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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.3


On the fourth day of camp.

『Boudo. Won't you step down from your position.』

『Step down and then what.』

『Come to Zaka Kingdom. Let's dive in dungeons together.』

『Tell you what, that thought did cross my mind. I had a feeling you fell in a human country, Lecan.』

『Oh, did you.』

『The beastman general I'm indebted to also said this to me, 'You'd be happier at a human country'. He recommended me to ask for the <Helmet of Halmadora> for this campaign.』

『That helmet with the Divinity Void eh.』

『Yeah. All Divine Vessels belong to his imperial majesty, however those who have scored great deeds are given permission to borrow them. I could ask for a lending of a Divine Vessel cause I'd been tasked with an imperial decree as a general. With <Helmet of Halmadora> on, people won't know it's me whenever I take it off.』

『I did you bad breaking that thing then.』

『Eh, should be fine.』

No way it's fine, thought Lecan for a moment there but when you think about it, the only Zaka Kingdom people who saw Boudo's face up close after the helmet was broken were Lecan, Eda, Delos, Daryra as well as Yufu Knights. It really might turn out fine. And even if it doesn't, it's probably not that big of an issue.

Lecan asked Boudo what was the effective range of <Helmet of Halmadora>. And the answer is one to 30 steps away from the wearer. As it turned out, <Divinity Void> doesn't take effect right next to the wearer. This was how Boudo able to use another Divine Vessels despite wearing the helmet. Lecan could have used <Comet Cutter> or <Ring of Undying King> if only he got close, but what good is this info now.

(<Necklace of Intuador> didn't work when Boudo used that wand that shot magic.)

(Probably cause I was too close.)

He also asked about the armor Boudo wore. Lecan was curious since Boudo went around picking up all the fallen fragments post battle. He asked what's the point, and Boudo gave the surprising reply, 'it's probably gonna get restored back'.

That armor is known as <Hachurian Shell Armor> or simply <Hachurian>. An armor made from a shell stripped off of a knocked out giant insect Hachurian living deep within the Great Forest. It's strong against both physical and magic attack. The insect you strip the shell off is called <Original Insect>, and so long as this Original Insect stays alive somewhere, <Hachurian Shell Armor> will naturally restore itself no matter how damaged it gets. However, it's said that only the one who knocked out the Original Insect can wear the armor, lest they get cursed.

『You'd probably gotta go back to Guido Empire once at least.』

『Nah. Getting back here would be difficult if I went back there.』
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『Then, what's your plan.』

『For now our goal is the <Orb of Peace>. That's the absolute decree we received from his imperial majesty.』

『Not all the stolen treasures then.』

『The imperial decree was the recovery of <Orb of Peace>. I did not receive any other order. My mission is complete the instance we have taken <Orb of Peace> back. I could leave transporting it back to the other guys. With this achievement under my belt, I could ask for relieving of my military position.』

『I don't really get it, but I get it. So can you be sure it's the real thing when you see the <Orb of Peace>?』

『I got no clue myself. But we've brought along someone who does.』

Delos and Daryra were bored with the conversation they don't understand and started chatting between themselves. Eda stared gently at the figure of Lecan in deep talk with his old friend.

The group arrived at Kogurus on the fifth day.

More than 100 adventurers and around 20 knights were standing by on the entrance to the town. Viscount Nodlein Rukka had gone on ahead to notify them beforehand, but they still cannot afford not to take up a defensive position when more than a thousand beastmen are coming to their town.

Nodlein's rank is far above Kogurus townlord. He came with the famed Yufu Dungeon Knights in tow asking for an audience between Guido Empire's representatives and Zack Zaikaz. And afterward, a thousand man fanstatical looking warriors would arrive. Refusal is simply not on the table.

They were to see Zack in the reception room of Zaikaz Company.

Their side has Boudo, a weaselman, an interpreter human, Lecan, Eda, Nodlein and Duo, seven people in total.

While the other side has Zack, Riol Shalbart heir to Kogurus townlord, a butler, a medic and two guards, six in total.

Lecan introduced the visitor side, while the butler introduced Kogurus side.

Eda was the one who cut to the point.

"Zack Zaikaz-sama. It has been a while."

"Eda-dono. I could never thank you enough for that time."

"Riol Shalbart-sama. I'm glad to see you again."


"Jakof Woren-sama. Baghnatt-sama. Have you been well?"

"I have."


Jakof is a knight. While Baghnatt is clearly an adventurer. Quite a skilled and veteran one at that.

Lecan was curious about Baghnatt's glance. He sent a fleeting yet sharp glance at the weaselman.

(Must have seen the crest on his armor.)

(This guy probably took part in the attack 19 years ago.)

Eda turned to face Zack.

"By the mysterious guiding hands of God of Fate, I have come here leading his excellency Thousand Dragon General as a representative of the great emperor of far north empire. Zack-sama. I shall get straight to the point. 19 years ago from today, a group of humans assaulted a temple of Guido Empire located deep in the Great Forest, they took with them a great many treasure. His excellency general thus has been tasked to take back the <Orb of Peace> which was lost at the time. It was an object put on the left hand of God Golzaza's statue. It was inside a box that seals off mana. Perhaps Zack-sama knows something?"

Zack sank down into his sofa, faced up with closed eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Lecan thought, 'he's sure grown old', when he saw Zack's thinned gray hair, and deep wrinkles on his face.

"It is an all too familiar tale indeed. The bulk of treasure we obtained had long been sold off, with a few exceptions. One among those exceptions is an object simply unfit for trade. I believe that is the object you narrated of. Kogurus appraisers succeeded in appraising its name. It shall be brought here."

The butler left the room as Zack ordered and came back before long.

He brought a box with him. A box adorned with a strange pattern. Doesn't seem like it's made in a human country.

It was presented before Eda to which Eda gestured to another spot.

The box was brought before Boudo and the weaselman, the lid was opened.

The mana sealed within overflowed out.

Both Lecan's eyes opened wide in astonishment.

The weaselman reverently picked it up, lifted it up and stared at it closely.




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