it seemed to be a mere cry, I couldn't understand its meaning. I didn't get any new language skill either of course.
Having a conversation really is not possible huh.

Semeri creates a one-handed sword with blood like White Princess did.
I heard something falling, and then saw Armor's armor crumbled down to the ground. In exchange, the rocks around it are gathering as if they have will.

I try to change my title to [Dragon Slayer].
I feel that the Evil Dragon's attention gets directed toward me. His atmosphere that seemed like a cat playing with a mouse until just now disappears, I feel a gaze full of hatred against one's enemy pricking me.

This one is like how monsters react to [Monster Slayer] huh.
Next, I changed my title to [Natural Enemy of Dragon Race]. I see fear in the dragon's eyes. The dragon looks at its surrounding in panic, trying to find a way to escape.

Semeri who jumped out to attract its attention got herself flown to the wall with a single casual swing of the dragon's arm.
The name of the Rock Golem that Armor had created became [Armor].
Apparently, he changed his possession to it.

In desperation, the Evil Dragon spitted flame breath toward me.
--Slow. The breath is coming at the speed of a flame thrower stage show. The arm of the Rock Golem that has just stood up is baked by the breath and broken down.

I use the Flexible Shield that's been deployed to block the breath--it stopped it.
The black dragon Heiron's breath destroyed two pieces of Flexible Shield in an instant, yet the Evil Dragon's breath seems to barely break through one Flexible Shield.

I pick one part of the Rock Golem that's been destroyed, and throw it to the Evil Dragon's forehead.
It was a clean hit because I aimed when it was stiff after the breath attack.

I guess checking the differences between True Dragon and Lesser Dragon is enough with this. It'd feel like bullying the weak if I did too much.
Oh right, let's try changing the title to [Friend of the Black Dragon] for the last one.

"--What did you do Kuro."
"It's a trade secret."

I hadn't thought that the Evil Dragon would take a submissive pose like a dog. I've also acquired additional titles, [Dragon Tamer] and [Dragon Knight (Dragoon)].

I'm using the Dragon Knight title right now, and currently on a sightseeing flight in the hall while riding on the back the Evil Dragon.
Of course, I've taken photographs in this sightseeing flight.

When we're flying over its nest, Semeri waves her hand toward the Evil Dragon's family.
An Evil Dragon that seemed to be the eldest son came attacking us, but it seemed the parent was far stronger than him, the parent fell the son back to the nest with one blow of its tail after avoiding the eldest son's breath.

Apparently the dragon was going to present me with treasures on its nest, but it was not like I was troubled with gold after all this time, so I just picked a bit of rare materials called fire crystal and fire drop, which were of fire-stone kind. Of course I secretly collected fragments of scales and claws that had been dropped in the nest.

I felt bad only receiving things, so I processed the gold with [Forge] and [Mold] magic to make accessories that could be equipped by the dragons.
Dragons do seem to like glittering things after all, they look ecstatics when they've put on the accessories.

Since Semeri looked very envious, I make her a matching accessory from one part of gold received from the dragons.

We leave the hall with the evil dragon family seeing us off.

Now then, I'll miss the chance to see a katana smith in action if we don't get back to Ban's castle soon.
I step on the gas pedal of the high-mobility vehicle a teeny bit deeper under the guise of the word, 'safe-driving'.

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