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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-15

11-15. Revisit


Satou's here. I wonder when did I begin bringing presents whenever I visit my friend's place?
It was normal to not bring anything when we were children, but when my friend became a family man, it became normal to bring something in order to relieve the guilty feeling of intruding a newly-wed household.

Last night was tiring.
I went to the drinking party sponsored by the guildmaster after returning to the labyrinth city, it was quite a sabbath.

I had completely forgotten to make the appetizer due to the date that became a power-leveling endeavor, but thanks to the thoughtful Lulu who had cooked various things, I was able to somehow got out of the trouble.
The liquor that the guildmaster boasted was quite good. The scathing impact that came with a mouthful was quite a thing, yet the aftertaste was refreshing, so it made you keep wanting another cup.
I wasn't the only one who seemed to think so, the guildmaster emptied the bottle before I could ask for the second cup.

I had expected it to become like that, so I took out a barrel of wine that I had bought when I was buying the cheap wine for True Ancestor Ban.

Was it due to the Mithril Plate, I felt that there were plainly more female staffs and female explorers who approached me.
In a sense, the only people who didn't change their attitude were the brothel Onee-sans.
I guess either one of them was aiming for fame and money.

Eluding the younger female staffs were easy, but resisting the temptation of the sexy young women were painful.
Fighting demon lords or doing continuous battle is easier than this.

"Hauu, it's too blissful it's scary nodesu."
"Full stomach~ full stomach~?"
"Supreme bliss."

As promised, I had made the meat feast for Pochi and the others who woke right up as the sun rose.
The three are lying down on the cushions in the living room with swelled stomach that looks like it comes out of a manga.
Their expression on their face is loose, looking blissful.

Mia and me exited in the first round, but the three beastkin girls fought the meat dishes to the bitter end.

"It sure was delicious, but that amount wasn't something that could be eaten in one sitting was it."

Arisa said it like it's not her business, but she, who participated until the third round, had just been moaning, "I'm dying from eating too much", until I gave her stomach medicine.
Erina and the other who participated to third round with Arisa have gone to bed after taking the stomach medicine.

Lulu and me who are exhausted from the cooking also become the dwellers of the bed.
Therefore, I've asked Ms. Miteruna in charge of dressing Lady Karina who's going to participate in the tea party today.

I let Lady Karina, whose face looks stiff from being nervous, to sit on the sofa as recommended by the Marchioness. I sit beside her in order to cover her.

"Oh my, such wonderful clothing."
"Is it the fashion of the royal capital?"
"Isn't this cloth the green silk of Oyugock dukedom."

Not only the Marchioness, the noble wives who surround her also talk to Lady Karina, but they praise only her accessories, not Lady Karina herself.
I wonder if it's the tacit rule to not refer her by appearance during such time.

While fully displaying her shyness of strangers, Lady Karina replies the wives curtly with, "Yes", or "No", she's catching up with the conversation but not continuing it.
I tried to follow-up as much as I could, but the conversation became to be only with me.

There's no choice but for her to start by making friends of the same age.

"Is Karina-sama going to get married to Chevalier Satou?"

Baroness Larupott who likes stories about adultery and syrupy love stories brought that topic while smiling obscenely.
Since Lady Karina was in trouble without being able to either confirm or deny it, I eluded the talk by saying, "Lady Karina is more suited to someone who is of higher class than someone like me."

The Baroness tried to recommend her 30-year-old fifth son to Lady Karina, but I changed the topic to be about the rumor of relationship between that fifth son and a certain baron's daughter before Lady Karina made a verbal slip.

Although, I feel that Lady Karina wouldn't have responded anyway since she was sending displeased glance at me, but Baroness Larupott still got into the different topic I presented while looking satisfied.

The mood of the place has become slightly strange, so I have the maids to bring in the Shortcakes and Cheese Tarts I've handed them in advance to soften the mood.

The Marchioness's lady attendant whispers something to the Marchioness's ear, and then she looks at me while hiding half of her childish smile behind a folding fan.

--It's probably better for me to prepare myself to look surprised.

I've already known the prepared surprise guest with the marker reflected on my radar, but I won't be able to recompense her hardship if I react plainly.

"It seems the the preparation for the second guest has been completed. Enter."

Zena-san in dress enters the room while being escorted by the Marchioness's lady attendant.
I look surprised while taking care not to be exaggerated about it.

"My my, for Satou-dono who's usually calm to become that flustered."

It seems she was satisfied with my behavior, the Marchioness offhandedly muttered, "This one is really the favorite after all".

After finishing the worrisome tea party and dinner, I escorted Zena-san back to her lodging, and Lady Karina to the detached building of the mansion.

I was somehow able to finish without displeasing the Marchioness community, but since my reaction should have been weak toward their effort to make fun of me, they probably won't invite these two girls again in the future.

The only fruit of all this is the fact that the two held conversations about hero story.
Lady Karina who was shy of strangers became talkative when it was about hero story although it was kind of unusual to be a topic between ladies.

They shouldn't be enough to be called 'friends' to each other, but at the very least they should be 'acquaintances' now.
If possible I wish Zena-san will become Lady Karina's girl friend.

Unexpectedly enough, I feel that she can get along well with Princess Mitia if the the topic about hero is brought up.

The next morning, I visited the lower layer while bringing the presents for the true ancestor and the vampire princesses.
I've already installed a carved seal board on the large area beside theirs, so I can immediately go visit them with [(Return)].

"Ban-sama, please use this mithril to make katana as you like."
"Umu, it's a splendid ingot dearuna. I could make a good katana with this dearou."

I stopped my hand which was in the middle of distributing the presents when I heard the vampire princess, whom I gave the mithril ingot to, coaxing the true ancestor.

"Ban-dono, you can make katana?"
"Umu, it took me 300 years before I was finally able to temper a proper katana dearu."
"For future reference, is it alright if you let me see you create a katana?"
"OK dearu. I will need to prepare the smithy, so stop by after Semeri has finished guiding you on the tour."

I've tried to temper some Japanese katana before this, but I still can't make it well even now.
It did ended up looking like a Japanese katana from outside, but it broke easily, and its attack power couldn't be compared to the [Kotetsu] and [Muramasa] I had in my storage.

I finish distributing the presents while feeling slightly overjoyed.

I'm also giving sewing kits and books to the castle maids who seem happy about it.

"Um, is it fine?"
"Of course."
"I want this book."
"I'm taking this corral earrings!"
"You girls! You are before the guest and Ban-sama! Choose it later!"
"""Yes, Mrs. Fedraluca."""

The middle-aged head maid scolds the younger maids who were arguing over the presents.
She looks the oldest in this true ancestor castle, appearance-wise.
It seems she was invited to become a vampire princess countless times, but she firmly declined to stop being a human.

Mrs. Fedraluca carried some items to me and then I put them into my storage via Item Box.
These are the gift I've got from the true ancestor as thanks for my presents.

Some magic weapons that are clearly not common are mixed among them.

"I don't think I've brought items worthy enough to get such a magic sword?"
"They were items I acquired when I hunted the floormaster, you should accept them without worry dearu."
"By any chance, do you have the chant orb?"

I tried asking when I saw a ray of hope.

"Chant is it? We can try searching the treasure vault--"
"The orbs were all used by the maids, so there is nothing left of them."

It didn't remain in the true ancestor's memory, but Mrs. Fedraluca who managed the treasure vault's catalog denied it.

"Is that so dearuka. Do not worry Kuro-dono. You will be able to do it if you just train for 10 years."
"That's right, even the maids here learned it in five years except for the ones who gave up halfway through."

The true ancestor and the severed head that was on top of the tray consoled me.

"Does it take time to get revived from a neck?"
"There wasn't enough blood see. These girls would collapse if I took it from them."

It seems she needs to wait until the magic potion made from a medicinal plant called Blood Spray Herb is finished being made to replenish the deficit blood.
Looks like you can turn water into blood with the magic potion.
I can't imagine its mechanism, but if I consider the uncanny healing power of magic potions, changing water into blood sounds simple in comparison.

I can offer her my blood, but you usually ends up getting treated like ingredient in tales and such, so I won't say something more than necessary.

"Ban-sama! I've come to pick up Kuro!"
"Umu, very well dearu."

Vampire princess Semeri who's in high spirit like always has come.
She's bringing two raptor-type vampires that are fast on their feet.

"First, let's have some fun at Corpse and Armor's place!"

Corpse is probably the [King Mummy] Tetsuo, and Armor is the [Iron Stalker] Takeru.
By having fun, I wonder if they are exhibiting mummies and armors?

"Umu, you will surely have fun dearu."
"Are they doing some kind of tourist attraction?"

Semeri folds her arms and answers with a proud face.

"Yeah, it's war!"

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