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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.1


There was another movement in the main battlefield during the time Lecan and Mashajain Knights charged into the enemy's main encampment.

At first Zaka Kingdom was managing to defend against Guido Empire's assault, but this didn't hold out long and Zaka's force was driven to the corner, on the verge of collapsing.

This was when Yufu Knights arrived and joined the fray.

The king's messenger had also come to Yufu to notify the invasion of Beastmen Army. However, Yufu has no obligation to answer this call nor does Zaka King has any right to compel them to.

However, Duo Bahn proposed the mobilization of Dungeon Knights.

"Well, taking a tour 'round the capital sounds like a good time."

Or so the excuse was. At that point of time, none even imagined Zaka Kingdom would be the losing side. They wanted to tour the capital while making the king owe them a favor.

As such, Nodlein Ruka took up the overseer position and went with 100 Yufu Dungeon Knights and 100 squires to the capital. Nodlein's father, Saljirein has appointed Nodlein as the family head of their Viscount House after a discussion with Marquis of Yufu.

By the time they arrived at the capital, the situation was more dire than expected.

As Mashajain and Yufu had established a new relationship, Nodlein went to greet the eldest son of Wazrof Household who's also in charge of diplomacy.

That was where Nodlein and Duo found out about how Wazrof Head had tasked adventurer Lecan with a quest to kill the beastmen army's supreme commander.

"Alrighty. Let's go beat up those beastmen army and help Lecan."

With what Duo said, Yufu Dungeon Knights headed out to Aspora.

Zaka Kingdom's side regained their footings with the addition of Yufu Dungeon Knights.

However, Guido side fought back tenaciously as well. Guido Army have brought with them three of the area recovery wands, <Wand of Ngoronga>, which restored their wounded in rapid succession.

The fight reached a stalemate.

By this point, more and more beastmen started watching the duel happening in the main encampment, and eventually even Zaka Kingdom Knights gathered round to see what was going on, gradually halting the entire war.

Now then, Lecan and Boudo have settled their duel.
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Duo reconfirmed the circumstance with Lecan.

Duo had a representative of each knight units to assemble and listen to Lecan's explanation.

Boudo called all the chief beastmen under his command and gave his order after hearing their opinions.

The whole Guido Army would accompany Boudo to Kogurus, led by Lecan.

Yufu Knights were to accompany them as well. There weren't many dissenters since Nodlein was the highest ranking person there, and Yufu Dungeon Knights were undoubtedly the biggest achiever in this war. In addition, other knights had to take care of the injured so they couldn't exactly move out regardless.

Knight Baiad Rengra and Trance Knight Commanders, Grasdo Koan were selected as representatives that would report to the king. These two were the first to bring in news from the capital riding with Dragon Knights, they would be the ones who would report the earliest to the king. Though no one can stop every other knight units to give their reports from their perspectives. None would miss the chance to extol their own deeds.

Also, after this, Aspora sent out aid requests to all nearby villages to help with treatment and bring in supply, but the townlord of the biggest most equipped town in the area, Nikuya, was found dead drunk in the middle of the day and failed to respond well. Thus, instead of receiving rewards for all his backings, he was given a stern warning instead.

Now then, Lecan was supposed to guide Guido Imperial Army and Yufu Knights to Kogurus, but he's got no clue about the route. Lecan asked Eda to look for Delos and Daryra.

She found them right away. They had been hiding in the forest, watching the battle.

"The route from Aspora to Kogurus you say? 'Course we know duh."

"We often come and go to Kogurus."

Quite a number of adventurers who make Aspora their base of operation would occasionally go to Kogurus for jobs.

And thus, 1140 Guido Army personnel and 186 Yufu Dungeon Knights began their journey.

Lecan was given back the five God Cure before that.

They're moving in a mountain trail impassable by horses, but it usually only takes five days for average adventurers to reach Kogurus.

As Yufu Dungeon Knights are well tempered in Dungeon Yufu, mountain routes are nothing to them. They have all their food supply in <Boxes> and three <Timeless Bags>.

Guido Imperial Army procure their food by hunting along the way, and they're good at it, they'd also keep walking like they don't know the concept of tiredness.

Hence, despite the huge groups of people, the travel itself was not slow.

First day camping.

Lecan, Eda, Delos and Daryra camped together, and Boudo was invited to their camp.

Duo Bahn wanted to join in too, but he was denied entry.

They grilled some meat. Eda made soup.

On the first night, they listened to Boudo's experience in this world. Lecan would occasionally summarize his story and translated it for Eda, Delos and Daryra.

As it turned out, Boudo got captured by beastmen that happened to be near his falling spot and was forced to fight to death in an arena as a slave gladiator.

Boudo kept winning and surviving despite the harsh and cruel environment.

Then a general of the beastmen, Iodatt bought Boudo off, finally letting him out of his underground cell.

And then he eventually managed to buy himself, freeing himself from slave status.

Boudo a new freeman went and conquered many dungeons successively under Iodatt's guidance.

Then per Iodatt's wish, he had a duel with Iodatt in the arena, coming out as the winner after which he inherited the general position.

And then, the emperor ordained him to lead an army to invade Zaka Kingdom in order to take back Guido Empire's treasure from human's hands.

Lecan asked Boudo all about beastman empire's dungeons.

That night ended with Boudo's story.




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