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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.12


『Didn't the duel end with the third one.』

『Uhahahaha. Haven't you proven yourself in the battle you fought earlier, you have earned the right to challenge me, the Thousand Dragon General of Guido Empire.』

『I see. If I win this duel, suspend the war and have representatives of the beastmen army come with me. I'm gonna go negotiate to get that treasure of yours back. Is that fine?』

『Sure is, but what do we get if I win?』

Lecan pondered for a while. Then he took five <God Cures> from <Storage>. The ones Manfrey let him keep.

『How about these.』

『Hou! <Spirit Fruit>. And five of them. Very well.』

『And what if you kicked the bucket in the duel? It'd be my win.』

『Hahahahaha. Yeah that's plausible alright. Baru Pavi!』

Boudou shouted some foreign words, then the horseman came closer.

Boudou spoke with the horseman. The horseman glared at Lecan before making a salutation gesture by tapping his left fist on his right chest.

『You can keep them.』

Lecan presented the five <God Cures> on his open palm, then Boudou ordered the horseman something. The horseman took the five <God Cures> from Lecan.

Boudou looked around before shouting out something.

The surrounding beastmen began taking some distance away from both Boudou and Lecan.

The golden rabbit beastman next to Boudou looked up at him and said something.

Boudou replied curtly.

The rabbitman glared hard at Lecan before turning around and hopped away.

『Speaking of, Boudou.』
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『Hm? What's up?』

『That was a splendid show of <Formation of Ishas>.』

『Uhahahahaha. So it was. You think so huh.』

『I don't really get war tactics and stuff, but from what I heard, how your units moved, how they dealt with the opposition in clashes and even the resting methods were all excellently done.』

『To think I'd hear that from you.』

『Where'd you even learn how to command an army.』

『My father was a general of Sparcant』


There was once a kingdom known as Sparcant in Lecan and Boudou's world. It was said to have been a peaceful and beautiful country, it fell into ruin before Lecan's birth.

『I was taught how to assemble formations, as well as deploy and command them since childhood.』

『I had no idea. Ah, so that's where the name Boudou comes from.』

『Uhahahahaha. Yeah, something like that.』

Boudou means <Precipice> but it's also used as an idiom for <Impregnable>. Lecan always thought that he came up with that on his own considering how larger than world it was, turned out it was his real name.

『Climbed my way up as an adventurer with the arms and martial arts I learned from my grandfather. Who coulda imagined I'd also end up using all those tactics they drove on me. Hahaha.』

『Wasn't it difficult to command beastmen.』

『Wasn't hard at all. But it sure was lacking.』

『Hou? How come.』

『Strong soldiers are strong no matter what. But getting weak soldiers win a battle through group tactics is where's it at for us commanders.』

『I see.』

As they talked, the beastmen had finished surrounding Lecan and Boudou in a 120 step circle.

『Looks like they're done.』

『Sure is.』

A breeze blew through.

The cloudy gray clouds in the sky flew from east to west as if drawing a vortex.

Lecan stepped back. Then he stopped about ten steps away from Boudou and took <Sword of Lecan> out of his <Storage>. His trusty sword from original world.

Boudou also grabbed his weapon from <Storage>. A familiar looking one. It's his trusty battle hammer. The handle is straight and looks thin compared to Boudou's build. The striking part is shaped boorishly like a shaved log, but its sturdiness is second to none, and it turns into an unrivaled weapon of destruction in Boudou's hands.

His dark red armor looked like it's made of metal from afar but looking closer, it seems to be made from a shell of an insect type magic beast.

His helmet has no holes. It's probably got a clear view inside. Or perhaps it's completely transparent on the insides even.

Boudou has three skills: <Impact Penetration>, <Superstrength>, and <Hardening>. But every single one of them consumes mana to execute just like Lecan's <Gust>, <Life Detection>, <3D Perception>, and <Mana Detection>. Moreover, while passive skill like <Life Detection> only consumes very little mana, skills like <Impact Penetration>, <Superstrength> and <Hardening> won't activate unless you've poured over a certain amount of mana, and they get more effective the more mana you pour. Now that Boudou has lost his mana, he shouldn't be able to activate them or at least, only very weak versions.

However, there's no telling what kind of abilities Boudou obtained after coming to this world. He must have overcome powerful foes. And conquered many dungeons.

The warrior Boudou standing before Lecan is brimming with terrifying fighting spirit, emanating a sense of presence befitting of his epithet, the <Man-eating Ursa>.

(I've gotten stronger.)

(But I should regard that the same goes for him.)

Lecan took a deep breath to relax his body before amassing his strength.

Life energy filled every fibers of his being then an intense craving for combat welled up from within.

Lecan's grey eyes opened wide, shooting out silver lights.


He dashed forward with the power of <Gust>.

"<Wind>! <Wind>!"

With his explosive leg strength and acceleration from multiple <Gust> casting, Lecan arrived right before Boudou in an instant.

<Sword of Lecan> in both his hands, he swung it down aimed at Boudou's crown of head. Boudou failed to even dodge or defend against this extreme speed, his battle hammer was even still on standby.

A full powered strike with Lecan's trusty sword landed squarely on Boudou's helmet.

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