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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.2


On day two, there was a change in traveling arrangement.

On the first day, Delos and Daryra would lead the way with Yufu Dungeon Knights following them, then Guido Imperial Army behind them, but on the second day, Delos would lead Guido Imperial Army, followed by Daryra leading Yufu Dungeon Knights. The beastmen army are faster than humans inside the forest and since they hunt before taking meals, their marching pace doesn't match Yufu Dungeon Knights.

Lecan and Eda were with Guido Imperial Army. To have some chats with Boudo. Duo Bahn also walked in this group, leaving his vice commander Black Ormoa to lead the knights.

"Maaan. Who coulda thought General Boudo hails from Lecan's world. Is that world full of strong people like you two?"

"Yeah something like that."

Duo asked Boudo through Lecan about Beastman Empire.

However, Boudo just it laughed off and said I dunno when the questions were stuff like country's population or number of soldiers. He even told them that he didn't count when asked how many days it took them to traverse through the Great Forest.

In other word, Boudo has no intention to divulge information pertaining Guido Empire's national defense.

However, he had no issue telling them about beastmen's way of thinking, their life styles, tools and such. He also talked about the arena and dungeons.

They invited Boudo again to their camp on the second day. Duo wanted to come as well, but he was denied entry.

Tonight was Lecan's turn to narrate his stories. But it quickly came to an end. And most were stories about dungeons, how he learned magic and Grace Gear.

Boudo was surprised to see Lecan's <Timeless Bag>. His surprise was magnified when he found out about <Boxes> Delos, Daryra and Eda had on them.

Boudo brought a rabbitman and a weaselman to the camp and asked to show them <Boxes>. The two beastmen were shocked to see <Boxes> and showed a strong interest in them.

During the trip on the third day, Lecan spoke to Duo how <Boxes> don't exist in the beastmen empire and they were very interested in them.

On the third day camp, Lecan asked Boudo just what is this treasure Guido Empire so eager to take back.

Boudo spoke after warning Lecan not to translate it.

『It is known as the <Orb of Peace>. I've yet to see the real thing myself.』

『What's it used for?』

『You know that helmet you broke, yeah? That got a Divinity called <Divinity Void>. Also an extra Divinity <Cognizance Blockage>.』

『Divinity? You talking about Graces?』

『No clue what this Graces business about.』

『The unique and extraordinary effects dungeon items got on them.』

『Ah. We call those Mystics. Objects with Mystics are called Mystic Vessels. Divinities are the better version of Mystics, objects clad in Divinity get to be called Divine Vessels. <Divinity Void> voids both Divinities and Mystics.』

(I guess Divine Vessels are pretty much Genesiac Grace Gear then.)

『The treasured <Wand of Ngoronga> capable of wide area healing six times a day is one such Divine Vessels.』

『Ah, that thing huh.』

『You can get Mystic Vessels from dungeons. Items created from dungeon magic beasts mats can end up with Mystics as well.』


『However, the creation of Divine Vessels is a whole other business. <Orb of Peace> produces Divine Vessels.』
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『By performing a special ritual using <Orb of Peace>, Divine Vessels are born. Once used it's unusable for 60 years. And the 60th year for this period is coming soon.』

『Ah, so that's why they went and formed an army to take it back now of all time. Was that sword that can send flying slashes wielded by that white leopard-faced man a Divine Vessel?』

『<Sword of Waidos>. That too is one of Divine Vessels. Come to think of it, you picked that up, didn't you. Give it back.』

『No. That aside, why'd you call the thing <Orb of Peace>.』

『The first Divine Vessel born from it was <Wand of Ngoronga>, y'see. The empire at the time was hit hard by an epidemic, so that wand saved many lives.』

『<Orb of Peace> because it created a Divine Vessel that stopped an epidemic huh. How many are Divine Vessels out there?』

『Dunno the exact number, but I heard his imperial majesty is in the possession of around 130 Divine Vessels.』

『So you're saying Guido Empire has been around for, err, around 7800 years.』

『No. Apparently it's only been about 300 years.』

『I don't think the numbers match.』

『They must have obtained the thing from another country they defeated. <Orb of Peace> itself is a Divine Vessel. However it's to be known as something his majesty emperor ordered to create in the empire, and one mustn't question it. Also, this 60 year gap is a recent thing, seems like it could produce Divine Vessels more frequently before.』

『Ordered to create? Is this <Orb of Peace> a man-made object?』

『According to legends, a group of fantastical sages made the thing.』

Duo Bahn came by as they were having their talk.

"Hey, Lecan. Sorry for intruding. General Boudo. It would greatly please me if you could accept these."

The knight behind Duo presented sack-type <Boxes>. They seem to have quite a big capacity, should be useful to store weapons and food.

"There are ten of them. Each capable of storing around 100 times or so its size. They are gifts from Marquis of Yufu to the Emperor of Guido."

After hearing the translation from Lecan, Boudo stood up and bowed with a curious form before accepting the <Boxes>.

『I hereby accept this gift Marquis of Yufu graced us. As a retainer of his imperial majesty, I, Thousand-dragon General Boudo Isfur offer you my appreciations.』

On the fourth day, several top people of Guido Imperial Army visited Viscount Nodlein Ruka under General Boudo's order. They brought human interpreters with them and presented him with ten Spirit Fruit for Marquis of Yufu. They asked all kinds of questions about the craftsmanship of <Boxes>. They were even willing to answer questions about Guido Empire's military power in exchange.

This day, Lecan asked Boudo about the beastmen's fighting prowess.

In the country of beastmen, those born with mana are rare, those with huge mana pools are even rarer.

But sometimes, those known as Mutants are born. Silver Mutants have extremely high mana pools and highly adept with mana control, so they always become mages.

Red Mutants have extraordinary muscle power, Black Mutants are excellently resilient against physical attacks. White Mutants are hyper swift, while Golden Mutants possess unique powers. For Golden Mutants, some are permanently golden colored, while some will only turn golden when they unleash their special power.

Except the howling beastmen, scouting beastmen as well as tacticians and healers, the main army or the <Whip> unit, consists of the emperor's elite guards, even the weakest one is stronger than a <Hundred Demon Chief>, and most have <Divine Vessels> on them.

『Lots of warriors you brought from the beastmen empire died. Is that okay.』

『Yeah but in exchange all of them have gotten stronger after delving in the dungeons here. Especially the emperor's elite guards, they got some major power boost. His imperial majesty is sure to be elated. The avian beastmen also dived in the dungeons, so they got their share of power up too. It's just gotta be dungeons.』

『Yeah, it's just gotta be dungeons.』

Boudo went and asked Lecan all about Zaka Kingdom's dungeons.





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