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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.10


Thus comes the 13th of month six.

The middle of month six is a season of rich verdant greenery in Zaka Kingdom.

It's the final season for spring flowers, and for summer flowers to be in full bloom all over hills and fields.

The wedding ceremony was held at Yuminos Temple. It's a majestic building constructed with the full prowess of architectural techniques lost in modern times as befitting of an old city full of history.

Only relatives could attend.

Presiding over the ceremony was Mashajain's Yuminos Temple Head and Vouka's Ceres Temple head.

Ceres Temple head is a woman previously holding vice temple position, her name is Yuriko Reshinu. Ordinarily women can't be temple heads, her designation was quite a special case.

Yuriko led the ceremony in a calm and composed manner and finished her duty by reciting a scripture with a bell-like clear voice. There was not a hint of her being intimated by the temple head of a large city from her modest bearings.

The bridegroom, Lecan is wearing a white outfit with blue adornments.

The bride Norma has a silver dress with bluish purple adornments.

And the other bride Eda is in a pearl grey dress with purplish red adornments.

The two brides of course looked beautiful under their make up, but even Lecan seemed awe-inspiring as if he had transformed into another person.

In the three days after his return to Mashajain, the maids took up all his free time besides for sleeping and meals to polish him up.

His hair was cut neatly, combed back with oil, and his face was polished up. His skin let out a lustrous shine.

Wearing an air of a wild gentleman, his tall stature and his firm build, along with overflowing vitality from his bearings. Even if one isn't aware that this person is the rumored hero of salvation, a glance is all you need to know that he's an owner of extraordinary strength. The man is even capable of acting with dignity when he needs to.

At the end of the ceremony, a very young <Purification> user priest from Yuminos Temple cast <Purification> on all three.
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Once it was over, they headed to Wazrof Mansion on a carriage.

Lecan, Eda and Norma rode on an open canopy carriage pulled by two white horses. With no canopy hiding their figures, people lining up on the sides of the roads sprinkled them with flower petals as they cheered joyfully.

Leading the way are Knight Jinga, Knight Yogg, and Knight Wolt, wearing lustrous silver armor riding on decorated horses.

Behind Lecan's group is Knight Rigan, followed by the family head, Manfrey, lady of Tranche Marquisette, and then other relatives. Acting as Lecan's relatives were Crimus Ulban, Zanjikael Zaidmahl, there were also Commander Tesla and Ezak mixed in with other Mashajain knights behind them.

Lecan's face has no affability, but that's also charming on its own.

To his right, Norma is smiling softly while waving back at the townspeople with a gloved right hand. The lace attached to the glove gently swayed in the wind.

To his left, Eda smiled in full bloom as she kept turning in all directions, keen to show the world how she felt.

The carriage passed through Wazrof gate, traversed on the stone pavement and went right before the entrance, stopping in front of a side entrance.

Lecan's group were led to a balcony upstairs.

The two brides' dresses' long trains looked as if they were floating on top of the red carpet over the stairway. Pages in charge of holding the trains followed behind. They're in charge of fixing the trains when they're entangled and lift it off grounds outside. The pages were young boys, four of which all of noble houses.

Below the balcony is the venue packed full of guests.

The open space in front of the main building had undergone a construction to expand it by a lot, and yet the attendees filled it to the brim still.

Standing on the balcony are Lecan, Norma, Eda as well as Manfrey Wazrof, Prado Goncourt, Crimus Ulban, Zanjikael Zaidmahl, and behind them are Agito Ulban, Gaskoel Zaidmahl, knight Ezak, commander Tesla, as well as four Wazrof knights, then lastly are the four pages.

Manfrey waited for the arrival of the crown prince. As they cannot make the crown prince wait, they have made an arrangement to make him stay in a rest room inside the main building before he's led in on the right time.

Eventually, the crown prince and Yeteria Wazbon, along with six royal knights and ten Wazrof knights arrived at the venue.

One trouble arose here.

One of the knights escorting the crown prince proposed to have the crown prince go to the balcony as it would be a sorry state of affair for the Marquis of Mashajain to commit a transgression of lording over the crown prince from above.

Since he didn't say it out loud, only those who were very close by could hear him, but Lecan's ears picked it up.

Jinga, the chief knight of Wazrof talked to this knight in question. Manfrey had elected Jinga as one of the bodyguards from Wazrof for the crown prince amidst all the hustle bustle of this day. By the way, this would be the last day of Jinga's role as Wazrof Chief Knight, from tomorrow on he would retire and follow Norma back to Vouka as a mere old man.

Jinga spoke with a loud and sonorous voice of a veteran commander.

"As the one tasked with escorting his highness to this courtyard, I offer my deepest apologies for making his highness harbor the misunderstandings to put the blame on the host of this most auspicious ceremony, by not bringing your highness, related not to the brides nor the bridegroom, to the balcony. Please off this wrinkled neck of mine for this effrontery."

After saying that, he took off his helmet and knelt down before the crown prince.

Yeteria whispered something to the crown prince, then the crown prince helped the kneeling Jinga stand up and apologized for the unnecessary remark his knight uttered.

There's no telling what they were planning by making the crown prince go up to the balcony. He might declare that the royal family would bear all the cost today. Or perhaps he would narrate how adventurer Lecan had received the silver green medal from the king as someone he favors.

Either way, there's no doubt it was an effort to give the impression that the royal family and Lecan are close. And had the crown prince managed to get to the balcony, no one could have stopped him from making the speech.

But thanks to Jinga, this ploy was foiled.

In fact he clearly stated that Lecan and royal family had no relationship whatsoever, heard by all the guests. This was likely a lone rash act by the crown prince's knight. The reason why the old and wise Yeteria was sent together with the crown prince was definitely to have him negotiate into putting the crown prince onto the balcony. But their scheme ended up in failure due to the hastiness of this knight.

The prime minister would surely put on a bitter face once he heard this.




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