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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.15


It's an overhead slanted down attack.

Lecan experienced a blunt impact on his left shoulder.

His chest felt like it had been powerfully compressed.

His right waist felt like it had been obliterated on the insides.

Boudo pulled his battle hammer and spun it around to strike at Lecan's right side.

Lecan lifted his left arm and attempted to shoot <Flame Spear>.

But his left arm wouldn't follow his command.

He tried to flee backward with <Gust>.

But his voice wouldn't come out.

The battle hammer is fast approaching.

Lecan swung the solid sacred silver sword.

Aiming for the grip part that supports the hammer head part of the incoming battle hammer.

Boudo spun the hammer head around. The second trick he exhibited in this fight.

The solid sacred silver sword directly hit the battle hammer head.

A shrill sound echoed as the solid sacred silver sword broke into pieces.

The battle hammer struck Lecan's abdomen.

Lecan willed as he was getting blown away.

(Get healed! Get healed!)

(Get healeeeeeeeeeed!!)

<Self-Recovery> gets activated, allowing him to speak again.

He crashed on the meadow on his back.

The penetrating damage wasn't too serious thanks to Great Flame Dragon's armor.


He cast <Recovery> on his left shoulder with his right hand before immediately twisted his body to the left and sprung up.

A battle hammer hit the ground an instance later.

Lecan ran.

But due to the grave injuries the impact inflicted on his legs and waist, he couldn't run at full speed.

Boudo is in hot pursuit behind him.

Lecan couldn't spare the focus to <3D Perception> at this point, but this fact was crystal clear to him even without using that skill.

Some spectating beastmen are standing ahead of him.

There's quite a lot more of them now.

Boudo is right behind him.

Lecan frantically ran for it while desperately trying to control his entangling legs.

The beastmen looked surprised as they started to get away from the two of them.

(Outta my way!)

(Move it!)

Just as Lecan attempted to get in a gap between the beastmen, a random beastman suddenly ran in front of him.

A moment later, Lecan tripped on a tree root and fell forward.

A battle hammer made a swooshing sound as it passed right above his head, sending the unfortunate beastman flying into the air.

Lecan rolled up to the right as he stood and ran straight into the spectators.

(These spectators are no different than rocks and trees.)

(They're obstacles.)

(I just gotta run between these obstacles.)

(To put some distance.)

For some reason, there's an awfully lot of these spectators.

Including many humans.

Lecan found it weird, but now's not the time to wonder about it.

Lecan ran past all the obstacles by making use of <3D Perception>.

After doing that for a while, Lecan focused to the spot behind him.

(Did I manage to get away a bit?)

He did not.

Boudo was right behind him.

He's blowing away all the beastmen and humans in his way, sometimes by grabbing and tossing them around, other times by pushing them away as he makes a beeline toward Lecan.

Lecan resumed his escape.

Visca Kouen stood in front of him.

Visca's eyes were wide open.

Lecan quickly went around behind him.

He tried to go further but the people there were too densely concentrated, not even <3D Perception> could find him a gap.

Duo Bahn stood before him. The knight commander of Yufu Knights. Lecan wondered why was this guy here, but he got no time for it.

Lecan turned around.

Boudo was pushing some knights away with his left hand as he put his hammer's pommel on Visca's armpit and swung that, flinging Visca high into the sky.

Lecan lunged at Boudo, pushed down Boudo's right shoulder, the battle hammer arm, with his left hand and grabbed the weird looking helmet with his right hand.

"<Fire Arrow>!"

Four <Fire Arrows> emerged within the helmet and pierced both Boudo's eyes.

Lecan can manifest <Fire Arrow> a bit further from his body. And it seemed there are enough gaps on Boudo's helmet to let mana pass.

Lecan swiftly jumped back.

Boudo put his left hand on his helmet while groaning.

Lecan grabbed five Large Red Potions from <Storage> and crushed them around his neck.

The red potion flowed inside his armor.

Then he faced the sky, opened his mouth wide and squeezed the red potions above it, gulping down the falling potion.

"<Recovery>! <Recovery>! <Recovery>!"
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He cast <Recovery> on himself.

In front of him Boudo also squeezed red potions, smearing it on his face.

"<Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan ran to an unpopulated place. The center of their initial battlefield.

He ran past 50 steps at once.

Mana flowed into his body.

(<Guardian Jewel of Miko> huh?)

He must have gone out of the Grace Void range.

Which means Grace Void really is in effect around Boudo.

He saw his Argent Flame Wolf's overcoat lying nearby and picked it up.

Boudo calmly walked up to Lecan with his battle hammer on his shoulder.

Lecan took <Sword of Agost> from <Storage>.

With that in his right hand, he grabbed <Wand of Halvos> into his left hand and recited the preliminary casting for <Rush Flare>.

Boudo kept walking toward him.

Lecan continued the preliminary casting.

Boudo kept walking.

And once he was about halfway there, Lecan finished the casting.

"<Rush Flare>!"

The wide area magic <Rush Flare> poured down on Boudo and his surroundings.




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