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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.11


Lecan experienced a sensation of bumping into something.

At the end point of teleportation, the supreme commander that was supposed to be right in front of him was still quite a bit away.

And the horseman stood a few steps behind him.

He only teleported about ten steps ahead.

Looking at <Comet Cutter>, its magic blade has disappeared.

The teleportation by <Leg Bands of White Devil> was interrupted, and <Comet Cutter>'s Grace stopped working.

Something is not right.

However, Lecan didn't panic.

Because this wasn't the first time he went through something like this.

Grace Void.

The same situation he had endured in the lowest floor of Dungeon Tsubolt.

This was the reason why the supreme commander's bodyguards, the beastmen took some distance away.

Because no Grace works within 30 steps radius from the supreme commander. Which means all the elite bodyguards have Grace Gear on them.

The horseman and the other beastmen quickly noticed the vanished Lecan showing up behind them. And they all went after him.

The horseman ran up to Lecan while raising its giant halberd.

To its right a silver tiger beastman opened its mouth wide.

Lecan put <Comet Cutter> away, grabbed <Sword of Rusk> which he immediately pointed at the horseman while reciting three spells.

"<Fire Arrow>! <Flame Spear>! <Wind>!"

Five <Fire Arrows> emerged in front of the horseman and hit the spot around its eyes.

A <Flame Spear> landed in the mouth of the silver tigerman where it was converging mana, creating an explosion.

Graces don't work, but magic do. Then there's no issue at all.

Lecan received the <Gust> as he leaped backward to dodge the horseman's downswung halberd, then he spun around and readied himself to make a mad dash toward the supreme commander.

That was when the supreme commander spread its arms open and shouted out loud.

"Maldo Moruk Zandie!"
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All the beastmen stopped moving at once.

Lecan also stopped after a moment.

There's only a 20 step gap between Lecan and the supreme commander.

With no other object within this gap.

Lecan took a good look on the supreme commander.

The guy is wearing a weird looking helmet. A full faced helmet with the image of a laughing fierce god on the face side.

But it's weird.

He's clearly visible yet it feels as if there's something hazy about it.

His body build looks like Boudo's.

The voice just now sounded like Boudo's as well.

However, <Mana Detection> tells that he's got no mana at all.

Therefore he can't be the Boudo Lecan knows.

Lecan focused his <3D Perceptions>, and while it showed that the supreme commander's shape is that of a human, the precise shape was hazy.

『Uhahahahaha. Lecan. It's been a while eh.』

The supreme commander walked up to him with a vividly reverberating voice. Using the nostalgic words of his world.

『Boudo? Are you Boudo?』

『What are you saying now. Can't you tell it's me. Ah, yeah it's cause of this helmet huh. But man, there's this nostalgic sensation I've been feeling since way earlier. Did you not feel it?』

『Nah. I did. But I had experienced it once already with another guy. So that wasn't enough to conclude it was you.』

『Hou? Did he come from our world?』

『Yea. Guy's a great adventurer.』

『Well well. You've really changed outwardly, haven't you. Not to mention those barrages of magic, I thought it was just a lookalike. And your left eye, it's been restored huh. Haha, aren't you quite the lad. By the by, have you been hired by my enemy?』

『Took on a request from a noble of this kingdom. A quest to either kill the enemy's supreme commander, or find a way to make the beastman army withdraw.』

『Uhahahahaha. So we stand on opposite sides once again. And here I was looking forward to see you again.』

『Yeah about that, I've got something to discuss you with.』

Boudo stopped about three steps before Lecan.

The horseman behind Lecan was about to make its move toward him.

Boudo shouted out an intense warning at the horseman. The horseman stopped moving like it was frozen stiff.

Boudo told the other beastmen something as he surveyed them. Then his line of sight went back to Lecan.


『I heard you guys came here looking for a treasure that was in a temple located in a big forest.』

『Indeed. His imperial majesty has ordained us to take back the <Orb of Peace> snatched away by the <Fur-torn Ones>, you humans, at the Shrine of Golzaza in the great forest.』

『I might know this group of humans who attacked and robbed you of that treasure.』

『Ooh. Is that right.』

『But there's no guarantee if they're really the ones until we've gone there to check ourselves. And even if they  were the culprit, there's no telling if that treasure is still with them. Sorry, but could you come with us there to check and negotiate with them?』

『Are they nearby?』

『Distance-wise, it's a bit shorter than Daina to this place. But we're probably gonna traverse through some mountains. I don't know the route that well myself.』

『Fuumu. My subordinates aren't gonna agree with such a vague proposition after all this time. Neither am I. The battle has long since begun.』

『Then how do I change their mind.』

『It's gotta be a duel between you and me.』




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