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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.7


The plan was to depart the following day, but a seamstress in charge of Eda's wedding dress strongly requested her to take another measurement.

It would apparently take a whole day.

Lecan had no clue why it takes an entire day just to redo a measurement for mere clothes, but when he saw the terrifying look in her face when she said it should have originally taken seven days, he swallowed those words. Had a feeling he mustn't talk back there.

Boudo was left to the scholars, thus Lecan spent the day chatting with Norma.

Sure is calming being near Norma, thought Lecan to himself.

Norma said she wanted to go back to Vouka as soon as possible as it was uncomfortable in the capital with all the guests flocking, and Wazrof Mansion feels cold and distant without Eda and Lecan around.

On the 33rd of month four, Lecan and Eda departed for Vouka.

They came across Yufu Dungeon Knights just as they left Mashajain.

They sure took their sweet time, thought Lecan, but his group simply traveled too fast.

Besides, the world outside Yufu was something Yufu Dungeon Knights rarely experience, in fact everything north from the capital was novel to them. Thus, they were touring all over the places as they traveled with Delos and Daryra who acted as their guides. And since they're not in a dungeon, they've been staying in inns instead of camping outside. Naturally it took a while. Delos and Daryra parted ways with them outside Vantaroy, of course they were compensated handsomely.

Duo Bahn asked, 'You've got my invitation letter to your wedding ready, don't you?' Lecan answered concisely.

"Beats me."

"Oh c'mon now, that's not cool man."

"I really got no clue. Ah, yeah. This is just right. Here, hold onto these."

"These are... Platinum coins! And ten of them."

"My offering to Goddess Raikores of Yufu. Tell her I owe her a bunch. See ya."

"O-oy. Oy, Lecaaaan!"

They ran and left Yufu Dungeon Knights behind, but slowed down their pace afterward.

They took a detour along the way to harvest lots of Nichia Grass. Lecan had already harvested and made a lot of Mana Restoratives on the first month, but Nichia Grass is growing nicely this year. He simply couldn't overlook it.

It was on the second of month five by the time they arrived at Vouka.

The two went in the back door of Goncourt Mansion and headed to the annex.


"What's the matter, Lecan?"

"Crap. Forgot to bring gifts for Jericho and Yurika."

"It's okay. I've prepped some for them."

"O-oh yeah."

Jericho and Yurika met them in the annex.

Eda hugged Jericho, happy to see him again.

(Felt like I seen this scene before.)

(Ah, yeah. That time.)

(That time Eda managed to cast magic.)

(She hugged Jericho too then.)

Eda gave Jericho and Yurika a bundle of red round fruit.

Jericho thanked Eda, 'Uhohoho' before sending an expecting gaze at Lecan.

Lecan averted his eyes.

Yurika tapped Jericho's shoulder and shook her head.

Kanner came by right afterward.

The family head, Prado Goncourt wanted to see them during dinner, so Lecan complied despite not feeling it.

Prado asked all about the wedding ceremony.

As Norma is the heiress of Goncourt, all Goncourt members are attending as the bridal family. Wazrof Household had contacted them not to worry as they would take care of everything, but Prado couldn't help but be anxious about the programme.

None of Prado's questions was answerable by Lecan.

The day after he went to the townlord mansion since the townlord, Crimus Ulban summoned him. The mansion's gotten quite extravagant since the last time he saw it.

The whole town is prospering, inviting many people over.

Crimus also asked him about the wedding's programme. Lecan divulged his utter ignorance on the matter.

Crimus sighed with his right hand on his forehead.

"Speaking of, Lecan. Were you aware that this town came under attack by a group of beastmen army."

"What. When."

"It was on the 29th of month four. I did hear about the crisis of Beastmen Empire's invasion but never in my wildest dream did I expect they would attack this town."

"How did it go."

"Some of the guards suffered grave injuries. And several merchants who happened to be near the gate were also harmed. But then, two giant ape-like monsters showed up all of a sudden, they then proceeded to rout and send the enemies away."

"Two... Giant... Apes."

"And then a sphere of blue light poured down out of nowhere, healing the seriously injured guards. I did not witness it myself, mind."

(Must be Shira.)
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(Shira ordered Jericho and Yurika to drive away the hostiles.)

(Must have cast <Purification> in hiding.)

(Probs also joined in the battle from behind the scene.)

(Still, where'd those beastmen pop up from.)

(Boudo said that was all they brought.)

(Either <Fang>, or <Whip>, or perhaps both must have turned around.)

(Why'd they attack Vouka, not Kogurus.)

As Crimus was well aware how non-functional Lecan is in this kind of matter, he quickly let him leave.

Lecan finished drying Nichia grass that day, and then left to the east with Eda the day after.

They passed through a mountain trail near Patsu Village. The same route they once took to escort Chaney. Lecan and Eda kept reminiscing what happened in that and this spots along the way.

They arrived at Town of Podo on the second day.

They realized that this was the town where they accepted Chaney's escort quest. The town where Lecan and Eda met.

The two headed northeast from Podo.

Eda had a yellow muffler wrapped around her neck.

"Been a while since I saw that muffler."

Eda had the muffler on when they first met.

"Un. This muffler you know, I got it from Nami-chan."

"I see."

They reached Boyd town the next day.

They headed further northeast.

There is no road-like road.

They eventually arrived at a village. A hidden retreat-like village surrounded by quiet mountains.

It's Eda's hometown, Chicory village.

They didn't enter the village and went around into the mountain.

Before coming into a graveyard.

Though you wouldn't know it was one if no one told you.

Tucked in a tiny corner of a grassy hill, two small graves stood in a sunlit patch of grass.





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