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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.4


(What the heck!)

(How could something this terrifying exist?)

It's an object consisting of three giant magic stones connected in a ring with small feather-like adornments. The center of the ring has the three magic stones fused together like they've melted.

The object possesses an enormous amount of mana far exceeding anything Lecan has ever seen.

One of the three magic stones looked familiar to Lecan.

That lustrous crimson magic stone is undoubtedly Sovereign Dragon Atracia's.

He's not sure what the other two are from but neither is inferior to Atracia's.

(Those two must be both Divine Beasts' magic stones.)

(It's a magic tool created from three Divine Beasts' magic stones fused together.)

The weaselman spoke something to Boudo.

『Lecan. It's the real thing for sure.』

Lecan nodded.

"Eda. They said it's the right one."

The tension in the air lowered a notch with that out.

『We're taking it with us.』

Lecan translated Boudo's words.

The interpreter human whispered to the weaselman's ear after Lecan spoke. Must be translating it back.

Zack kept his eyes closed while he sank deep in his sofa. Probably not feeling well.

An older medic behind him whispered 'Zack-sama' as he tried to get close, but Zack stopped him with his hand without turning around.


"Yes. How may I help you."

"Pardon, but could you bathe me in your <Purification>."


Eda took the thin wand Shira gave her and softly uttered <Purification>. A deep clear blue sphere of light manifested and slowly soaked into Zack from head down to his toes.

Zack relished Eda's <Purification> like it was the most comfortable thing.

"Oh what rapture. Truly, as if I was in paradise. Eda-dono. I believe this was unlike <Purification> I received from you previously."

"I have been trained in <Purification> under the guidance of Yufu Country's Temple Head-sama."

"So you did. I see. No wonder. Now then, I believe Eda-dono's <Purification> is worth one big gold coin per casting. Seeing as I do not have one handy, you may take this treasure instead if you would."

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Afterward, everything went surprisingly smoothly.

Boudo immediately left Kogurus after getting the treasure back, 'We got no more business here.'

Then during a camp, he gathered all the top people of the army and had a discussion.

The morning after, Guido Imperial Army, Lecan and Eda, Yufu Dungeon Knights all parted ways.

Nodlein and Duo invited Lecan to the capital with them, but Lecan refused. Yufu Dungeon Knights may be obliged to report to the capital, but not Lecan. He's only required to report to Marquis of Mashajain.

"Besides, I'd like to enjoy a trip together with Eda."

'I see, that's boorish of us.' Duo apologized.

Before they went their way, Boudo gave Nodlein a single wand-like object. It's an item called <Mistletoe of Digit Magibird>, the other pair of the item is located in Guido Empire, a bird called Digit Magibird flying from one pair will without fail reach the other pair. However, the bird won't always go straight to the other pair and it may occasionally take a detour. Meaning one can contact the other faraway holder of these items.

Nodlein gave two <God Cures> and Yufu's liquor to Boudo. Boudo handed them to the horse beastman.

Guido Imperial Army declined an offer for a guide since they have a magic tool that points to the imperial capital and left.

Lecan and Eda also left for Vouka.

After seeing off Yufu Dungeon Knights, Lecan and Eda followed behind Guido Imperial Army and joined up with Boudo who was waiting for them alone.

『I'm amazed they let their supreme commander leave the troops.』

『Wahaha. I just told 'em I ain't gonna heading back till I beat the human hero who triumphed over me, and the top brass all gave their full supports.』

The three headed to Mashajain.

Guido Imperial Army had left for the Great Forest, however, the central unit, the <Fang> unit led by a Hundred Demon Chief Bearman Baragua led his troops away in an attempt to attack Kogurus.

One must be familiar with the way beastmen think to understand Baragua's actions.

To begin with, in accordance to beastmen's custom, by the time the human warriors succeeded defeating the guards of Golzaza Shrine in the Great Forest and obtaining the riches there, the right to <Orb of Peace> ownership had been rightfully transferred to those humans. Doesn't matter whether it was an ambush or they were outnumbered, a victory is a victory, and the victors always right.

However, they simply cannot let <Orb of Peace> be deprived forever. At one point in time, <Orb of Peace> would produce one Divine Vessel every year, and the nation that owned <Orb of Peace> was said to become the champion of the world. Its power may have waned and it can now only produce one Divine Vessel every 60 years, but the fact that it's a great treasure remains, and wars breaking out over disputes of its ownership are nothing new. An enemy force even once invaded the imperial capital for it.

Thus the reason why they secretly built a temple in a deep forest untampered by any nation and hid it there. They never could have thought they would get attacked from behind.

Guido Empire had just finished their war with another beastman nation and the postwar period when they send an elite unit to the human nation. So they can get <Orb of Peace> back after triumphing.

But then, due to an odd turn of events, <Orb of Peace> was turned back to them while the victor between Guido Imperial Army and Zaka Kingdom Army remained ambiguous.

They could have snatched the enemy's wealth and arms had they won. Or destroy towns. Yet they never won. Despite that, since they had accomplished the decree of taking back <Orb of Peace> they must now return. They must return without having won.

That was when supreme commander Boudo declared that he won't return until after he beat the hero who defeated him. A true display of valor. A general of the exalted Guido Imperial Army appointed by the emperor himself cannot possibly go home while having lost in a one on one duel. The top brass all praised Boudo's action.

Thus Baragua then insisted that the entire army should challenge the humans once again to show them the might of Guido Empire.

The top brass opposed the idea. One of the conditions to get <Orb of Peace> back was to stop the fighting, they cannot break this promise. Also, they can't afford to lose <Orb of Peace> again if they somehow lose the fight either.

Thus Baragua gave up trying to move the entire army and led his <Fang> troops to attack a human town.

This is a new war. A completely new war to flaunt the might of Guido Empire by destroying human towns.

The silver foxman, Ios who led <Pincer> unit fell to human's hands. Baragua and Ios were best friends who had been diving in dungeons since childhood, rising up in the world from poverty. Baragua thought that he would cleanse the dishonor of having a commander defeated by slaughtering an entire human town.

However, since they had no guide and just wandered randomly in search of a big town, they ended up arriving at Vouka. Despite noticing that it was a different town, Baragua's objective didn't change no matter if it's Kogurus or Vouka. Baragua attacked Vouka. But then two giant ape monsters showed up out of nowhere, forcing <Fang> unit to fight them to a disastrous result as they had to flee while suffering a huge loss.

The battle at this time turned into anecdotes that got passed around until it eventually became a rumor, 'Vouka is a town blessed under the protection of holy maiden and Sacred Beasts.'

Lecan's group arrived at Mashajain on the 31st of month four.

They overtook Yufu Dungeon Knights along the way. Of course they went around them. Had a feeling that the fact Boudo remained in Zaka Kingdom shouldn't be known to Duo at this point.

They got summoned by Manfrey right away. Lecan asked the servants to look after Boudo and went upstairs to Manfrey's office room along with Eda. The house aide, Fujisur opened the door for them.

"Hey! You've come back safe and sound. That's good. You too, Eda-dono."


"We have returned Manfrey-sama."

"So, how did it go. What's the status on Guido Imperial Army. I've heard reports from a letter Jinga's group sent with a fast horse as well as from other knights in the capital, I have also heard from Great Guide Jiza-sama, however I'm completely in the dark with the news following your departure from Aspora."

"They went back to the north. Should be in the Great Forest right about now. How much did you know?"

"How you had a duel with Guido Empire's supreme commander, and how you then led them as well as Yufu Dungeon Knights to Kogurus, that's all."

"The <Orb of Peace> the beastmen were looking for really was in Zack's possession. Luckily that thing wasn't selling. Also, Eda's got quite the clout in Kogurus. The negotation went smoothly due to that."

"Oho. That's quite. Eda-dono, you have my gratitude."

"You are too kind."





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