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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 1

SS: Practice Scene


"Unn, dou, tro wa! Unn, dou--stop! Pochi! Your arms and legs are all over the places! The right leg from the heel, and the left leg from the toes! Tama too, be more focused on the fingertips! You two, when you land after jumping and see each other, don't forget to turn your body toward the audiences! Absolutely don't show your butt toward the audiences when you land okay."

I stop clapping my hands, and find faults on Pochi and Tama's dance.
It's quite watchable even right now, but we have to increase the quality if we want to show it on stage to the people after all.

"Arisa, I can't understand if you talk too quick nodesu! Tell me a bit more slowly please nodesu."

Looks like my instructions were too packed, Pochi complained with teary eyes.
Tama keeps only playing with her fingers.

Not good, this could fail due to me getting fired up alone like what happened in my former life.
Calm down, Arisa.

I explain to Pochi and Tama slowly in an easy-to-understand manner.
However, it doesn't seem to be transmitted to the two well.

Aa, mou, teaching it with words is difficult.
Teaching skill seems to have little use, oh right! Let's use light magic.

I use the skill points, which I was unsure to use on during the level up, to raise light magic skill to level 1.
I feel that it's pointless to pick the same skill that I had before resetting, but from my experience in the labyrinth, even skill level 1 has many uses.
Is it just my imagination or is the needed skill points seems fewer. I don't know if it's because I had learned the skill before, or because my level has increased, but let's leave the check for later.
The stage training is more important right now.

"You two, look at this."
"Small Pochi~?"
"There's also tiny Tama too nodesu."
"Mwu, not there."
"I'll put Mia later okay."

Using light magic, I make the deformed Pochi and Tama illusions with 3:1 head-to-body ratio to dance.

"Look at this well, this one is the dance that Pochi and Tama did earlier, and this one is the one with the correct moves."

I arrange the two side-by-side to show the difference.

"I cancan~"
"Understood nodesu!"

It's worth using the skill points for--

"However, I don't know how to make it right nodesu."

--Or not....

Aa mou, just how should I do.

The one who saved me who was at a loss was my beloved darling.
Oh! White robe! Isn't that white robe, Sensei!

Ua, ua~.
I take out glasses from Item Box and present it to him with both hands.

"Why the glasses?"
"Please, by all means, wear it."
"Arisa, you're talking funny you know?"

Ah, no, not on the pocket, please wear it on the ears!
But, discarding that style is also difficult.

I really really want a digital camera.

"Arisa, are you thinking some strange thing? You have a silly grin on your face you know."
"No way?!"

After being pointed so, I comb my cheeks in panic to return my expression.

"So, I only need to teach Pochi and Tama to dance like this image right?"
"Un, can you do it?"
"It's easy. If you do it like this, see."

Uwa, what feat of skill.
Who would've thought using [Magic Hand] magic to teach Pochi and Tama the dance steps by moving them like marionettes.... You normally can't think that.

"Pochi and Tama are at Master's mercy nanodesu!"
"Hey now, stop saying strange things and memorize the motions okay."
"Yes, nanodesu!"

Still, even though he's skillful enough to make Pochi and Tama dance at the same time after just seeing it once, why can't he chant well, it's too strange.

I get fired up when I imagine him going into the labyrinth depth once in a~while to secretly practice.
Enough to make me want to push him down!

"Arisa. Drool."

I quickly wipe my lip after hearing his astonished words.
This young body is too honest with itself it's dangerous. Dangerous.

"What about the clothes? Do you want me to make new ones?"
"Right~, We can go with dresses, but Pochi and Tama are going to fly...."
"Ninja costume~?"
"That's a bit."
"Then the Pixie costume nodesu!"

Ah, the ones they wore when they were dancing in the air at the Elf Hometown huh.
It does seem like it'll go well.

"Alright, let's go with that! Master, please add gimmicks so that the wings emit light when they dance in the air!"
"Ah, that's going to be pretty. I'll see if I can use material that's not too particular for it."

The costumes should be fine with this.

"Now! Everyone! Let's do a rehearsal this time!"
"Roger nanodesu!"

Pochi and Tama have begin to dance, matching to the music, as Mia starts her performance, and the singing which I've put my whole soul into echoes in the studio.

And then, the real performance has begun.
On the stage in front of mass of people.
I had thought that it would be more deserted, but everyone seems to be unexpectedly free.

I scream the starting words toward the audiences.

"Listen to my songggg!"

Ah, wonderful.
WIth this I can write off another entry from the list of things I want to do.

Next, I want to push down my beloved darling.
No! I will surely push him down!

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