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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-19

11-19. Oni (2)


Satou's here. I like this movie genre called disaster. Seeing the protagonists struggle through adversities coming one after another with their wisdom, bravery, luck and deliberation is the best.
However, I sure have never seen a disaster movie where all of the characters are saved.

I should have noticed the fear reflected on Yuika's eyes.

My palm which was striking Yuika to faint her is stopped by a hard magic wall.
It's probably the unique skill [Automatic Defense (Guardian)].

I somewhat remember this sensation.
It's similar with the [Fortress] function on Nana's equipment.

--Then, it's the weak point.

While my palm is still lightly hitting the defensive wall, I twist my body further and strike with more power. At the moment of impact, I release a lump of pure magic power.

>[Armor Penetrate] Skill Acquired
>[Mana Strike] Skill Acquired

I shot it out since there was nothing to lose anyway, but it seems to be the right idea, I've successfully made Yuika faint.

--'kitt', I heard such sound.

I catch the delicate Yuika who's fallen with my hand.

--'bzzt' sound comes out. Where is it from?

I pull Yuika who's lost her consciousness, fallen like a doll and put her body on my other arm.

I heard the last sound of the fall (Trigger) right at this time.


I think it was a light sound such as that.
I should've noticed it at the first sound....

--Crimson light is dancing in the sky.

Reflecting the pale light that fills the space.

--light clothing as if it's an angel robe feebly dances in the sky.

It regains its freedom after the wedge has disappeared.

--A pair of hills exposed in broad daylight.

A gentleman I am, I turn my eyes away from the meager undulation.
I heard the small sound of the broken clothing clasp falling to the ground.

The eyes of Yuika who should've fainted suddenly opens wide.

"You damn pervertttttttt!!"

I narrowly evade the fist that comes striking as she awakens.
Looks like her personality's changed.
Come to think of it, they said that she would change into [the other person] when she fainted was it.

"Don't evade itttttt!"

Violet ripples are swirling around Yuika's body, and a fist that's a world difference than the one just now is coming at me.
It's probably the [Peerless Strong Arm] unique skill, but please stop with the rapid strikes.
Good grief, what'd you do if you became a demon lord after using too much unique skill.

I evade the rain of literal certain-death fist attacks by using the skill [Foreseeing: Anti-Personnel Combat].
Yuika's level has changed from 50 to 55. Half of her skill composition has also changed to hand-to-hand combat-related skills.
I had thought that her personality would change, but I didn't think that her level and skill would too.

--However, please be aware of it soon.

When there was some distance between us, I made a gesture of striking my own chest with my finger.
With my action, It seems Yuika has finally remembered that her chest is exposed.


Her face is distorted in shame, she pins the chest cloth with one of her hands and groans frustratingly.
Alright, she's stopped moving, let's try talking to her.
I take a mantle out of the Item Box and give it to Yuika with [Magic Hand].

"Use it."

The mantle that's opened in mid-air covers Yuika.


I can hear Yuika chuckling under the mantle.
She brushes away the mantle--and then jet-black dress that's different from just before appears. It's the so-called gothic dress. It matches well with her white skin and violet hair.
Her pupils which were lilac colored have also changed to scarlet and blue color of heterochromia.

Moreover, Yuika's level has changed once again. It's slightly fallen at level 52, and her hand-to-hand combat skills have also become that of magic warrior kind starting with darkness magic.

Yuika covers half of her face with one of her hand whose fingers spread, and then she continues to laugh while looking down.

--Don't tell me, it's the symptom of demon lord-fication?


Her eyes that can be seen between her fingers glint, and then Yuika slowly raises her face while continuing to laugh and leaning backward.
Her sharp glance is fixed at me as if it's going to pierce me.


--Three steps of laughs?!

As if expecting my surprise, she points her hand that was covering her eyes with a bang and begins her introduction.

"I am the descendant of the oppressed darkness, the miko demon of the sixth heaven, the last noble of Oni-kin."

She changes her pose, and puts a moment pause.

"My name is Foilnis La Belle Fille! Those who fear and honor me call me as the 『Jet Black Beauty Dark La Princesse』!"

Un, she's a chuunibyou.
Still, please stop mixing French and English. Judging from the nuance, there's also Germanic too I guess?

Denying her seems like it'll be annoying, guess I'll ride on it.

"Nice to meet you, 『Jet Black Beauty』 Foilnis La Belle Fille-dono. I am called Kuro, a friend of Ban and Corpse."

When I introduced myself, Yuika No.3 laughed scornfully.

"A friend of Ban and Corpse? Someone who holds the title of hero, pretending to be a friend of my fellow darkness brethren!"

Yuika is enraged while producing illusion of flame from her crimson eye.
She can see my hidden titles huh?

I don't see any unique skill that fits it, but the [Divine Sight] one seems suspicious.
I had thought that it was surely an attacking magic eye kind.

"I am the strongest magic warrior who have consigned numerous demon lords and heroes to oblivion! My level has become less than half of it was generations ago, but I will teach you that level difference is not the definitive difference in battle!"

No no, I think six times level difference is [Definitive] enough.
If I have to say from watching the growth of our girls, 10 level difference with the opponent is the limit in a fight. If the difference in level is 20, it can't even be called a fight, that is as long as you don't have equipment and skill composition with overwhelming advantage against the particular opponent.

Yuika No.3 still looks at my status and curses at it even now.

"Fuhn, a parade of fake names huh. Trismegistus, Michaelangelo, Echigoya, Ichirou, Nobunaga--how many famous people are you intending to pretend to be."

No, one of it is my real name. Though there's a celebrity with the same name indeed.
And, Yuika No.3 isn't one to say that of all people.

"You shouldn't be one saying that right? Yuika."
"T, that's the mana (true name) that should be kept secret from the world! The name, 『Yuiitsu (The Only) Kami (God) - (Yuika)』, that's cursed by the gods is not to be spoken out loud! My name is Folnis La Belle Fille!"

Oops, I inadvertently retorted even though I had admonished myself.
However, she doesn't have [Curse of the Gods] on her title or abnormal status looking at her stat, is this another [Self-proclaimed] one?

Yuika No.3 was enraged for a second, but she quickly regained her composure and questioned me.

"Let me ask you! The nameless hero who bears many names! What is your objective!"


In this case, my objective should be visiting Yuika's house.

"Escorting Vampire Princess Semeri, I just came to greet the woman who came from the same 『Former』 world as me."
"What? Even though you're a hero, you didn't come here to subjugate me?"
"As long as the other party won't cause harm to our girls, I won't subjugate without question even if it's a demon lord."

In fact, even with the Dog-head demon lord, I probably wouldn't be hostile toward him if he had no intention of harming Sera, Head-Miko and the others.

"--I can't believe it. My skill tells me that your are speaking the truth...."

Yuika No.3 is at a loss for words.

Looks like she judge whether it's the truth with [Fathom] skill.

"Umu, I haven't had pizzas for a long while."
"What do you want me to bake next?"
"It's enough, I'm already full."

We reconciled after that somehow, and then, responding to the hungry Yuika No.3's request, I entertained her with pizzas and carbonated drink.
I had only one pizza that was reserved for midnight-snack remaining, but losing to Yuika No.3 who earnestly demanded for more, I baked more with impromptu furnace made with earth magic.

It seemed Semeri was just sent to a different locked space by Yuika, she appeared safely and then began to wrestle with the pizza in silence. I have to stop her soon since her exposed stomach has swelled.

"The newest Yuika is quite good at cooking, but Kuro's cooking is very dangerous."
"Yeah, he's better than the cooks at Ban-sama's place."

Yuika drinks the carbonated drink that's flavored with sugar and fruit juice while praising my cooking skill.
Since Semeri unexpectedly disliked carbonated drinks, I took out some Brownie Wine for her.

"I never thought that I would ever eat pizza in another world y'know. I want you to reproduce cola next time please."
"Let alone the recipe, I don't even know the ingredient for cola."
"Isn't it cola fruit?"

I've never heard of cola being a fruit.
Yuika No.3 ambiguously replies back, "Keep researching."

"I'm sorry for the newest Yuika earlier."
"It's fine already. You've just apologized now."

Yuika No.3 who can't move with full stomach speaks some meek words.
Of course she was talking about the matter with Yuika No.1 who attacked preemptively.

It seemed she was in panic since she had been taught by the pleasant reincarnated underground bunch that heroes were dangerous so she attacked first.

Heroes would have shout "You damn goblin demon lord!" and attacked if they met Yuika No.3 anyway, so there's no point blaming Corpse and the others about this.
Moreover, it's not only heroes, demon lords have also challenged Yuika No.3 in order to call themselves [The strongest demon lord]. Yuika No.3 was level 99 at that time, so she defeated them in her spare time.

I had thought that it was another made-up story from her chuunibyou, but Yuika has the titles of [True Hero] and [Goblin Demon Lord]. Apparently it's true.

Although, she hasn't actually become a [Demon Lord] even though she has the title. She was arbitrary called that by some opponent who came challenging her which resulted in her getting the title.
By the way, the title of Yuika and the others seen from appraisal skill is [Recluse]. She must have stayed indoors for a long time.

I thought that her level had decreased since she was slacking off, but she told me that her level decreases by 30 whenever she creates a new main personality. It seems her skills are lost along with it too.
Their skill and level can go back if they get hold of the main body from the main personality, but it seems the level can only go back by 20% of the main personality at most. Moreover, there's also some rule about affinity.

"By the way, 『Jet-black Beauty (Dark La Princesse)』 Folnis La Belle Fille. This place has turned into abysmal state, do you have any place to sleep today?"
"Uu, it's embarrassing when someone actually calls me that..."

She's happy when she's called in an exaggerated dramatic way, but chuuni name being plainly and seriously spoken out is embarrassing.
I understand well as someone who's contracted the disease once.

"Why don't you get a new name? If you had enough of Western-style name, why not Japanese style or Chinese?"
"You give me, Kuro."
"Right then--"

We came together with Yuika No.3 to Corpse's castle to order a new hermitage for Yuika, and then we went toward Ban's castle.

Yuika No.3's new chuuni name is [White Oni Sovereign].
I got it from her white skin.

Thus, the sightseeing tour of the labyrinth's lower layer ended peacefully like this despite the little trouble--.

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